Coolest, The Coolest Cooler To Ever Cool


You may already have a cooler. One that holds many cans of Miller High Life and is made from the finest styrofoam. But they are far from being the Coolest.

The greatest of all coolers will not only keep your drinks cold — but is equipped with a blender, waterproof bluetooth speakers, USB charger, cutting board, and a whole lot more.

The Coolest is currently in Kickstarter phase, but has already reached its primary goal, ten-fold. So, you can expect to be able to tailgate in style very soon.




How To Make Your Own Pirate Chest Cooler

When your beer is your booty, you’ll need something like a Pirate Chest Cooler. Brought to us by Redditor ShutUpLori, an ordinary Igloo cooler is turned into a drink-holding vessel suitable for the fanciest of pillagers and tailgaters. Especially for Pittsburgh Pirate fans — if there is still such a thing. Check out the “how To” here.

[link, via Incredible Things]