Espresso Served In A Mini-Waffle Cone Makes For Some Sweet Shots


If you’re still sipping espresso and macchiato from fancy glass cups, you’re doing it wrong. LA-based Alfred Coffee & Kitchen recently introduced what is now the only way to take your espresso… by serving them in chocolate-dipped mini waffle cones.

So, New York… You can keep your little cookie milk shots and franken-donuts… Caffeine cones are where it’s at. Having said that… Does Alfred Coffee & Kitchen deliver to New Jersey? Asking for a friend.


[link, via TAXI]

Artist Creates Fake Coffee Brands That We Wish Existed


Disposable coffee cups have become quite the canvas for inspired art. Now, Russian illustrator Illarion Gordon takes coffee cup art to another level, creating fictitious coffee brands, while toying with our caffeine-addicted minds.

Coffee shops such as Coffee Time and Atomic Coffee will surely have us skipping the little green mermaid. As long as they provide our soy lattes… can’t live without those.

See more of Gordon’s work over at Instagram.






[link, via designtaxi]

Your Brain On Coffee, An Educational Video


Have you ever wondered why coffee has the ability to both keep us awake, and make us feel less stabby in the morning?

Your Brain on Coffee, brought to us by AsapScience, explains what caffeine is actually doing to our mind grapes. Most importantly, we discover what not only makes us crave caffeine, but why we eventually need more and more to remain functional.

The best part… AsapScience also explains why it’s physically impossible to overdose on caffeine. So, throw back all the mocha-choca lattes you’d like, and have fun trying to sleep this week.


The Alarm Clock That Makes Fresh Coffee Is Worth Waking Up For


Waking up sucks. Well, at least it did before your alarm clock had coffee ready for you when you finally roll over.

Brought to us by London-based industrial designer Joshua Renouf, the Barisieur is an alarm clock that doubles as a coffee maker. Just try not to blindly slap the snooze button… that’ll leave a mark.




[link, via designtaxi]

Coffee Cup Art Left Behind For Others To Find


Starting the day off with coffee is good. Add some coffee cup art to the mix and suddenly your morning is a little bit more tolerable.

If you’re lucky enough to frequent the same coffee shop as artist Jimmy T., you could have that super-morning. Jimmy creates illustrations on takeaway coffee cups, and then leaves them behind for patrons of the shop to find.

Of course, this isn’t before Jimmy documents the drawings on his Tumblr blog, Morning Coffee Cup Art, where you can see his ongoing series.



[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]