Embroidered Leaves With Hanging Felted Vegetables


Need some fun vegetable decor to hang around the house? Consider this cool embroidery project by Veselka Bulkan of Green Accordion.

Veselka came up with a creative way to use an embroidery hoop, by only utilizing part of it. Embroidered greens give way to hanging felted carrots and radishes. See more of her work here.



[link, via Colossal]

Hipsters Love Beer, A Video That Throws Shade At The Craft Beer Movement


Craft beer is slowly becoming the new wine… In terms of douchebaggery. And, unsurprisingly, hipsters appear to be leading the charge.

Hipsters Love Beer is brought to us by Nacho Punch. The comedy group’s main target is the unfortunate hipster and their unbearable pretentiousness. However, craft beer itself is also thrown little shade — with its abundance of flavor profiles that give hipsters ample opportunity to use adverbs. Please watch…

[via Eater]

A Superhero Beer, Just In Time For New York Comic Con


Have no fear… A superhero-themed beer is here. Brought to us by Brooklyn Brewery and New York Comic Con organizer, ReedPOP, The Brooklyn Defender is back to “strike fear into the heart of those who would forget the virtues of true beer.”

We would’ve also accepted, “The Brooklyn Defender is back to stop the flow of PBR into his borough, with a beer made from the tears of hipsters.” Actually, Brooklyn Defender is an American Black Ale, and will make its debut at a release party at Brooklyn Brewery on September 21st. No hipsters were harmed in making it.

[link, via Gothamist]