Whole Fish Sushi Exists


When small intricately-cut pieces of fish in your sushi just won’t do, there’s now a trend of whole-fish sushi going on in Japan.

Referred to as iwashi, the Japanese word for sardine, the sushi roll is being offered by Japanese restaurant chain, Kurazushi, and contains the whole fish wrapped in rice and seaweed, with Japanese basil and grated plum.

Sushi etiquette has yet to include the proper technique for eating a sushi roll with the head and tail intact. Our guess is to flip a coin and dive in.


[via First We Feast]

The Yolkfish Will Adorably Separate Your Eggs


Separating an egg yolk from the white can be a tricky process — with the cracking and the back and forth action. That of course, was before the Yolkfish.

Just give the Yolkfish a squeeze, let it wrap its big fish mouth around a yolk, and then it’ll adorably regurgitate the yolk into a different bowl. The Yolkfish is new at The Foodiggity Shop.

Watch the little sucker in action…


‘Eat More Fish,’ Says The Dancing Sushi


How do you get people to eat more fish? Interpretive dance, of course. These pro-fish ads were created by the Norwegian Seafood Council, and star the appropriately-named The Human Sushi dance troupe.

Of course, the standard unitards and flailing arms isn’t enough, so the dancers are dressed as various sushi components — coming together awkwardly at the end to represent the finished product. Yeah, that’ll do.

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Gutted Mackerel Pencil Case

Keeping with Japan’s tradition of great seafood, and deterring others from touching their pencils — is the Hokke Mackerel Pencil Case by Japan Trend Shop. Designed, a bit too well, to resemble a split mackerel — the case will hold any of your school or work supplies where its innards once were.

[link, via Gizmodo]

Amigurumi Fish That Turns Into Sushi

Irene Kiss created an amigurumi fish that instantly turns into a piece of sushi. If it were only that easy.

[link, via Craft]