Baking is Gangsta With Rapper Cookie Stamps


Nothing says ‘gangsta’ quite like a nice warm batch of cookies. So, Baking With My Homies Cookie Stamps make total sense. Whether you’re East coast, West Coast, or anywhere in between — you’ll be a hit with the kids, and at the next bake sale.

Pay homage to a few fallen hip-hoppers with 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, or Eazy-E cookies. Make these your Christmas cookies and you’ll really earn some street cred this holiday.

Baking With My Homies come in a set of three. They’re available at The Foodiggity Shop. [$9.99]

la1416_bakingwithmyhomies_1 la1416_bakingwithmyhomies_2[link]

Cotton Candy Oreos Exist


Although we may have already witnessed the apex of alternative Oreo flavors with Red Velvet, it appears that we now have a contender for close second.

Images of Cotton Candy Oreos have leaked, which means that we are on a fast track to an upgrade in the snack aisle. And, it appears that the creme-filling is both blue and pink — so the boys and girls don’t have to fight over them. Even though, both colors are merely sugar-flavored. Now we wait.

[via The Verge]

S’mores Oreos Exist


There was a time when Nabisco would tease us with an Oreo variety that was almost too good for us unworthy plebes — only to have that mystical sandwich cookie become a reality.

Lucky for us, S’mores Oreos is skipping the rumors and hearsay, and will get right down to filling our cookie aisles with awesomeness.

No mention of an actual drop date, but the news comes via a leaked photo from an employee of Mondelez International Inc., the company that produces Oreos. So, now we wait.

[via First We Feast]

How To Make Baymax Marshmallow Cookies


If you’ve seen Big Hero 6, and the inflatable robot Baymax made you crave marshmallows… you’re not alone.

YouTube channel Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!! agrees, and has whipped up a batch of adorable Baymax Marshmallow Cookies. With some mad baking and marshmallow-carving skills, you can even have a batch of your own.

Or, like most, you can save time and just eat marshmallows while you watch the movie. Check it out…

[link, via The Awesomer]

Girl Scout Cookies-Scented Candles Exist


Girl Scout cookie season comes and goes so fast. So, why not fill your home with the scent of Girls Scout cookies to help get you through the lean times?

Girl Scout Cookie Candles are brought to us by the ultimate creators of smell-tease, Yankee Candle. You can choose the smell of Thin Mints, Trefoils, Coconut Caramel Stripes (Samoas), and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Grab a few candles to help remind yourself that the actual cookies will be here soon. Or, light up a candle as you chow down on the actual cookies. In which case, you might have a bit of a problem.

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[link, via Food and Wine]