Candy Crush Nails


Candy Crush — the game that you probably just looked away from to read this article — is getting creative with advertising.

Apparently, extreme nails are a popular form of advertising in Japan — so Candy Crush recruited a known human billboard named Harutamu, and gave her a candy-laden set of nails.

Although, it doesn’t appear that Candy Crush needs any more advertising than what shows up unwarranted in your Facebook feed. Either way, you can go back to playing now, and thanks for listening.


[via Rocket News 24]

Fancy Food Hats of Sushi, Salads, Pie, and A Fried Egg


Food-Inspired Wool Fascinators are brought to us by Maor Zabar. The foodie headgear is handmade using felted wool — available in sushi, frying egg in a pan, a bowl of salad, and pie.

Eggs Pie Salad

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Taco Bell Socks


If you’re going to “Run For The Border,” then you’ll need the proper socks to wear under your running shoes. Taco Bell, in collaboration with L.A.-based streetwear brand The Hundreds, brings us Taco Bell Socks.

The taco-laden footwear will surely help you make a fashion statement while you ingest your chalupas. Especially if you wear the matching dress.

[link, via First We Feast

Runway Fashion Inspired by McDonald’s Branding and Employee Uniforms


Who knew that McDonald’s, known for fattening up humans, could inspire a line of haute couture worn by waifs?

During this year’s Milan Fashion Week, Moschino unveiled a line of runway fashion inspired by McDonald’s. The challenge, for creative director Jeremy Scott, was to turn the garish red and yellow color scheme into something fashionable.

As a surprise to no one, actual McDonald’s employees are none too pleased — referring to the high-end line as offensive and exploitative to those who only earn minimum wage. That, and being upset that their mandatory unis don’t come with an adorable leather handbag and matching shoes.



Moschino-McDonalds-1-IIHIH Moschino-McDonalds-3-IIHIH


[link, via designtaxi]

Shoe Bakery, Custom Shoes Made To Look Like Cake and Other Desserts


Shoe Bakery specializes in creating high-end shoes to look like various forms of dessert. Therefore they’re also very good at making women’s heads explode.

Whether you want some red velvet on your feet, or to step out with two ice cream cones — the Shoe Bakery appears capable of making the sweetest footwear imaginable.

But these awesome dessert shoes will not come cheap, as a pair would cost anywhere from $200-$400. Extra sprinkles are free.








[link, via Miss Cakehead]