Pumpkin Spice Peeps Exist


Peeps — the squishy, seemingly-unflavored Easter marshmallows — would now like to stare at you blankly in the fall too.

Pumpkin Spice Peeps were recently unveiled. The horrifying new treats not only continues our long-standing pumpkin spice nightmare, but eliminates Peeps’ seasonality.

No longer will stale marshmallows be limited to the spring. Once found only in Easter baskets, Peeps will now take refuge amongst our Halloween candy — making it easier to tell which neighbors hate kids.

To complete the circle of fall flavor hell, Peeps will also offer caramel apple, and candy corn flavors. They’ll be available only at Target and the Peeps online store starting August 31st, kid-haters.

[link, via Thrillist]

How To Find The Speed Of Light Using Peeps


Peeps owe their color, gelatinousness, and very existence to science. So, it only makes sense that they pay it back, by lending themselves to a scientific experiment.

Finding The Speed of Light with Peeps, by NPR’s Skunk Bear, is a very fun way to come up with how fast light travels. It’s actually quite simple, and a fun little project that you can do with the kids… if they don’t eat all the Peeps first. Science!!

[link, via Mental Floss]

Chocolate Easter Bunny Jello Shots Will Help Make Easter Tolerable


If you’ve ever wondered why they make chocolate Easter bunnies hollow — besides to provide crushing disappointment after a successful egg hunt — Oh, Bite It! has the answer.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Jello Shots are here to help make Easter a success… for the adults. While the kids are off looking for brightly-colored eggs, parents can relax and throw back a few boozy bunnies.

The best part, is that you won’t have to raid the kids’ Easter basket later — as you’ll already have your sugar fix, and will probably be passed out by then. Recipe here.



[link, via Neatorama]

Peeps-Flavored Milk Exists


Just when you thought that Peeps-related madness had reached its apex, along comes Peeps-Flavored Milk.

No longer will we be limited to our Peeps consumption in gelatinous form. This Easter, we shall use our marshmallow chicks to wash down our Cadbury Creme Eggs and other egg-shaped fare.

The folks responsible for this, Prairie Farms Dairy, is releasing Peeps-flavored milk in three varieties — chocolate marshmallow, marshmallow and Easter eggnog. So far, there will only be limited release of Peeps Milk in the midwestern U.S.

For those lucky enough to get their hands on this, and would like to go beyond simply drinking it, there are some Peeps recipes provided on the carton. Lucky midwesterners!!


[link, via Mashable]