Robocup Is Here To Protect and Caffeinate


Dead or alive, you’re drinking out of the Robocup. Wait, that makes no sense. But then again, neither does rebooting a classic movie like Robocop.

Either way, the ceramic Robocup is here to protect your coffee and serve you some caffeine. And, you can always reboot a fresh batch of coffee in the afternoon, which makes total sense.


[link, via That's Nerdalicious]

Awesome Coffee Cup Art by Miguel Cardona Jr.


Here at Foodiggity, we loves us some coffee cup art. However, Miguel Cardona Jr. might have just created some of the best we’ve seen, by combining a few of our favorite things.

Cardona — with a focus on coffee, robots, aliens, and other pop culture imagery — has created a series of throw-away cups that are worth keeping. As a matter of fact, Cardona is selling some of the series, with profits being donated to Project Night Night.







[link, via TAXI]

Little Knit Sweaters For Your Coffee Mug


Your mug of tea or coffee tries really hard to keep you warm. So, why not return the favor with a Mug Sweater?

Brought to us by design team, Nawanowe, the Mug Sweaters are knit into cute little coverings for your coffee mug, and are complete with mittens. Wrap one around your morning mug… It’s the least you could do.



[link, via TAXI]

One Shot, A Machine That Will Make Miso Soup One Cup at a Time


If you need your miso immediately, and are into convenience, the One Shot is here to help. The miso-maker, similar to a Keurig coffee machine, will gladly dispense one cup of soup at the touch of a button.

A hot cup of soup takes about a minute, and users have the option to add dehydrated vegetables and seafood. The right mix may even help it taste just like a cup of Keurig coffee.



[link, via Laughing Squid]

ToastyMUG, A Coffee Mug That’ll Gladly Keep Your Hands Warm


When that hot beverage getting into your belly just isn’t enough to keep you warm, the ToastyMUG is here to help.

Designer Sabrina Fossi has designed the perfect mug for anyone looking to warm their digits, and thinks that handles are for suckers. Just slip both hands in the provided slots, and you’ll be slurping that tea or coffee up like cereal milk in no time.

Although this form of hand-warming/tea-sipping will not come cheap — around $60 — it’s a small price to pay to win the battle against your sub-arctic cubicle or drafty apartment.


[link, via Gizmodo]