The 24 Carrot Cake Is Valuable To Your Belly


As we all know, when gold has 24 carrots in it, it’s good stuff. So, it only makes sense to use carrots to create a gold cake.

Brought to us by Instructables user, Paige Russell, the 24 Carrot Cake looks like an actual gold bar. And, in case you’re wondering if this gold cake is legit, the recipe actually uses 24 baby carrots… so you know it’s good.

Oh… it’s gold “karats.” Never mind.



There’s Gold In Them Thar Beers

Most of us have had some form of gold beer. But it was probably limited to the shiny can of a Coors Extra, or the golden hue of Miller High Life. Now, for a select few, a Czech brewery is making an actual gold beer, by placing 0.018 grams of the inert metal in each bottle.

Officially titled “Re” after the Egyptian sun god, and packaged in an actual champagne bottle — the golden lager is truly “The Champagne of Beers.” Sorry, Miller High Life.



Gold-Infused Cheese Exists

Brought to us by Britain’s Long Clawson Dairy, Gold-Infused Cheese is here to make your holidays extra blingy. The serving of Stilton is infused with real edible gold leaf and cinnamon Schnapps, and will set you back £60 per 100-gram slice — about $100 per 2 oz. So while you enjoy a sliver with the other 1%, you can laugh maniacally knowing that 99% of the country is sitting home eating Velveeta.