Honest Slogans Tell It Like It Is


If only brands could be honest with consumers, instead of feeding us their advertising gobbledygook, we’d have something like Honest Slogans.

Brought to us by graphic artist, Clif Dickens, this new round of ads provide some refreshing honesty on some of the things we consume.

Although, we don’t care how tired mom is… Hamburger Helper ain’t happening.








Will Letter For Lunch, Artist Creates Hand-Lettered Menus In Exchange For Meals


We all work for food… however NYC-based artist Lauren Hom cuts out the unnecessary steps of getting handed a check, standing in line at the bank, and then exchanging money for goods.

Hom, creator of Will Letter For Lunch, offers her service as a graphic artist in exchange for meals. The concept is simple… Hom creates handwritten menus for restaurants in New York City, and her payment is whatever she writes on the board.

“Grilled Whole Fish” on the menu? Then you can expect Hom to be dining on said fish shortly. Considering how much a beautifully-lettered menu classes up a joint, this bartering system seems more than fair. Especially if Hom designs a few Happy Hour menus. See how it all works here.




[link, via designtaxi and Grubstreet]

Assemble For Breakfast With Avengers Cereal


If you need to assemble the ultimate breakfast, these Superhero Cereals are here to help. Brought to us by artists Bamboota and Elliot Fernandez, the cereals are chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, and superhero marshmallows.

Whether you get the day started with Iron Bran, Thorrios, or Groot Loops — you’ll be packed with revitalizing energy and rewarded an awesome prize inside. If only these cereals were real, that is… Enjoy your bowl of Lucky Charms marshmallows.







[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

Pantone Beer Packaging Matches The Color of The Beer Inside


If you pick your beer by color, a new packaging project by Spanish creative agency Txaber is just for you. The concept uses Pantone swatches to give you an idea of the beer that lies inside.

Whether you roll with a cold can of 1595 C, or you’re feeling bold and want to throw back a 426 C, the packaging let’s you know what’s in store before you crack it open.

3 4 5 6[link, via designtaxi]