Edible Typography by Marmalade Bleue


When you need to get a message across as deliciously as possible, you might consider some food typography. Brought to us by Danielle Evans of Marmalade Bleue, she uses various food items, usually ground up, to form type and a yummy play on words.

Danielle has also teamed up with Target for a promotion of the company’s line of foods.







[link, via BuzzFeed]

Famous Food Logos Recreated Using The Actual Product


Graffiti just got tastier, with a fun project by photographer Dorota Pankowska. Officially-titled, Pro Bono Promo, Pankowska used actual food items to recreate the brand’s logos on walls throughout Brampton, Ontario.

The fun part of the project, was watching the temporary street art slowly deteriorate – whether through natural decomposition, or from passersby licking the art. It’s OK, Brampton, we won’t judge.






[link, via TAXI]

Fast Food Logos, But Fatter


That’s How I See It is a re-imagining of some fast food and drink logos, with some painfully truthful results.

Brought to us by Saudi Arabian graphic designer, Adelbanfeel, he does a redo on a few famous icons, but fattens them up. Similar to the way these companies’ products fatten up humans. Take that, skinny golden arches and svelte Colonel Sanders…

14 3 5


[link, via TAXI]

Form, A Jell-O Inspired Typeface


Jell-O inspires a lot of things… Whipped cream use, jiggliness. But, up until now, it hasn’t done much for typography. FIT student, Alexis Gallo, created Form — a gelatinous typeface and font collection.

After creating Jell-O letters with Futura as a reference — Gallo let them fall where they may, then recreated the distorted alphabet into a viable font. Just make sure to kern your jelly.



[link, via The Fox Is Black]

Famous Food & Drinks From Movies and TV

Famous Food & Drinks. Federico Mauro - DO-036

Famous Food & Drinks is brought to us by Italian Art Director, Federico Mauro. The rather extensive series proves that even when there’s a brief or obscure reference to a food item onscreen, it can still become rather iconic. Unlike a movie that’s totally about food, e.g., Mystic Pizza, Hot Dog… The Movie, etc.

Although Mauro may have mentioned every movie ever, what’s some of your favorite movie food?

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 9.41.11 PM

Famous Food & Drinks. Federico Mauro - DO-042

Famous Food & Drinks. Federico Mauro - DO-027

Famous Food & Drinks. Federico Mauro - DO-001

Famous Food & Drinks. Federico Mauro - DO-012

Famous Food & Drinks. Federico Mauro - DO-015

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