A Detailed Map of Middle Earth Drawn on A Starbucks Coffee Cup


Besides providing a place for their ubiquitous mermaid logo, an ingredient checklist, and your name spelled wrong, Starbuck’s coffee cups are a great blank canvas to create art.

However, we’ve never seen cartography involved in Starbucks cup art — which makes this detailed map of Middle Earth from The Lord of The Rings that much more impressive. Even better, it was left behind by the unknown artist for a Starbucks barista to find.

As far as we know, all the map points are spelled correctly. Can any Hobbits out there confirm this?



[link, via Laughing Squid]

Kill The K-Cup, A Short Horror Film About Coffee Pods Destroying The Planet


Keurig single-serve coffee pods were created in the interest of convenience… not necessarily for their taste. We know this because coffee produced from a K-Cup, although quite convenient, tastes like an instant coffee-flavored puddle that’s been repeatedly stepped in.

To add insult to injury, K-Cups are far from eco-friendly, and millions of them are disposed of every year.

Kill The K-Cup is a short film that exposes the coffee pods as the Earth-hating and toxic vessels they are. Although K-Cups’ destruction of the environment is a bit more subtle than the film portrays, the message is clear. And that message is to start brewing your own coffee, or you’ll eventually be crushed by a giant coffee pod-monster. Follow the movement at #killthekcup.

[link, via GOOD]

Latte Motion, An Adorable Animation Created With 1,000 Cups of Coffee


Coffee… It helps make us less ornery in the morning, and now it’s being used to tell a touching love story.

Latte Motion is a cute animation that uses upwards of 1,000 cups of coffee, latte art, and stop-motion animation to create the story of a couple getting together.

The animation is brought to us by Japanese company, Ajinomoto General Foods, to promote its latte drink flavoring, Maxim Stick. Please watch this.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Pipemug, A Coffee Mug Bong


Wake and bake just got a lot more convenient… Pipemug will help you do both the ‘waking’ and ‘baking’ part in one handy vessel.

Fill the mug part with your favorite brew, and then pack the front with your favorite bud. The caffeine will help get the day started with a little extra energy, while the weed will mellow you back out.

So, you’ll probably feel exactly the same as when you started. Cool mug, though.



[link, via Supercompressor]

The Goat Horn Coffee Mug Is Practical, Pointy


Inspired by the animal that allegedly discovered coffee, the Goat Mug is here.

Shaped like a goat horn, the design allows the drinker to get every last drop from their mug, while an included strap gives you goat horn coffee on-the-go. Bonus… when the leather sleeve is turned over, it will hold your beverage for you.

The Goat Mug is currently in Kickstarter phase, but has already reached their target goal, ten-fold. We’ll all be drinking out of a plastic horn in no time.







[link, via Lost At E Minor]