The Various Varieties of Fruits


From your standard variety of apples, to your pomerac and cempedak, The Various Varieties of Fruits by Pop Chart Lab has them covered.

Prints available here. You can also get your veggies here.



Star Wars Characters as Fruits and Vegetables


The galaxy is under siege by the evil meat empire, and it’s up to the vegetable rebellion to stop them. Brought to us by Polish artist Nela Krzewniak, the paintings depict our favorite Star Wars heroes as vegetables including Leek Skywalker, Leia Orguanabana, Chewbanana, and Master Yotato.




[link, via Neatorama]

Instagram Food Collages by Julie Lee


Inspired by her local farmers markets, and with the help of the mobile app Instagram, Los Angeles-based Julie Lee creates stunning food collages. By deliberately and sparingly arranging the food items she collects, the static images are arranged in a way to keep the viewer’s eyes moving.

Instagram, which Lee uses brilliantly, gives the photos a soft and inviting tone — making them worthy of becoming your desktop [or guest room] wallpaper. See more of Julie’s work here, along with tips and stories from her culinary adventures.





[link, via Feature Shoot]

Listening To Your Food: Synesthesia by Terri Timely

Synesthesia is a condition of the mind, where the line between senses becomes blurred. The ability to see sounds, or hear colors, is a common occurrence. To illustrate this in the most bizarre way possible, director Terri Timely created the aptly titled Synesthesia.

The short film begins with a boy who perceives tastes as sounds, literally plugging into and listening to his food – then it just spirals out of control from there. Enjoy.

[YouTube, via Kottke]

Mutatoes: A Collection of Deformed Produce

The Mutato-Archive is an art project by German artist Uli Westphal dedicated to the malformed bastard children of the produce world.

Westphal focuses on the unfortunate fruits and vegetables — such as a carrot with arms — that never make it to our produce section, and in turn are spared the ridicule of picky shoppers. Haven’t they suffered enough?

The Mutato-Archive is a collection of non-standard fruits, roots and vegetables, displaying a dazzling variety of forms, colours and textures, that only reveal themselves when lawfully enforced standards cease to exist. The complete absence of botanical anomalies in our supermarkets has caused us to regard the consistency of produce presented there as natural. Produce has become a highly designed, monotonous product. We have forgotten, and in many cases never experienced, the way fruits, roots, and vegetables can actually look (and taste). The Mutato-Project serves to document, preserve and promote these last remainders of agricultural diversity.

[link, via Swissmiss]