The Gummy Pizza Delivers


If a crispy pizza crust and savory toppings are no longer doing it for you, you might consider going gummy. The Gummy Pizza, by Vat19, is here to sweeten up pizza night.

The crust… orange-flavored gummy. Cheese is berry-flavored, pepperoni is cherry, green peppers are apple, and yellow peppers are lemon.

The best part, is that the Gummy Pizza comes packaged in an actual pizza box, so it’ll feel as if it was delivered. Just remember to tip your gummy delivery boy.



[link, via Laughing Squid]

Gummi Bear Cereal, Sort of


When you’d like to start the day off as gummy as possible, Gummi Bears Cereal is here to help. Actually, it’s nothing more than an enormous box of real gummi bears made to look like cereal packaging. But we won’t tell… Breakfast is served!

Sure, you’ll crash hard around 10:30, but that breakfast buzz was pretty awesome. Plus, you’ll get your recommended daily value of gummi. Available here.



Gummy Humans, 3D-Printed Gummy Versions of Actual People


Why should adorable little bears be the only ones who can have their heads bitten off? FabCafe, in honor of the Asian holiday White Day, has organized an event in which they will create gummy replicas of actual men to give to their significant other.

Officially titled, White Day “Gummy Man” 3D Workshop, the March 14th holiday is a day for men to reciprocate the gifts given to them on Valentine’s Day. But what if she likes Gummy You better?


[via Spoon & Tamago]

The Best Hyperrealistic Paintings of Gummy Bears That You’ll See Today


If you were looking to be teased with enticing images of gummy candies that you can’t have — then you’ve come to the right place. Artist Jeanne Vadeboncoeur created these hyperrealistic paintings of gummy bears, that appear real enough to be able to reach into the screen, smoosh ’em, and bite their little heads off. At least that’s how I roll.

Judging by how near perfect these paintings are, you’d think that Vadeboncoeur must surely focus all of her attention and talent into gummy bears and other gelatinous treats — but, no. Vadeboncoeur actually does equally well with donuts, cupcakes, and other creme-filled and defunct food items.




[link, via Design Taxi]