What Your Fridge Says About You


Personality tests and palm readings are for suckers. To get some real insight on someone’s personality, we apparently need to look no further than the contents and layout of their fridge.

What Your Fridge Says About You, brought to us by Rhett & Link, takes us through the polar repository of a few different kinds of people, telling us everything we need to know about the person responsible for stocking it. 

Unless that darn fridge light bulb is out again. Then we can only tell that they’re irresponsible.

[link, via The Awesomer]

This Beer Fridge Will Only Open For Canadians


Canada… You’re allowed into the country to avoid the draft, but don’t even think about drinking their beer. Molson Canadian has recently come up with a beer fridge that’s for Canucks only.

Installed in parts of Europe, the fridge will only open for tourists that can prove their Canadianness. By scanning their passport, the enormous red fridge will then open up to a plethora of Molson Canadian beer.

So far, the fridge has been responsible for at least a few street parties. Sadly, no spontaneous hockey has occurred.


Fridge Monster Stickers

Scare away the midnight munchies, or make your refrigerator too adorable to resist, with Fridge Monster Stickers. Inspired by Japanese Kawaii monsters, the reusable vinyl fridge stickers come in eye, tongue, and fang shape for maximum cuteness.

[available at Curiosite]

Foodiggity’s Best of The Week, 3/19-3/23

Potato Cities, Chocolate Games, and An Ode To Sriracha… It’s Foodiggity’s Best of The Week.

Spell ‘mutzadel’The Bensonhurst Spelling Bee
Starchy architecturePotato City
The answer is always chocolateChocolate Trivial Pursuit
Braaaiiinnsss!!!Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts
An ode to sriracha and othersKitchen Illustrations by Heather Perry
Marshall amps just got coolerMarshall Amp Fridge

Marshall Amp Fridge

Whether you’re a rockstar who needs to keep your beverages cool, or an air guitarist with no need for a real amp — The Marshall Fridge is here to help. Designed to be unmistakeable from the real thing, the coolest of Marshall stacks would make a great addition to any apartment or studio. Just watch where you plug in your Fender.

And if faux amps and guitar-related kitchen goods are your thing, check out the Amp’d Mug and Guitar Spatula over at the Foodiggity Shop.

[available for pre-order, via The Awesomer]