App Icons That Look Good Enough To Eat


Would you like to induce hunger every time you look at your iPhone? There’s an app for that.

Well, there’s at least a series of mobile app icons, by CreativeDash Design Studio, that are made to look like various foods. So much so, that if you were to skip lunch, we might find you licking your phone — more so than usual.

Now, if only a press of the little square donut icon made a real donut pop out of our phone. Get on that, CreativeDash.






[link, via First We Feast]

Inedible Recipes, A Cookbook of Delicious Food Art


Cookbooks… They’re always filled with such delicious recipes, you know, the kind you can actually eat. But what if there was a book that contained recipes of deliciously inedible food?

Inedible Recipes, by artist Crystal Smith, explores the concept of filling a cookbook with food no longer fit for consumption. The series of food art, which uses various forms of media added to food, could be described as an artbook, photobook and cookbook all in one — as Smith does in fact supply the “recipes” for each piece.

Inedible Recipes is currently an Indiegogo project. You can visit Crystal’s page and help this project become a reality here.







The Yolkfish Will Adorably Separate Your Eggs


Separating an egg yolk from the white can be a tricky process — with the cracking and the back and forth action. That of course, was before the Yolkfish.

Brought to us by Peleg Design – just give the Yolkfish a squeeze, let it wrap its big fish mouth around a yolk, and then it’ll adorably regurgitate the yolk into a different bowl.

Watch the little sucker in action…

[link, via designboom]

A Pair of Chopsticks That Fit Together Perfectly


The days of attempting to separate take-out chopsticks, only to get an uneven break or to ruin them altogether, may soon be over. Japanese design firm Nendo has come up with an innovative and space-saving design for a pair of chopsticks that fit perfectly together.

When nested, the two chopsticks appear to be one. Then, when separated, they can be used to go to town on some take-out.




[link, via Spoon and Tamago]

Pasta as Architecture


Brought to us by photographer, Aaron Tilley and set designer Gemma Tickle – Tradizione, Costruzione is a photo series that uses various pastas as architectural elements. The project was created for the most recent issue of food journal, Gourmand.




[link, via Laughing Squid]