The Pizza Bed Will Deliver The Best Night’s Sleep


If this bed looks appealing to you, it’s because it involves two of the best things ever… Pizza and sleep. Artist Claire Manganiello gets us, and has created The Pizza Bed.

If you ever bother to make your pizza bed, it does include a gooey layer of cheese and spicy pepperoni for which to sleep upon — along with a set of crust pillows to rest your weary head.

Now, the bad news. The Pizza Bed is merely a concept by Manganiello, and is not actually available for purchase. Great… Where are we supposed to sleep now?

[link, via Technabob]

Food Packaging Fueled by Brutal Honesty and Product Arrogance


Most of the time, our food packaging and their cute cartoon mascots lie to us. Well, at the very least, they’re just not as straightforward as these minimalist labels by London-based design student Beth Fox-Fuller.

Created as a concept for British supermarket chain ASDA — the project focuses on telling the shopper like it is. Even if the products do come off a bit arrogant and overconfident in their attempt to get you to bring them home.






[link, via designtaxi]

Tauntaun Cuts Breaks Down The Beast’s Primal Parts and Comfy Belly


Here at Foodiggity, we’re big fans of butcher diagrams. Even if the animal being segmented may or may not actually exist.

So, Tauntaun Cuts is right up our alley. Brought to us by Super7Store, the handy chart points out the transportation vehicle’s primal parts, as well as reminding us that its belly could be quite comfy and warm.

Tauntaun Cuts is available as a t-shirt or print.

[link, via GeekAlerts]

The FabFood Project, High-End Fashion Brand Logos Recreated With Food


If you like to play with your food, and you’re all about the label, we have just the photo series for you.

FabFood, by Linus Morales, helps give a few food items a major upgrade, by simply applying the logo of high-end fashion brands.

A typical pork chop goes couture with the addition of a Gucci logo. And, if your unbranded toast isn’t helping you feel better about yourself, a Louis Vuitton logo burnt-in might help.

[link, via designtaxi]

Honest Slogans, Product Ads Slightly Modified To Show What We’re All Thinking


Honest Slogans, through some typography shenanigans and brutal honesty, either modifies or adds a new slogan to some well-known brands.

While the honest slogans help reinforce our perception of certain products, the honesty wouldn’t necessarily help sales. Although you know you still want a Fla-Vor-Ice.