Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls


Cute little chocolate skulls are easy enough to find. But what if you’re looking for a real-deal anatomically-correct skull to really help freak someone out?

Brought to us by Black Chocolate Co. on Etsy, these chocolate skulls are hand cast from a mold of a genuine human skull. They’re also available in a few different flavors of Belgian Chocolate for the macabre chocolate lover who likes variety – Dark chocolate, Chilli chocolate, Caramel chocolate, Milk Chocolate. 



Giant Carrot Body Pillow


We’ve already seen our share of meat pillows. And, contrary to popular opinion, vegetarians like to snuggle too. Enter the Giant Carrot Body Pillow.

No longer will you have to envy your meat-eating friends, as the giant fluffy carrot can help keep you company as good as any ham pillow. Brought to us by Etsy member, , your new veggie bedmate is 4-ft long and handmade from fleece, polystyrene pellets, polyester.

And, if you’ll need some dessert to cuddle up to, consider an Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow.


[link, via Neatorama]

Fancy Food Hats of Sushi, Salads, Pie, and A Fried Egg


Food-Inspired Wool Fascinators are brought to us by Maor Zabar. The foodie headgear is handmade using felted wool — available in sushi, frying egg in a pan, a bowl of salad, and pie.

Eggs Pie Salad

[via Blazenfluff]

Embroidered Leaves With Hanging Felted Vegetables


Need some fun vegetable decor to hang around the house? Consider this cool embroidery project by Veselka Bulkan of Green Accordion.

Veselka came up with a creative way to use an embroidery hoop, by only utilizing part of it. Embroidered greens give way to hanging felted carrots and radishes. See more of her work here.



[link, via Colossal]

Booze Bottles Turned Into Hookahs


If you’ve never heard of a hookah… It’s basically a bong, but fancier. Actually, a hookah is an Arabic waterpipe used to smoke flavored tobacco. Sooo, like a fancy bong. Let’s move on.

Etsy member, TheHOOKAHolic has been hard at work creating very unique hookahs, while upcycling empty alcohol bottles.

Whether you’d like a Jäger-hookah, or one using a Patron tequila bottle — they’ll even custom make one for you using any of those terrible flavored vodkas that you’re currently into.



[link, via HiConsumption]