Dunkin’ Donuts Will Unleash Peeps Donuts for Easter


Peeps season is upon us. And, if you happen to run on Dunkin’, a cute little Peep could be staring back at you while you ingest your morning coffee and donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts will release two varieties of Peeps Donuts, just in time for Easter. One with a standard-issue yellow Peep, pink frosting, and green stripes — the other with a pink peep, green icing, and pink stripes.

Even though they were given an official release date of March 31st, the Peep-laden donuts have already been spotted on DD shelves. And, it looks as much like a psychedelic chicken coop as you’d expect.

[via Buzzfeed and Gleen]

Drunkin Donuts Are Inspired By And Filled With Booze


Classic Mojito

Time to get drunk on donuts. Brought to us by New York-based The Drunkin Donut Company, the bakery specializes in donuts and other confectionaries that are inspired by and filled with booze.

Whether you’re a daiquiri drinker or a White Russian is your thing, they have a yummy dessert for almost every boozehound. The Drunkin Donuts come in a package of four, and can be shipped nationwide. Enjoy them responsibly.


White Russian


Banana Daiquiri


Pina Colada




Cat Donuts Win The Internet


Until now, the internet has sustained itself with a steady dose of cat videos and the latest donut news. Now, prepare for the two worlds to finally collide, and for the possibility of the internet imploding in on itself.

Cat Donuts are inspired by the Japanese anime series One Nya Hup. We don’t want to give too much away here, but the cartoon follows the trials and tribulations of… Wait, who cares?!? Cat Donuts!!!

Sorry, but the donuts will only be available for a limited time in Japan. In its stead, please accept this video of cat donuts.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Donutology, What Your Choice of Donut Says About You


We already know that people who eat jelly donuts have issues. But what about the rest of the donut family, and what your choice of dessert circle says about you?

Donutology is here to let us know exactly the kind of person you really are — because, let’s face it, zodiac signs and psychics are ridiculous. Let us know how you did.


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[link, via Neatorama]

Sushi Donuts


Time to make the sushi. Brought to us by California-based Psycho Donuts, Psycho Psushi combines two of our favorite food groups, sushi and donuts.

The sweet treats are served in a bento box with chopsticks. No mention if there’s a California Roll donut for tentative donut eaters.

[via Neatorama]