Recipe Ingredients In Mid-Air Make Reading Fun


Traditional recipes are great. But sometimes, we just don’t feel like reading, with all those words and all. Visual recipes are where it’s at, and they don’t get much more enjoyable to follow than Recipes by artist Nora Luther.

The photo series depicts a fully-realized meal, deconstructs it, and then sends the ingredients airborne — showing your next meal mid-flight.

Recipes are fun again. And, no reading… yay!






[link, via The Awesomer]

This Billboard Made Entirely of Cake Is Good Advertising


Billboards have been getting more and more creative recently. Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten any more edible. Britain-based Mr. Kipling and agency JWT London have teamed up to solve this real world problem, with a billboard made entirely of cake.

The outdoor ad, created to promote Mr. Kipling’s ‘Life is better with Cake’ campaign, consists of 13,360 individual confectionaries painstakingly applied over seven hours. The billboard was then slowly disassembled and eaten by hungry passersby. Real world problem, solved.



[via Adweek]

Sodavalve Makes It Easier To Open Your Pop


Nobody likes to struggle with a stingy soda bottle cap. Especially while all that sugary goodness is inside, and we’re jonesin’ for some caffeine and caramel color.

Designer Injoon Yang, after seeing his grandmother struggling to open a soda bottle, has come up with the Sodavalve. Modeled after a traditional spigot, which is designed to make turning things easier, it’s an ingenious way to help get that sucker open.

And, if a spigot is still a bit difficult for you, then you don’t deserve any pop.



[link, via Yanko Design]

Edible and Functional Chocolate LEGOS


Artist Akihiro Mizuuchi has come up with a way to combine a few of our favorite things… chocolate and LEGOS. And, not only are the candy bricks nice to look at, but they’re completely functional.

Assemble any structure or pop culture character you’d like. Or, keep it simple and construct yourself a chocolate bar. We know, LEGOS are hard.

If you like LEGOS, and are in need of some cool kitchen tools, check out The Cooking Blocks Utensil Set.





[link, via Colossal]

Fat & Furious Burger Makes Beautiful Quirky Burger Sculptures


French designers Thomas and Quentin create art out of burgers. However, they’re not the high-end fancy-schmancy restaurant burgers that appear to be all the rage. The creative duo behind Fat & Furious Burger creates quirky photographs with a burger as the main subject.

Again, these are not your average burgers, as they’re usually transformed into other objects, or given some legs to become something like Crabzilla. Either way, Thomas and Quentin swear that, regardless of the methods and materials used, the burgers in their work remain edible.

That’s good, because we’re gonna need that sushi burger in our belly, pronto.






[link, via Laughing Squid]