Hero Burger, A Series of Papercraft Superheroes As Fast Food Combo Meals


Your fast food combo meal just got happier. Hero Burger, a series of superhero-inspired papercraft, is brought to us by Korean artist bogtae.

Is a Batman Burger what you crave? Or, perhaps a Captain America combo with freedom fries is more your thing? Even young girls can power-up their lunch with a Wonder Woman meal.

And, because this is ‘Merica and all, you can super-size it with The Hulk.








[link, via TAXI]

A Full-Size Fast Food Kitchen Carved Entirely From Wood


Although we try to ignore what’s going on behind the scenes at a typical fast food restaurant — when it’s stripped down and minimalized, it could be quite beautiful.

At least this version is, by artist Roxy Paine. Officially-titled Carcass, the scale replica fast food kitchen is carved entirely from wood. From the coffee pots to the french fry droppers — Paine spared no detail in the kitchen’s creation. Except the grease stains, and pimply cashiers.

Carcass is on view at Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago.






[link, via TAXI]

Fast Food Logos, But Fatter


That’s How I See It is a re-imagining of some fast food and drink logos, with some painfully truthful results.

Brought to us by Saudi Arabian graphic designer, Adelbanfeel, he does a redo on a few famous icons, but fattens them up. Similar to the way these companies’ products fatten up humans. Take that, skinny golden arches and svelte Colonel Sanders…

14 3 5


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A Skeleton Drives Up To The Drive-Thru Window, Employees React Awesomely


The next time that the nice person at the drive-thru window hands you your food, try not to take their work for granted — as they constantly have to put up with crap like this.

The Drive Thru Skeleton Prank is the latest in the trend of torturing fast food employees. This time with a skeleton at the wheel, wanting his McNuggets. Please watch this…

[link, via BuzzFeed]

Fast Food, Scanned


To help remind us of how awful fast food can be, photographer Jon Feinstein pressed some up against glass and scanned them in. The results of the series, titled Fast Food, are nothing short of gag-inducing.

Titles of the photos range from, “39 Grams,” to “42 Grams,” referring to the amount of fat in each food. Please try to enjoy lunch.

14 Grams, 2008

26 Grams, 2010

42 Grams. 2008

2.6 Grams, 2008

[link, via TAXI]