The Guitar Case Lunch Box Is Too Cool For School

guitar-case-lunch-boxGo back to school like a rockstar with The Guitar Case Lunch Box.

Designed to look like a guitar case, the old-school tin lunch box will make you one of the coolest kids in school, or at the office. Earn even more more street-cred by having your sandwiches cut into guitar-shape.

The Guitar Case Lunch Box even comes with a set of 10 stickers to decorate your case. Or, use the stickers from your apples and bananas to show everyone where you’ve been. Hello, Chiquita!!

New. Available for pre-order at The Foodiggity Shop.




Guitar Salad Servers Will Help Rock Your Lettuce


Nothing says, ‘Rock and Roll’ quite like a good salad. So, Rockin’ Guitar Salad Servers make perfect sense.

Beautifully-crafted and made of beechwood, they’ll help rock your next bowl of mixed greens, or anything that needs a little mixing. Rock on, salad eater.

Two guitar-shaped beechwood spoons. Back in stock at The Foodiggity Shop.


Be A Kitchen Rockstar With The Flipper Guitar Spatula

Whether you’re a certified air guitarist, or a bona fide shredder — the Flipper Guitar Spatula will help turn over your favorite food item like a rockstar. Made of durable silicone and tolerable of heat up to 500ºF, you can keep breakfast or your grilled cheese rockin’.

The Flipper Guitar Spatula is $11.99, available at The Foodiggity Shop.

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Marshall amps just got coolerMarshall Amp Fridge

Marshall Amp Fridge

Whether you’re a rockstar who needs to keep your beverages cool, or an air guitarist with no need for a real amp — The Marshall Fridge is here to help. Designed to be unmistakeable from the real thing, the coolest of Marshall stacks would make a great addition to any apartment or studio. Just watch where you plug in your Fender.

And if faux amps and guitar-related kitchen goods are your thing, check out the Amp’d Mug and Guitar Spatula over at the Foodiggity Shop.

[available for pre-order, via The Awesomer]