Now You Can Make Hello Kitty Wieners


Even though we’ve just received the earth-shattering news that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat — you can still make adorable hot dogs with the Hello Kitty Face Wiener Cutter.

Simply insert your cylindrical meat product into the cutter, press gently, and you’ll have that adorable face staring back at you from your wiener. Check it out here.




[link, via Topless Robot]

The Pickle Dog Is As Wonderful As It Sounds


This is the Pickle Dog. It’s a hot dog inside a pickle, then battered and deep-fried like your average corn dog.

Discovered by Jeff Miller and Meg Strouse of Thrillist during their trip to the OC County Fair, the franken-pickle is only part of what’s to be expected at the yearly event. And, it’s usually a lot of deep-fried things that shouldn’t be and guzinda foods such as this one.

[link, via Neatorama]

How To Cook A Hot Dog In A Pringles Can


Who knew, that besides holding your potato chips and acting as an effective hand trap, your Pringles can could be used as a hot dog-cooker?

Brought to us by Instructables user Cats Science Club – a simple technique and a few supplies are all that stands between you and a yummy hot diggity dog. Just make sure to get your hand out first.



A Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog With A Sausage For A Bun, Y’all!


Proof once again that bread is over, The Vulgar Chef has created the Hot Dog in a Sausage Bun.

For an added bonus, the hot dog is wrapped in bacon. Take that, bread.


The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Is Available To Lease


Need a car, but can’t decide whether to buy or lease? Well, let’s make the decision easy for you… The Wienermobile is available for lease.

Simply hit Twitter and tweet out why you deserve to lease the Wienermobile, with hashtag #tweet2lease. Although The Wienermobile is only available to lease for eight hours, it’ll be a day filled with far more wienie than any Toyota. Problem solved.

[link, via Blazenfluff]