If Well-Known Brands Such As Apple and Facebook Made Beer


If you’ve ever wondered what a beer made by Nike, Apple, or Facebook would look like… wonder no more.

Beer-tualising is a fun project by printsome, who created fictional beer labels for a few brands not known for brewing.

What these corporate beers would taste like is still left to the imagination. But we can only assume that Nike beer would share flavor profiles with most energy drinks, while iBeer would taste great for a few months, before you’d have to upgrade to iBeer 1.1.






[link, via Design You Trust]

These Redesigned Fast Food Logos Get Real


McDonald’s, KFC, and Wendy’s are such an easy target for satire, that taking liberties with their branding and logos has become commonplace.

Georgia-based designer, Ashley Comer, wants in on the fun, and has created Slow Food — a not-so-subtle rethinking of a few fast food chains’ branding.

The result… A reminder that fast food gets you fat, is evil, and that you shouldn’t eat it. You know, commonplace. Check out more below and over at Behance.







[link, via designtaxi]

The Charted Sandwich Board Is The Most Inspirational Poster Ever


The sandwich is the greatest of all food forms. So, imagine how inspirational a poster would be, that contains almost every sandwich ever.

The Charted Sandwich Board is here to inspire and help cover some wall space. Brought to us by Pop Chart Lab, the poster contains nearly 90 hand-drawn heroes, gyros, po’ boys and other stacked culinary art.

They were even nice enough to include each sandwiches’ components, country of origin, and proper serving temperature. Don’t panic… The PB&J is included, just in case you’re inspired to eat like a five-year-old. Available for pre-order here.

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Disney-Themed Printable Beer Labels Will Help Get The Party Started


If you’re having a Disney-themed party, or you’d just like to cover up a boring non-Disney beer label… here are some designs to help you out.

Disney Printable Beer Labels are brought to us by halloweencostumes.com. The labels are not only creatively designed and named to suit your brew, but the series is printable and available to improve your beer immediately.







[link, via designtaxi]

Panoramic Coffee Cup Art


We’ve certainly seen our share of coffee cup art. The often stark white drinking vessels have become a blank canvas for brilliant typography, comic strips, and have even gone 3-D.

Tokyo-based artist Adrian Hogan is now taking the medium panoramic, with an Instagram video series. Hogan illustrates a scene on a cup, then takes us through his surroundings with a slow twist. Check out more below and over at Instagram.

[link, via Colossal]