Darth Vader Made Entirely Out Of Rotten Banana Peels


When your bananas turn to the dark side, you have very few options. You can either chuck them, make banana bread, or wait until they totally turn black and recreate an evil sith lord.

Artist Matthew Mahoney has forgone all of that unnecessary baking — instead, creating a Banana Peel Darth Vader entirely from peels.

So, what no banana bread? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!



[link, via That’s Nerdalicious]

Life-Size Darth Vader Cake


Impressive… Most impressive. The Life-Size Darth Vader Cake is brought to us by Amanda Oakleaf — the same cake-maker that created the Life-Size Stormtrooper Cake.

When complete, the dark lord cake weighed just over 500 lbs, and stood 6 feet 7 inches tall. We can only imagine the sound it made when it was finally cut into.



[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]