The R2-D2 Mini-Fridge Will Deliver Your Drinks Like A Good Droid


When he’s not helping to save a universe or projecting holograms of pretty princesses, R2-D2 can make a handy drink servant… Just ask Jabba.

The R2-D2 Mini-Fridge is not only an exact replica of our favorite little droid, but it’s a fully-functional drink cooler/robot slave.

But wait, there’s more… Just like the real thing, the droid fridge will bring your drinks to you via remote control — so there’s no need to move. Just like Jabba.

It’s not for sale yet, but check it out.

[via Eater]

Han Solo In Carbonite Fridge Will Be Your Favorite Decoration


We were once teased with a fake Han Solo in carbonite refrigerator, and we’ve pined for its existence ever since.

Now, even though it’s a bit smaller, the Han Solo in Carbonite Refrigerator now exists. The mini-fridge depicts Jabba The Hutt’s favorite trophy, and will hold up to 18 cans of your favorite beverage.

Perfect for a Star Wars fan with a small apartment, or if you need to keep a few beverages cool in your evil lair (office cubicle). Check it out here.





The Rubiks Cube Fridge Will Solve Your Cooling Needs


If your current mini-fridge has you puzzled, the Rubik’s Cube Fridge is here to help.

Designed to look like the multi-colored cube that haunted your nightmares back in the 80s, this oversized Rubik’s will keep any food or drinks cool.

Although, the Rubik’s fridge comes mixed up. So, you’ll need to remove the square stickers to solve it, just like you used to. Then keep the whole nostalgia-thing going and stock it with wine coolers.




What Your Fridge Says About You


Personality tests and palm readings are for suckers. To get some real insight on someone’s personality, we apparently need to look no further than the contents and layout of their fridge.

What Your Fridge Says About You, brought to us by Rhett & Link, takes us through the polar repository of a few different kinds of people, telling us everything we need to know about the person responsible for stocking it. 

Unless that darn fridge light bulb is out again. Then we can only tell that they’re irresponsible.

[link, via The Awesomer]

This Beer Fridge Will Only Open For Canadians


Canada… You’re allowed into the country to avoid the draft, but don’t even think about drinking their beer. Molson Canadian has recently come up with a beer fridge that’s for Canucks only.

Installed in parts of Europe, the fridge will only open for tourists that can prove their Canadianness. By scanning their passport, the enormous red fridge will then open up to a plethora of Molson Canadian beer.

So far, the fridge has been responsible for at least a few street parties. Sadly, no spontaneous hockey has occurred.