Foods Organized Neatly For Obsessive Compulsive Eaters


Things Organized Neatly is a single-serve Tumblr blog for obsessive compulsive folk. The site, curated by Austin Radcliffe, consists of nothing but items arranged into neat patterns, creating an art form in organization.

Whether the items are separated by color, shape, or are all part of a bigger unit — the project creates an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eyes, even if you’re not a neat-freak.

However, someone should tell them that separating Froot Loops is waste of time, considering that they’re all the same flavor.






[link, via My Modern Met]

Froot Loops Donuts


George Duran of the Hungry Channel, in search of the ultimate cereal-inspired donut, recently hit the streets of NYC for some hard-hitting Froot Loops research. The result, with help from pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse, is the Froot Loops Donut.

Follow your nose to this video…

[thanks to Kevin for the tip]