The Yolkfish Will Adorably Separate Your Eggs


Separating an egg yolk from the white can be a tricky process — with the cracking and the back and forth action. That of course, was before the Yolkfish.

Just give the Yolkfish a squeeze, let it wrap its big fish mouth around a yolk, and then it’ll adorably regurgitate the yolk into a different bowl. The Yolkfish is new at The Foodiggity Shop.

Watch the little sucker in action…


Bottled Food Sculptures Are Intriguing, Disgusting


There’s a reason why some foods are packaged in opaque cans and boxes. Artist Tom Davie was out to prove this with Bottled Food — a project that rethinks food packaging by placing the product in transparent bottles.

The result is what some might refer to as “too much information,” causing us to actually think about what really lurks behind that aluminum can or cardboard box, before we pluck it from the supermarket shelf.

At least there’s a straw included, just in case we’d like our SpaghettiOs right from the bottle.




Dad Creates Letters Out Of Food To Help Teach His Daughter The Alphabet


To help teach his daughter Zoë the alphabet in the funnest and yummiest way possible, artist Tommy Perez created AtoZoë.

The project is a series of letters that Perez designs and creates out of food. The goal… To teach Zoë her ABCs and get her a snack in the process. Well done, dad.

Check out Perez’s work and more of this project over at his Instagram.







[link, via designtaxi]

Fart Code, An App That Scans Foods To Determine Its Fart Power


Sure, you could easily scan your food to find out its caloric and gluten content. But what if you’re a conscience shopper who monitors your foods’ gaseous properties?

Fart Code is a handy little mobile app that’ll scan the bar code of foods, and let you know the amount of flatulence you could expect from them. Although this seems a bit childish, Fart Code actually uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine how toxic a fart would be, based on the food’s ingredients.

The fartometer, as it’s called, then gives you a rating and appropriate fart noise and vibration. Just remember, that your iPhone on ‘silent,’ could be deadly.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Tauntaun Cuts Breaks Down The Beast’s Primal Parts and Comfy Belly


Here at Foodiggity, we’re big fans of butcher diagrams. Even if the animal being segmented may or may not actually exist.

So, Tauntaun Cuts is right up our alley. Brought to us by Super7Store, the handy chart points out the transportation vehicle’s primal parts, as well as reminding us that its belly could be quite comfy and warm.

Tauntaun Cuts is available as a t-shirt or print.

[link, via GeekAlerts]