Coffee Cups of The World, A Photo Series of Beautiful Takeaway Cups

Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles

Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles

As most of you may not realize — because there’s always that same green mermaid on your coffee — is that takeaway coffee cups are often an exercise in minimalist beauty and sharp graphic design.

Artist Henry Hargreaves sees the aesthetic appeal in these disposable items, and has documented drinking vessels from around the globe, with Coffee Cups of The World.

The series takes us through this often overlooked art form — from the minimalist approach, to the hard sell of garish colors or a humorous cartoon.


Vida, Cape Town


Intelligentsia, Los Angeles


Shaky Isles, Auckland


Wye General, Melbourne


Brain Wash Cafe, San Francisco


Blue Bottle, Oakland

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Watch A Coffee Expert Review Cheap Coffee


You might fancy yourself as a coffee snob, choosing to only drink from the finest Starbucks K-Cups. However, Wes Johansen is a bona fide coffee expert, having participated in the National Barista Competition.

So, when asked by BuzzFeed Video to taste and rate the type of coffee usually reserved for dead palates, i.e. Folgers, McCafe, 7-11, etc., the results are what you might expect. Please enjoy…


Coffee Universe, Surreal Landscape Photos With Coffee Skies


Your world revolves around coffee. But what if a coffee world revolved around you? Coffee Universe, by Hungarian artist Flóra Borsi, gives us a surreal visual on this concept.

Realizing that there’s an inherent beauty in the shapes and textures created by creamed coffee, Borsi mimics what a sky might look like on the greatest and most highly-caffeinated planet in the solar system.







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Weed-Infused Cold Brew Coffee and Soda


You need a little pick-me-up, but also want to mellow out. Even though this a little contradictory, Legal is here to help.

The beverages, by Mirth Provisions, is a marijuana-infused line of cold brew coffees and sodas. So, you can even yourself out with a variety of coffee flavors including; regular or with cream and sugar, and the sodas in Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger, and Pomegranate.

The best part will still be marijuana-flavored.

[link, via Cool Material]

This Is The Flatev, And It’s Like A Keurig Machine For Tortillas


You need tortillas and you need them right damn now! Well, lucky for you, there are plenty of companies looking to nurture our instant pod-based lifestyle… Enter the Flatev.

Your new favorite instant tortilla maker follows in the footsteps of pod-based machines such as Keurig and Nespresso. However, where these machines could only deliver instant coffee, espresso, and soup, the Flatev churns out fresh tortillas.

Simply insert a dough-filled pod, hit a button, and a flat piping-hot tortilla is delivered instantly, eager to hold all of your Mexican fare. The Flatev is available for pre-order here.

So, are the tortillas any good? We’re not sure. But they’ll probably pair well with the puddle water from your Keurig.


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