Clothes As Food, An Ad Series Encouraging You To Donate Your Wearables


Shopping Itaguaçu is an advertising initiative encouraging people to donate clothes to the needy. Brought to us by Brazil-based BZZ Propaganda, clothes are formed into yummy-looking food, asking that we not let our old wearables turn into moth-feed.

“Don’t let your clothes turn into food for moths. Donate.
Leave your donations at the mall until July 1st and let them warm the most needy.”



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Monomyth, A Typeface Made From Laser Cut Pasta


The possibilities for 3D-printing technology are endless. So, creating an edible typeface made from pasta seemed inevitable.

Monomyth, created by UK-based Sawdust, whips up a few sheets of pasta — then laser cuts it into an awesome font series, worthy of any spaghetti-related ad you might be working on.




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Pop Culture Characters Reimagined As Cheeseburgers


We’ve all been hungry enough, where everything starts to look like cheeseburgers. Artist Philip Tseng recently created the series What If They Were Cheeseburgers? to toy with our emotions, turning pop culture characters into the object of our desire.

Fattening up a few superheroes such as Batman and Wolverine makes them more burger-like, while Mario isn’t much of a stretch. See more at Tseng’s site here.

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Coffee Cups of The World, A Photo Series of Beautiful Takeaway Cups

Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles

Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles

As most of you may not realize — because there’s always that same green mermaid on your coffee — is that takeaway coffee cups are often an exercise in minimalist beauty and sharp graphic design.

Artist Henry Hargreaves sees the aesthetic appeal in these disposable items, and has documented drinking vessels from around the globe, with Coffee Cups of The World.

The series takes us through this often overlooked art form — from the minimalist approach, to the hard sell of garish colors or a humorous cartoon.


Vida, Cape Town


Intelligentsia, Los Angeles


Shaky Isles, Auckland


Wye General, Melbourne


Brain Wash Cafe, San Francisco


Blue Bottle, Oakland

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Resum-Ale, A Four-Pack of Beer That’s Also a Designer’s Resume


If you’re looking for a creative way to find a job… Or you’d just like to get a few hiring managers loaded, you might consider a beer resume.

Resum-Ale is the work of designer/homebrewer/job-seeker Brennan Gleason. The 4-pack consists of a blonde ale that Gleason brewed himself, with career accomplishments and his experience printed across each bottle.

So, if you’re looking for a designer, or just want some free booze, get in touch with Gleason.

[link, via designtaxi]