Desserts Inspired By Iconic Fashion Brand Patterns


Fendi: Dorset blueberry, Raspberry and vanilla Napolean

Photographer Catherine Losing was recently commissioned for food magazine Cherry Bombe’s ‘Baked’ issue. The result, delicious and impeccably-styled desserts, made into patterns from iconic fashion brands.

Fashionable folk will probably recognize this pattern from Dior — only this time it’s recreated with fruit leather and macarons. Burberry’s unmistakable criss-crossing makes for a perfect topping to a high-end sponge cake. Now, that’s yummy couture.


Dior: Apple and lavender fruit leather with rose macarons


Burberry: Classic Burberry tartan Victoria sponge cake with woodland strawberry jam


Chanel: Quilted Bramble and banana fruit leather 


Missoni: Lemon, almond and polenta cake, iced with sugared Missoni Zigzags

[link, via TAXI and Feature Shoot]

Cupcake Panties Are Sweet Undergarments


If you’d like the sweetest undergarments available, Cupcake Panties should be in your top drawer.

Brought to us by Etsy member knickerocker, the handmade panties are colorful and frilled to look like a yummy cupcake. There’s even a cherry to go on top… of your butt.

Grab a few pair while cupcakes and underwear are still trendy.



[link, via Incredible Things]

Streetwear and Fashion Logos Recreated With Food


Last we heard from food artist Tisha Cherry, she was making awesome Oreo art. Cherry is back with a series of edible streetwear and fashion brand logos.

Supreme is recreated as a supreme pizza, Nike is painstakingly made from coffee beans, and Tokyo-based A Bathing Ape is made from sushi.

If you’re noticing a theme here, it’s because Cherry is purposely using ingredients synonymous with the brand’s home state, country or city. See more below or at Cherry’s Instagram account here.

tisha-cherry-02 tisha-cherry-03 tisha-cherry-05

[link, via BOOOOOOOM! and Miss Bish]

These Giant Crocheted Food Hats Are Everything


Because, who doesn’t want to be as warm and as stylish as possible this winter? Phil Ferguson, aka ChiliPhilly, does. So he’s created several crocheted hats, designed to look like he’s wearing giant food items on his head.

The hats are crocheted by Phil, without a pre-existing pattern. Although, the hats are one-ups and not available for sale, Phil admits that he hasn’t even worn one out in public. For one, he admits that he doesn’t want them to get ruined. Another reason, perhaps, is the general public not quite being ready for a giant pizza or hot dog-head walking around.

Check out a few of Phil’s food heads below, with more to be found at Instagram.





[link, via Buzzfeed]

This Chocolate Dress Is Delicious Couture


When asked, “Who are you wearing?”… Wouldn’t it be great to answer, “Wonka, thanks for asking”?

Well, your chocolate couture dreams have come true, with news that a chocolate dress is now possible.

Presented at The Chocolate Show London, the dress was created by Downton Abbey costume designer, Caroline McCall, and required 132 pounds of chocolate to make.



[via BuzzFeed]