Bud Light’s Super Bowl Commercial Featuring a Real-Life Game of Pac-Man


Bud Light, in their endless quest to get you to drink their diet beer-like beverage, has gone old-school with their #UpForWhatever campaign, creating a real-life game of Pac-Man.

The new commercial, that will run sometime during Super Bowl XLIX, features a bar patron just looking to score a beer. What the unsuspecting drinker doesn’t realize, is that he’ll have to earn his Bud Light by collecting power pellets and dodging giant ghosts.

His reward… minor internet fame, a shiny new Bud Light, and possibly a giant piece of fruit to take home for a snack. Please watch this…

[link, via Cool Material]

Watch One-Hundred Maids Make One Pancake Because Japan


If we’ve learned anything… It’s that nothing sells non-stick cookware better than dressing 100 Japanese women as French maids, and have them prepare a single pancake.

Cookware-maker FlavorStone knows this, and recently created an ad with 100 maids armed with 100 non-stick pans. The pancake begins its journey in the kitchen and is then passed along to each woman throughout the house until it’s done.

Along the way, there’s some impressive flipping, flapjack-heaving, and maid acrobatics to prove the pan’s non-stick ability. In the end, one freshly-made pancake arrives to the table. Now, how long before the butter and syrup get there?

[link, via First We Feast]

A Cheesy Love Story, The Crowdsourced Doritos Ad They’d Rather You Not See


The Doritos Super Bowl Commercial contest is upon us. Crowdsourced commercials, made by aspiring filmmakers and comedians, are saturating your YouTube and Facebook feeds as we speak, vying for your votes.

Sum of Us starts out with the same comedic zest and Doritos love that we tend to see from other entries. This commercial however, although thoroughly awesome, eventually squelches our notion that Doritos are made from unicorn tears and horse whinnies.

Now, please put down the Doritos and watch the video below. Then you can find out more about the Sum of Us cause here.

[link, via The Awesomer]

Quite Possibly The Most Epic Food Commercial Ever


If you’re a food commercial, and you’re not this new spot for Lurpak Cook’s Range, then you’ll need to try harder now.

The one-minute ad for Lurpak’s line of butter and oils is nothing short of epic. Set to Richard Strauss’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra” — the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey — it helps set the mood for a space exploration and discovery theme, that would make Kubrick proud. Please watch…

[via AdFreak]

The Sound of Taste, A Video of Spice Bags Exploding In Slow-Motion


Looking to spice up your morning? A new commercial for Schwartz Flavour Shots contains a beautiful display of exploding spice bags.

And, this is far from just an excuse to blow shit up, as the fireworks are played in slow-motion and synchronized to music — creating what Schwartz describes as a ‘Sonic Flavourscape.’

The mix of black peppercorns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chilli and coriander also create a beautiful display of color and textures. Now, please watch this video of shit blowing up.

[link, via Colossal]