Illustrations Finished With Well-Placed Food Items


Why finish an illustration with boring ink, when there are perfectly good foodstuffs that’ll really help tie that drawing together?

Artist Kristián Mensa, a.k.a. mr. kriss, uses food and other everyday objects in his illustrations. Whether it’s rigatoni as a ship’s smokestack or spaghetti as guitar strings, Mensa’s illustrations are a great way to combine ink and edibles.

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[link, via Mashable]

Panoramic Coffee Cup Art


We’ve certainly seen our share of coffee cup art. The often stark white drinking vessels have become a blank canvas for brilliant typography, comic strips, and have even gone 3-D.

Tokyo-based artist Adrian Hogan is now taking the medium panoramic, with an Instagram video series. Hogan illustrates a scene on a cup, then takes us through his surroundings with a slow twist. Check out more below and over at Instagram.

[link, via Colossal]

Sushi Towels Are A Delicious Way To Dry Stuff Off


Recently, we were all teased with the concept of sushi-inspired towels. Now, there’s Sushi Towels that are very real and ready to dry off your finest goods.

Brought to us by Japan Trend Shop, the three rolls are made to resemble norimaki (sushi roll with seaweed). The towels are even packaged in a bamboo case to help carry the sushi theme.



Artists Help Celebrate 100 Years of Coca-Cola In A Series of Minimalist Ads


Believe it or not, Coca-Cola has been around for a century. To help celebrate the soft drink’s longevity and icon status, 130 artists created a series of ads — using nothing more than Coca-Cola’s brand colors, and its iconic bottle shape.

Officially-titled Mashup Coke, the series is an exercise in minimalist graphic design, the use of negative space, and iconography. It also goes to show you how powerful branding can be — even if that brand is nothing more than caramel-colored sugar water.

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mashup-coke-4[link, via designtaxi]


Sushi Towels Are The Best Way To Dry Off


If you’re in need of the yummiest-looking and most stylish way to dry stuff off, look no further than Sushi Towels.

Whether you’re in the mood for a tuna roll, or want to wipe off the dishes with a Tamago, there’s a handy guide that lets you know how to create each.

Sushi Towels are currently a concept by industrial designer, Jenny Pokryvailo, that’s been submitted to OTOTO. So, hopefully they’ll be a beautiful and absorbent reality soon.