A Chocolate Chip Bowl For Which To Hold Your Chocolate Chip Cookies


If you’re looking for the appropriate vessel to hold your chocolate chip cookies, look no further. Beth from Hungry Happenings has just the thing, with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Serving Bowl.

By simply shaping some cookie dough over an actual bowl and baking it, you’ll have a new bowl that not only matches your cookies perfectly, but it’ll be one less bowl to clean after the cookies run out.

[link, via Neatorama]

Oreo Creme-Filled Chips Ahoy Cookies Exist


Chips Ahoy! and Oreo, who we’ve always assumed hated each other like jealous cousins, have recently joined forces.

Oreo Creme Filled Chips Ahoy is a cookie merger of epic proportions. The infamous creme filling of Oreos becomes the innards of a chewy Chips Ahoy. The result is a franken-cookie that we can’t help but feel guilty just looking at. It’s as if the two components of an Oreo broke up, and the creme is now sleeping with the enemy.

Nonetheless, we would like to explore this act of betrayal by getting these into our bellies, pronto.



[via First We Feast]

Cookies That Claim They’ll Give You Bigger Boobs


You’ve done chest exercises, prayed to the boobie gods, and tried every other non-surgical method available to help increase the size of your ta-tas. And, your efforts have fallen flat.

Well, now it appears that the aforementioned boobie gods have not only responded, but they’ve teamed up with the cookie fairies. Enter F-Cup Cookies – treats that claim they’ll increase the size of breasts.

The magic ingredient in each cookie is something called Pueraria Mirifica extract — a rumored boobie booster. And, the treats are from Japan — a country that never does anything strange. So we have no reason to believe that the cookies won’t work. Enjoy your new racks, cookie eaters.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Sombrero Piñata Cookies


It’s Cinco de Mayo, and you’re going to need some proper cookies. Beth from Hungry Happenings is here to help get the cookie fiesta started with Sombrero Piñata Cookies.

The adorable treats are made to look like little sombreros, with a surprise inside… M&Ms. And, as we all know, nothing says “fiesta,” quite like sombreros and piñatas. Well, maybe cerveza.

So, a reminder… Pick up cookie ingredients and beer. You’re welcome.





A Box Of Cookies Resume Lands Designer Her Dream Job


If your paper curriculum vitae isn’t cutting it, perhaps you should try packaging some treats to send to potential employers.

Designer Crystal Nunn, looking to land her dream job as a junior designer, baked up a box of cookies, packaged them with her pertinent information, and send it to We Are Social.

Perfecting a recipe for vegan cookies using Beyond Dark chocolate, the edible CV landed Nunn the job. The cookie resume also caught the attention of Beyond Dark, which scored her a bunch of free chocolates and a consultant gig.

So, job-seekers… Get baking and good luck. By the way… Foodiggity is looking for contributors, and we happen to like cookies.




[link, via TAXI]