Stay In A Gingerbread House For The Holidays


If you’re looking for the sweetest accommodations possible for the holidays, Gingerbread BNB is here to help.

The service is brought to us by McKinney agency, and allows for a virtual stay in a variety of gingerbread homes. Fully-furnished with equally-sweet accessories, the homes can be ‘booked’ for $5-$20 per night. Choose from a rustic cabin, modern home, or cozy camper.

All proceeds from your stay will go to Robin Hood, the largest poverty-fighting organization in New York City.







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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Ah, the stocking stuffer… A holiday gift that won’t break the bank, requires very little thought, and are small enough to fit into a large sock. Fortunately, The Foodiggity Shop takes pride in some of our smaller and less thoughtful gifts.

So this year, please accept our humble list of stocking stuffer ideas, and fill those socks with a few things that your loved ones will dig. And, for gifts that might be a little more under-the-tree-worthy — be sure to check out everything else that The Foodiggity Shop has to offer.


Record Coasters

This holiday, remind your loved ones that there was once something called ‘vinyl,’ with Record Coasters. Now, this antiquated medium will help protect your coffee table from drink stains. MP3s can’t do that. [$11.99]


M-Cups Measuring Cups

Give the gift of space-saving baking tools with M-Cups Measuring Cups. Inspired by Russian matryoshka nesting dolls, the measuring cups fit neatly into each other, to save counter space, and to help make cooking a little more adorable. [$11.99]


Beer Monster Bottle Opener

For your loved ones who don’t roll with twist-offs, there’s the Beer Monster Bottle Opener. The cute little orange guy will help open a bottle with his horrifying teeth, or pry open a can with his horns. [$9.99]


Tea Rex Tea Infuser

Tea Rex will fit nicely into any stocking this year. Firstly, he’s not actually size. Secondly, his comically short arms make him extra compact. The recipient will think of you every time they drink their newly-brewed dinosaur tea. [$11.99]

See a lot more stocking stuffer ideas over at The Foodiggity Shop… Happy Holidays, everyone.

Foodiggity’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Gifts need to be bought for friends, co-workers and loved ones, and you’re just not up for any type of creative thinking. Foodiggity is here to help. But unlike our past Holiday Gift Guides, Foodiggity now has a little shop of its own, and we have very cool gifts available for almost anyone on your list. You’re welcome.
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