The Cookie Monster Sea Sponge


Ever wonder what it would look like if Cookie Monster and Spongebob had a kid? Actually, the Cookie Monster Sea Sponge is simply the result of three sea sponges fusing together to resemble an underwater Muppet.

Cookie Monster and SpongeBob having a child is impossible of course, because they’re both boys. Otherwise, totally plausible.

[via Incredible Things]

OmNomNomify, A Bookmarklet That Adds Cookie Monster To Any Website


We hear it all the time… “Your site is awesome, but it could use a bit more Cookie Monster.” OmNomNomify is a cool bookmarklet that conveniently adds Cookie Monster to any site. Problem solved.

Check it out here and OmNomNomify any site you’d like… Even ours.


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Cookie Monster Performs Tom Waits’ ‘Hell Broke Luce’


Tom Waits sounds like Cookie Monster. So a video of Cookie Monster lip-syncing Waits’ Hell Broke Luce needed to happen. Enjoy.

[thanks, Matt]

Cookie Monster’s Cookie Recipe

Cookie Monster knows a thing or two about cookies. So when he takes a break from stuffing his face, and offers up his recipe for sugar cookie dough, we should take note.

The recipe dates back to the 70s, when it first appeared in Big Bird’s Busy Book. Although Cookie narrates the intro in his brand of broken English, the recipe is surprisingly thorough and precise. Make ‘em round, or go ninja!

[link, via The Kitchn]

The First Ever Appearance of Cookie Monster

Before he was a speech-impeded cookie eater, Cookie Monster was an insatiable cheese snack stealer — with teeth. Known at the time as the “Wheel-Stealer,” Cookie first appeared in a 1966 unaired commercial for Wheels, Crowns and Flutes snacks.

Later versions of what eventual became Cookie Monster included an appearance in green on the Ed Sullivan show, then toothless and shilling for Munchos.

And check out Foodiggity’s 7 of The Best Food-Related Moments in Muppet History.

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