ToastyMUG, A Coffee Mug That’ll Gladly Keep Your Hands Warm


When that hot beverage getting into your belly just isn’t enough to keep you warm, the ToastyMUG is here to help.

Designer Sabrina Fossi has designed the perfect mug for anyone looking to warm their digits, and thinks that handles are for suckers. Just slip both hands in the provided slots, and you’ll be slurping that tea or coffee up like cereal milk in no time.

Although this form of hand-warming/tea-sipping will not come cheap — around $60 — it’s a small price to pay to win the battle against your sub-arctic cubicle or drafty apartment.


[link, via Gizmodo]

Mark Your Drink, Be Dapper With Mustache Drink Markers


At the time of this writing — mustaches are in, while drinking out of someone else’s glass is not. Luckily, there are Mustache Glass Markers to help make your drink unmistakable from other party guests’.

Whether you go Cossack-style or Proustian black, you’ll look dapper whilst drinking your pinot – even if you leave your lipstick marks too.

Available in a package of six different markers, they’re made of silicone, are reusable and very well-groomed. Available at The Foodiggity Shop.

Drink Coasters For Coasters


Are you a US Coaster who hates drink rings? Coast To Coasters are here to help. Whether you roll on the West Coast, East Coast, or Gulf Coast — the thick beechwood coasters will help show some shoreline pride while protecting your tables.

Sorry, Midwest… You’ll just have to deal with drink rings.





[link, via The Awesomer]

The Cap Zappa, For All Of Your Bottle Opening and Cap Launching Needs


Never has opening a bottle and launching the cap across the room been easier, than with the Cap Zappa Bottle Opener. Simply pry open your beverage, choose your target, and with the push of a button, the Cap Zappa will send the cap over 5 meters. You should get kicked out of the party in no time.

See it in action in our first Vine commercial. Sorry, the spot is a bit low budget…

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Burger Coasters Will Deliciously Protect Your Tables


Nobody likes drink rings. And everyone loves cheeseburgers… Except vegetarians, who incidentally leave the most drink rings behind. Anyway, Burger Coasters are here to help save your tables at your next party.

Included in the set of six coasters are all the components of a yummy burger — including the top and bottom bun, patty, and all the fixins. Vegetarians can use the lettuce and tomato. Vegans aren’t invited.


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