Minor League Baseball Team Unveils The Frankenslice, A Pizza With Hot Dogs In The Crust


It’s one of the hardest decisions we have to make… whether to have a hot dog or pizza at the ballpark. The Frankenslice is here to help.

Brought to us by the Triple-A Fresno Grizzlies, the food hybrid is a pizza with a hot dog baked into each slice’s crust… because decisions are hard.

The Frankenslice is part of the team’s Halfway to Halloween promotion, beginning May 21st. Although there will be other halloween-themed events planned, the pizza/hotdog is probably the most frightening.


[via MLB]

Krispy Kreme Bacon Hot Dog Is Here To Help Save Baseball


After the Churro Dog was introduced, and immediately made baseball more interesting, along comes a food item that will make nine innings seem like a monster truck rally in an active volcano.

The Krispy Kreme Bacon Hot Dog sees your Churro Dog and raises you a doughnut, bacon, tubed meat and raspberry jelly. The franken-food is being served to unsuspecting patrons at Frawley Stadium in Wilmington, DE. — home to the minor-league Blue Rocks.

Unfortunately, the concoction is without a proper name. So, they’re crowdsourcing official names for this thing, and rewarding winners with tickets to a baseball game. Just make sure to grab a Krispy Kreme Doughnut while you’re there — it’ll help.

[link, via First We Feast]

Behold The Churro Dog


Churros do not need any help to be awesome. But if they are to be messed with, then you might as well go all out.

Enter, the Churro Dog… A dessert concoction that not only improves upon the already perfect churro, but might just replace traditional hot dogs altogether.

The Churro Dog is actually a new offering at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Now to the important stuff… One churro, topped with three scoops of frozen yogurt, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, all placed within a chocolate-glazed donut.

How many calories are in the Churro Dog? Who cares? Go Diamondbacks!! Go Churro Dog!!

[link, via People]

KFC Has Unleashed The Double Down Dog


Intent on making sure that all bread is eventually replaced with fried chicken, KFC is now testing out the Double Down Dog.

Following in the protein-heavy footsteps of the KFC Double Down, the Double Down Dog is a wiener wrapped in a slab of fried chicken, and covered in a mysterious cheese sauce.

Unfortunately, for anyone who’s morbidly curious about ingesting one of these, the Double Down Dog is only available for a very limited test release in parts of the Philippines.

Now, can someone explain how they get the chicken to bend like that? Asking for a friend.


[link, via Buzzfeed]

These Giant Crocheted Food Hats Are Everything


Because, who doesn’t want to be as warm and as stylish as possible this winter? Phil Ferguson, aka ChiliPhilly, does. So he’s created several crocheted hats, designed to look like he’s wearing giant food items on his head.

The hats are crocheted by Phil, without a pre-existing pattern. Although, the hats are one-ups and not available for sale, Phil admits that he hasn’t even worn one out in public. For one, he admits that he doesn’t want them to get ruined. Another reason, perhaps, is the general public not quite being ready for a giant pizza or hot dog-head walking around.

Check out a few of Phil’s food heads below, with more to be found at Instagram.





[link, via Buzzfeed]