This Valentine’s Day, Say It With A Food Card


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, aka, the one day out of the year when you’re allowed to express yourself with chocolate foodstuffs and paper products.

But beware… Valentine’s Day is also the one day that your emotional vacancy will be fully exposed for your lover to see… so it’s best not to blow it. And, what better way to let your partner know how you feel, than with tacky wordplay placed on a piece of folded card-stock?

Here are a few ideas for those who would rather have a card do the talking for them… or, if your lover is just really into clever wordplay and foodstuffs. In which case, congrats.



You’re My Everything

If you’re a person of few words, then ‘You’re My Everything‘ will go a long way on Valentine’s Day. Take this very brief sentiment even further with the addition of an actual everything bagel. But only include lox and cream cheese if they’re marriage material. [link]



You’re The Chicky Chicky To My Parm Parm

Whether or not you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation and the musings of Tom Haverford, you cannot deny the effectiveness of this nonsensical statement. And, as we all know, few things go together better than battered chicken breast and melted cheese.

Of course, this card would be even more effective if accompanied by an actual chicken parm sandwich, or some ‘chicken catch’ and ‘super water.’ Thanks, Tom. [link]



You’re The Center Of My Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon rolls are sexy… we know this to be true. So, telling someone that they’re the center of your cinnamon roll is sexxxy. See, I just put more Xs in sexy to convey, oh, never mind. [link]



I Love You Like I Love French Fries

If you’ve been trying to answer the incalculable question of “How much do you love me?” then we think this card could help. And, if your valentine this year is a keeper, you can tell them that you love them like fries with cheese and gravy. That’s commitment. [link]



I Love You More Than Sriracha

We know how you feel… you simply cannot place food in your mouth unless there’s sriracha on it. Your partner knows this… so telling them that you love them more than the greatest condiment in recorded history, will surely score you some points this year. [link]



You’re The Only Wiener For My Bun

Although this card could be considered a bit suggestive, or taken the wrong way, it is undeniably adorable. And, if it does get taken the wrong way, you can both go out for hot dogs and talk about it, because you’re a classy couple. [link]



You Are Greater Than A Cupcake

Ah, the good ol’ “you are greater than [insert awesome food item]” approach. We’ve seen this work for bacon... So, why not give it a shot with the trendiest of all food items?

Just make sure that your valentine knows ‘greater than/less than,’ or this card makes it look like you’re either calling them a cupcake, or asking them to get you a cupcake. Any of which is actually pretty good. [link]

Pizza Condoms Deliver


It’s been said that sex is like pizza… Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Now, thanks to a packaging concept by Russian designer Marina Malygina, the two have officially been combined. And it’s not bad.

The Pizza Condom is wrapped in what looks like a pizza with the works. And, to reinforce the theme, the condom is then housed in a small delivery box. How good your pizza will be, is completely up to the delivery boy.

pizza-condoms-2 pizza-condoms-3 pizza-condoms-4

[link, via Lost At E Minor]

Campbell’s Soup Can Converse


Two works of classic American art — Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s soup cans and Converse canvas footwear — recently joined forces to create Converse Campbell’s Sneakers.

Teaming up with the Andy Warhol Foundation, Converse is offering the soup shoes in Tomato, Black Bean, and Vegetable — as well as a collage of soup cans and other works from Warhol.

So, if you’re a fan of Warhol, soup, vintage kicks, or all of the above… the Converse Campbell’s Sneakers go on sale February 7. A portion of the sales will go to the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Check them out here.

Converse_Chuck_Taylor_All_Star_Andy_Warhol_-_Campbells_Black_detail Converse_Chuck_Taylor_All_Star_Andy_Warhol_-_Campbells_Blue_detail Converse_Chuck_Taylor_Andy_Wrahol_-_Multi_detail

[link, via designtaxi]

Awesome Mom Creates Daily Art on Her Kids’ Lunch Bags


Going to school is hard… especially if you brown bag it every day. Mother of two Christy Kilgore knows this, and makes sure to create a daily work of art on her kids’ lunch bags to help brighten up their day.

Christy also makes sure to occasionally include an inspiring message along with each illustration. Remember, school, hard.






[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

Honest Slogans Tell It Like It Is


If only brands could be honest with consumers, instead of feeding us their advertising gobbledygook, we’d have something like Honest Slogans.

Brought to us by graphic artist, Clif Dickens, this new round of ads provide some refreshing honesty on some of the things we consume.

Although, we don’t care how tired mom is… Hamburger Helper ain’t happening.