This Burger Contains 17 Kinds of Beef


When only one type of beef on your burger just isn’t gonna cut it… There are now things such as the Holy Cow. Brought to us by Red’s True Barbecue in England, the towering burger and accompanying sides contain 17 types of beef.

For the record, these various forms of cow include; smoked beef rib, beef bacon, pickled tongue, and a patty made from oxtail, ox cheek, ox heart and ox liver.

And, if the 2,500-calorie burger doesn’t fill your meat quota, it also includes fries that are “thrice cooked” in beef drippings, and a beef Ragu dipping sauce. The Holy Cow will be available for one day only on Father’s Day.

[link, via First We Feast]

The Beatles Abbey Road Recreated Using English Breakfast Foods

The Beatles Abbey Road finally gets its due — recreated using the elements of a proper English breakfast. Officially titled Let It Bean, the food mosaic of the iconic album cover was created by food artist Paul Baker.

Baker shows an incredible attention to detail — even down to the food item used for each band member. Using mushrooms to render staunch vegetarian Paul, sausage for George as a possible ode to Piggies, while John is shown as the Eggman. And, once again, there is no explanation for Ringo.

[via Neatorama]

This Cookie is Old, Expensive

A cookie — one that isn’t even double-stuffed or ninja-shaped, mind you — recently sold at auction for £1,250 (about $1949). Originally made for explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition in 1907-1909, the ‘cookie’ is actually a milk biscuit made by Huntley & Palmers. Something tells me that the snow would have tasted better.

My suggestion would be, to put an Oreo Triple Double in a safe place. If this auction is any indication, in 104 years that Oreo will be worth about 32-billion dollars.

[via Squid Ink]