Pop Culture-Inspired Easter Eggs


Yes, we realize that Easter was yesterday… But these pop culture-inspired Easter eggs, by artist Barak Hardley, were too cool to pass up. And, here at Foodiggity, we spent most of our Easter Sunday trying to find the eggs that we hid a bit too well.



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Dunkin’ Donuts Will Unleash Peeps Donuts for Easter


Peeps season is upon us. And, if you happen to run on Dunkin’, a cute little Peep could be staring back at you while you ingest your morning coffee and donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts will release two varieties of Peeps Donuts, just in time for Easter. One with a standard-issue yellow Peep, pink frosting, and green stripes — the other with a pink peep, green icing, and pink stripes.

Even though they were given an official release date of March 31st, the Peep-laden donuts have already been spotted on DD shelves. And, it looks as much like a psychedelic chicken coop as you’d expect.

[via Buzzfeed and Gleen]

Calories Bomb, The Chocolate Grenade With M&M Shrapnel

The Calories Bomb is the creation of German designer Raphael Volkmer. The chocolate grenade was created to raise awareness of the excessive consumption of inferior chocolate during Easter. Now that’s some shrapnel I wouldn’t mind being hit with.

[link, via Inspire Me Now]

Inside The Peeps Factory


((Photos removed, cause we don’t want to get arrested))

Just in time to give some unwanted perspective on your Easter treats — The New York Times went inside the factory of Peeps-maker Just Born to see just how the marshmallow treats are made. And who knew that Peeps-manufacturing was so involved? It actually takes six minutes to make a Peep, and placement of their soulless black eyes follows strict “Decorating Standards.”

However, according to Just Born’s marketing director Matthew Pye, that despite strict quality control, each Peep is unique. ‘‘No one Peeps chick is the same as another,’’ he said. ‘‘Each one has its own personality.’’ Keep that in mind the next time you bite Tweetie’s head off, and Happy Easter.


[full story here, via Laughing Squid]

Bunny Cookie Cutters

Created by Patti Paige of Baked Ideas and Gingerbread Yoga Men fame, this arsenal of easter-themed cookie cutters will have you baking like rabbits. Hand-crafted with rolled edges, Patti has created over 2200 different cutters with some available at Baked Idea’s store.