Mayonnaise and Mustard Puppets Battle It Out For Condiment Supremacy


The condiment wars are on, people. And, there’s probably no better way to settle the dispute, than having a few condiment puppets fight to the death.

Brought to us by Glove and Boots, adorable versions of mustard and mayonnaise compete in a series of battles — including an intelligence test, poise and grace, and endurance. Eventually, the competition needs to be settled with a good ol’ fashioned bare-knuckle brawl.

What condiment are you rooting for? Perhaps, you’re more of a ketchup person? Or, is it catsup? There’s only one way to settle this…

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Clash of The Condiments, Ketchup vs Ranch

The ongoing debate… Ketchup or Ranch? Recently, a few costumed ruffians sponsored by Hidden Valley finally duked it out for condiment supremacy. During the citywide brawl, ketchup can’t seem to keep up with the speed and reach of the Ranch squeeze bottle, and eventually concedes the match. Then sriracha comes along and delivers a fatal karate kick to the throats of both condiments. I made that last part up, but that would’ve been awesome, and far more accurate a result.

Just remember when using condiments, to always practice safe lunch.

[via Buzzfeed]