Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables, An Initiative That Encourages Sales of Ugly Produce


Poor fruits and vegetables… Why you so ugly? 

It’s no secret that we shop with our eyes. And, because we can be so superficial, especially when it comes to produce, food waste has become a global issue.

Intermarché recently launched Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables to help change our perspective on unfortunate-looking produce, and hopefully cut down on food waste in the process.

First, a produce section was populated with the Grotesque Apple, Ridiculous Potato, Hideous Orange, Failed Lemon, Disfigured Eggplant, Ugly Carrot, and the Unfortunate Clementine at a discounted price. And, when that wasn’t enough to sway our flippant shoppers, a line of soups and juices made with these deformed foods were offered.

The result helped empty the shelves of these fruits and veggies, that may have been hard on the eyes, but will be nice to your belly and wallet. Hideous Orange Juice, anyone?





[link, via GOOD]

Veg of The Day, A Beautiful Papercraft Series of Fruits and Vegetables


Veg of the Day — an awesome papercraft series by artist Polly Lindsay — is certainly nice enough when viewing straight-on. However, it isn’t until we catch a side view, that we realize what makes this project special.

Using layers of paper to recreate the intricacies of actual produce, they’re then spaced apart and tiered. This technique helps add soft shadows and depth to the minimalist food items. Finally, vegetables are interesting.






[link, via First We Feast]

The Various Varieties of Fruits


From your standard variety of apples, to your pomerac and cempedak, The Various Varieties of Fruits by Pop Chart Lab has them covered.

Prints available here. You can also get your veggies here.



Star Wars Characters as Fruits and Vegetables


The galaxy is under siege by the evil meat empire, and it’s up to the vegetable rebellion to stop them. Brought to us by Polish artist Nela Krzewniak, the paintings depict our favorite Star Wars heroes as vegetables including Leek Skywalker, Leia Orguanabana, Chewbanana, and Master Yotato.




[link, via Neatorama]

Instagram Food Collages by Julie Lee


Inspired by her local farmers markets, and with the help of the mobile app Instagram, Los Angeles-based Julie Lee creates stunning food collages. By deliberately and sparingly arranging the food items she collects, the static images are arranged in a way to keep the viewer’s eyes moving.

Instagram, which Lee uses brilliantly, gives the photos a soft and inviting tone — making them worthy of becoming your desktop [or guest room] wallpaper. See more of Julie’s work here, along with tips and stories from her culinary adventures.





[link, via Feature Shoot]