The Beatles Abbey Road Recreated Using English Breakfast Foods

The Beatles Abbey Road finally gets its due — recreated using the elements of a proper English breakfast. Officially titled Let It Bean, the food mosaic of the iconic album cover was created by food artist Paul Baker.

Baker shows an incredible attention to detail — even down to the food item used for each band member. Using mushrooms to render staunch vegetarian Paul, sausage for George as a possible ode to Piggies, while John is shown as the Eggman. And, once again, there is no explanation for Ringo.

[via Neatorama]

This Cookie is Old, Expensive

A cookie — one that isn’t even double-stuffed or ninja-shaped, mind you — recently sold at auction for £1,250 (about $1949). Originally made for explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition in 1907-1909, the ‘cookie’ is actually a milk biscuit made by Huntley & Palmers. Something tells me that the snow would have tasted better.

My suggestion would be, to put an Oreo Triple Double in a safe place. If this auction is any indication, in 104 years that Oreo will be worth about 32-billion dollars.

[via Squid Ink]