It’s Back To Old-School With The Lunch Bot Lunch Box


It’s almost time to go back to school, and the kids are gonna need somewhere to store their lunch, while going retro. All the cool kids are doing it.

The Lunch Bot Robot Lunch Box is designed to look like a vintage robot, and will gladly hold anything you can stuff in his tin body. Be cool… Bring a Lunch Bot to school.

Lunch Bot is available at The Foodiggity Shop. Made from non-corrosive tin, with a durable PVC plastic handle. Approximately 9.5″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″. Eager to serve.


This Ridiculous 1991 Sizzler Commercial Is The Most American Thing That Ever Existed


Nothing says “Murica!” quite like freedom, over-the-top advertising, and your right to eat whatever the hell you want at a reasonable price.

This 1991 Sizzler commercial has all of these things, therefore, it is the most American thing to ever America. Overly-sentimental advertising with cringe-inducing voice-over… check. Hordes of hungry Americans huddled around an all-you-can-eat buffet… done and done.

But the greatest part, besides trying to imagine the original pitch meeting for this ad, is how this four-minute spot perfectly sums up an early 90s America. It was a country still recovering from the 80s — shown in the questionable fashion sense, a soundtrack for the tone-deaf, and heavy emphasis on value after the decade of excess. And, the steaks… Oh my, those steaks.

Please watch this…

[via Laughing Squid]

Clutch Handbags Made To Look Like Vintage Cereal Boxes


If you’re looking for the perfect cereal couture, you should be holding on to one of these clutch handbags that are made to look like vintage cereal boxes.

Brought to us by English designer Anya Hindmarch, the cereal box clutches are part of her new Imperial collection. They’re to be featured at Hindmarch’s new Mini-Mart, which hopes to bring “luxury to the not-so-luxurious world of mini-mart products.”

The “luxury” part comes in the form of the packaging graphics printed on python skin, and accented with suede lining and gold closures. They’re GRRREAT!!



[link, via designtaxi]

Say Cheese, Get Cheese With The Polaroid Cheese Slicer


Imagine the next time you say “cheese” to a camera, you actually receive some. The Say Cheese Slicer is here to make it happen.

Made to look like a vintage Polaroid camera, the slicer will gladly deliver you a fresh slice of dairy product. The best part… Once the cheese comes out, you don’t have to shake it to make it work. You will however, have a lot of people smiling at you and saying “cheese.” More so than if it were a real camera.

The Say Cheese Slicer is available The Foodiggity Shop. [$11.99]




Twinkie Me, Bitch!: Breaking Bad Meets Vintage Twinkies Comics


Breaking Bad is no longer, and Twinkies are sort of in limbo. So, a big thanks to artist Brendan Tobin for resurrecting the two, with Twinkie Me, Bitch!.

The short story, inspired by vintage Hostess comic book ads, combines the recently retired TV show and the imperishable yellow sponge cake into a brilliant spoof.

Coincidentally, there’s about the same amount of lethal chemicals in Twinkies as there are in meth — so, the ending is fully plausible. Well done, sir.

[link, via Laughing Squid]