The DIY Cookie Monster Rug Is Everything


If you need a throw rug for your kid’s room, and they’re just not sophisticated enough for bear skin, then you might consider a DIY Cookie Monster Rug.

Brought to us by Instructables member, mikeasaurus, the small area rug is made easily with some blue shag fabric, white yarn and black buttons for eyes.

Perfect for your kids to lounge on while they eat cookies… or just to pretend that they hunted a Muppet.





Cookie Monster Has Some Profound Thoughts About Food


Cookie Monster, often associated with such musings as ‘C is for Cookie’ and ‘Om, nom, nom,’ can actually be very cultured and insightful.

This is proven in the short film, Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster. Inspired by the subreddit Shower Thoughts, Cookie Monster soaks in some culture at a few art museums, while letting us in on his most profound thoughts about food.

Verbal gems such as “Lasagna is just spaghetti-flavored cake” and “Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed” are just a few of Cookie’s deep thoughts. Prepare to have your mind blown… by a Muppet.

[via Mashable]

The Cookie Monster Sea Sponge


Ever wonder what it would look like if Cookie Monster and Spongebob had a kid? Actually, the Cookie Monster Sea Sponge is simply the result of three sea sponges fusing together to resemble an underwater Muppet.

Cookie Monster and SpongeBob having a child is impossible of course, because they’re both boys. Otherwise, totally plausible.

[via Incredible Things]