Fast Food and Junk Food Photographed As Renaissance Paintings


It takes quite a bit to make fast food aesthetically-pleasing. Luckily, there was a little something called the Renaissance, which could help make anything from creepy man-babies to sub-par cheeseburgers look good.

Photographer Rebecca Rütten has taken advantage of the art movement, and has prettied-up some fast food with Contemporary Pieces. The photography series, inspired by the look of Renaissance paintings, poses a few still-lifes and cloaked subjects holding fast food.

Thankfully, there’s no man-babies eating McNuggets.







[link, via Junk Culture]

This French Fries Bed Will Help Supersize Your Naps


Would you like fries with that nap? Supersize Bed is a project by British set and costume designer, Cecilia Carey, in collaboration with architectural foodsmith, Harry Parr.

The fully-functional bed has the requisite mattress, with the added bonus of a giant package of fast-food fries as a headboard. Did we mention that the fries are giant pillows that can be removed and used to make sleeping even awesomer? They may even help you dream of fast food… more so.




What If Fast Food Restaurants Had To Make The Food Look Like It Does In Their Ads?


It’s no secret that the ads put forth by fast food companies, don’t accurately represent the food that the customer receives. So, what if the fast food eater fought back, and wanted the more edible-looking version of their food item?

Fast Food Ads vs. Reality Experiment is brought to us by Greg Benson of Mediocre Films. Greg, armed with a hidden camera, confronts the fast food workers that are just doing their jobs — asking if they could modify the food to look more like the misleading photo.

The best part… The fast food workers, for the most part, are very courteous and accept the challenge. And, with that little bit of motivation, they get the food pretty darn close to the one in the picture. Please enjoy.




[link, via designtaxi]

Meet McDonald’s New Mascot and The Star of Your Nightmares


McDonald’s, either in an attempt to sell more Happy Meals or to haunt your kid’s nightmares, has introduced a terrifying new mascot.

Officially-named “Happy,” the beady-eyed anthropomorphic cardboard box follows in the footsteps of a creepy clown, that large purple thing, and the guy with a cheeseburger for a head.

So actually, freaking out kids has worked well so far. Good work, McDonald’s.


Hero Burger, A Series of Papercraft Superheroes As Fast Food Combo Meals


Your fast food combo meal just got happier. Hero Burger, a series of superhero-inspired papercraft, is brought to us by Korean artist bogtae.

Is a Batman Burger what you crave? Or, perhaps a Captain America combo with freedom fries is more your thing? Even young girls can power-up their lunch with a Wonder Woman meal.

And, because this is ‘Merica and all, you can super-size it with The Hulk.








[link, via TAXI]