A Special Glass To Help Coca-Cola Taste Better Exists


Until now, we’ve been left to drink our beloved Coca-Cola out of regular non-fancy glasses, or straight from the two-liter. Well, no more.

Coca-Cola and glassmaker Riedel teamed up to design a drinking vessel that they hope will make your Coke taste better.

Just like the wine glasses that Riedel are best known for, the new soda glass hopes to enhance your whole Coke-drinking experience. No longer will we miss out on those subtle notes of high fructose corn syrup, and that mid-palate hint of caramel color. Sorry.. Big Gulp Riedels are not available.

[link, via designtaxi]

Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard Will Help Cure Your Smartphone Addiction


As hard as it is to believe, there might just be a way to cure people of their smartphone and social media addiction. And, it may be as simple as borrowing the same technology that’s used to get your dog to stop chewing on their stitches.

Coca-Cola has come up with the brilliantly spoofy Social Media Guard. Once the smartphone addict is fitted with their cone of shame, they’d seemingly be unable to continue looking down at their phone, and actually enjoy the world around them.

Of course, Coke wants us to believe that this new lust for life will involve consumption of their product — along with the occasional appreciation of a sunset, your cat, and family time.

But, before you start looking up from your phone, please like or follow Foodiggity on your social media platform of choice. Enjoy.

[link, via AdFreak]

How To Turn An Empty Coca-Cola Bottle Into a Musical Instrument


Why throw all those empty Coke bottles into a big blue tub, when they could make some beautiful music? Or, whatever sound could possibly come out of a makeshift recorder. Brought to us by Generally and Especially, they show us how to engineer and repurpose those empties with a pretty cool design and campaign. The bad news… You have to drink all of the Coke first. Find out more about the idea here.

psdmaking music

[link, via TAXI]

Coke Magazine Ad That Turns Into an iPhone Dock

Remember when the most activity you’d get from a magazine ad was it smelling of cheap perfume? Well, now they turn into iPhone docks. Brought to us by Coca-Cola Brazil, the ad placed in Capricho Magazine allows subscribers to roll it up, dock their iPhone and use it as an amplifier. The ad is to help celebrate Coca-Cola.FM‘s 1st birthday.

[link, via The Awesomer]

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