How To Make Your Own Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots


A few weeks ago, the internet was all abuzz with Dominique Ansel’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots. So, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to enjoy them, without having to show up at SXSW, or waiting in line like a drone in New York City.

Instructables member klee67 is here to help you make your very own trendy dessert, with How To Make Your Own Cookie Shot Glass.

The full tutorial can be found here, and will save you from having to deal with ornery New Yorkers standing in single file. Bottoms up!




Elvis Oreo

To help commemorate Elvis Week — a celebration of The King of Rock and Roll’s life, and the anniversary of his passing — Oreo made him into a cookie. Elvis Oreo is part of Nabisco’s uber-brilliant Daily Twist campaign — a series that is taking us through 100 days of significant news events and milestones in cookie form.

You may remember Oreo had recently caused a stir with their fictitious rainbow version during Gay Pride Week. Which reminds me… Hey, Nabisco… We’re still waiting for our Sextuple Stuf Oreo. What’s the holdup?


Cookie Coffee Cup

Because coffee without a cookie is just plain silly, The Cookie Cup is the design breakthrough that we’ve been waiting for. Created by Enrique Luis Sardi for Italian coffee company Lavazza – a cookie is shaped into a sweet drinking vessel.

The Cookie Cup is lined with a sugar icing to help keep the coffee in, and makes for a sweet treat when it’s empty.

[link, via The Awesomer]

The Rainbow Oreo Comes To Life

Oreo, in support of gay pride, recently posted a rainbow version of their cookie on Facebook. It unsurprisingly polarized the cookie-eating community, while also creating demand for a six-layer Oreo. It was only a matter of time until the Photoshop version just wouldn’t do — so Instructables member Carleyy broke out the food coloring and dental floss, and made it happen.

Although Nabisco has not yet mentioned plans to make a Rainbow Oreo available to the masses — this one-off is a step in the right direction. Now we wait.

[full instructions can be found here]

The Rainbow Oreo Supports Gay Pride, Polarizes Cookie-Eating Community

Recently, in support of gay pride, Oreo posted The Rainbow Oreo to their Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, the fictional cookie did more than just make us yearn for six layers of spectral filling — but it created a swell of support for gay rights, and outraged some cookie-eating homophobes.

Seen in the comment section of Oreo’s Facebook post, those against Oreo’s stance have either ‘unliked’ Oreos, or have gone so far as to threaten to never buy any Nabisco products again. No worries, it just means more Rainbow Oreos for the rest of us, if Nabisco ever actually produces them.

Although, at the time of this writing — 154,078 people ‘liked’ this post, and have shared it 40,362 times.

UPDATE: It was only a matter of time, but someone made a real one.

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