Coca-Cola Made A Drinkable Billboard


The problem with most billboards, is that they almost never dispense their product to passersby. Coca-Cola has found a way to change all of that, and created a drinkable billboard.

The outdoor ad for Coke Zero is outfitted with an enormous straw running 4,500 feet, from a bottle filled with soda, down to a dispensing fountain at ground level.

The “drinkable billboard” was installed at White River State Park in Indianapolis, site of this year’s Final Four.

[link, via Adweek]

Artists Help Celebrate 100 Years of Coca-Cola In A Series of Minimalist Ads


Believe it or not, Coca-Cola has been around for a century. To help celebrate the soft drink’s longevity and icon status, 130 artists created a series of ads — using nothing more than Coca-Cola’s brand colors, and its iconic bottle shape.

Officially-titled Mashup Coke, the series is an exercise in minimalist graphic design, the use of negative space, and iconography. It also goes to show you how powerful branding can be — even if that brand is nothing more than caramel-colored sugar water.

See more below and over at Instagram, #MashUpCoke.





mashup-coke-4[link, via designtaxi]


Replacement Caps That Upcycle Empty Coke Bottles Into Useful Tools


What to do with all of those empty Coke bottles taking up space in your recycling bin? Coca-Cola 2nd Life has the answer, with a line of bottle caps that put those empties to good use.

The innovative caps turn the iconic Coke bottle into anything from a water squirt gun and bubble blowers for the kids, to spray bottles and condiment dispensers for adults.

The initiative is being rolled out with 40,000 units in Vietnam and will continue throughout Asia. What? We don’t need Coke water guns out west?

[link, via Gizmodo]

Watch These People Try Coca-Cola For The First Time


Believe it or not, there are people who’ve actually been living under rocks, that have never tried a Coca-Cola.

Brought to us by BuzzFeed Video, the excuses from these people — who are indeed full-grown Americans — range anywhere from having a mom who was very strict about sugar, to being a Pepsi purist. Not all of them having grown up in a strange cult, as we assumed also.

The reactions to their first Coke experience then range from being absolutely horrified, to the same child-like enthusiasm you’d expect from someone who was denied sugar their entire life… Or, just having escaped a cult. Enjoy.


Watch What Happens When You Add Milk To Coca-Cola


Have you ever tried to mix milk and Coke because it seemed like a cute thing to do? Well, according to the video below, the mixture of carbonated beverage and dairy is the opposite of cute.

In fact, if you leave the two together, and allow them to react with each other for a few hours, it is one of the most horrifying things you’ll see today.

Sorry if we ruined your afternoon soda float…

[link, via 22 Words]