Signfeld, Posters About Nothing


If nonstop Seinfeld reruns aren’t enough to fill your daily quote quota, Signfeld is here to help. The beautifully-designed and printed posters display some of the most memorable and inane quotes from the show about nothing. Posters for you!! Check them out here.






Donutology, What Your Choice of Donut Says About You


We already know that people who eat jelly donuts have issues. But what about the rest of the donut family, and what your choice of dessert circle says about you?

Donutology is here to let us know exactly the kind of person you really are — because, let’s face it, zodiac signs and psychics are ridiculous. Let us know how you did.


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[link, via Neatorama]

The Various Varieties of Fruits


From your standard variety of apples, to your pomerac and cempedak, The Various Varieties of Fruits by Pop Chart Lab has them covered.

Prints available here. You can also get your veggies here.



Cookies Straight From The Cardboard Oven


There are few things better than cookies fresh out of the oven. Iowa-based cookie company Thelma’s knows this, and came up with a brilliant packaging solution for their baked goods.

Thelma’s cookie boxes are made to look like actual ovens – which not only help keep the cookies warm, but also reinforces the idea that your snickerdoodles are fresh from the oven. Find out more about the project here.


[via Gizmodo]

A Business Card That’s A Cheese Grater


Problem… You just came across a hunk of cheese that needs grating immediately, and you forgot to bring your box grater again. Lucky for you, you met a guy last night from the cheese shop, Bon Vivant, who gave you a business card that doubles as a cheese grater. Problem solved.

The idea for the Cheese Grater Business Card came from ad agency JWT. It includes a protective leather sleeve to protect you from when you put in your pocket — which is great for your fingers. Not using it would be grate for your fingers. Homophones!!!

[via Gizmodo]