Artist Adds A New Dimension To Starbucks Cup Art


We’ve certainly seen our share of coffee cup art… especially artists taking liberties with the Starbucks mermaid.

South Korean artist Soo Min Kim takes the medium of disposable coffee cup art a step further, by compromising the cup itself, and having a little fun with the ubiquitous mermaid.





[link, via Neatorama]

Volkswagen 3D Latte Art


Three-dimensional latte art has certainly picked up steam over the past few years. But never, at least to this VW-owner’s knowledge, has anyone rendered our beloved automobile in foam… until now.

Latte artist Kazuki Yamamoto is at it again. This time, teaming up with Volkswagen Japan to create a 3-D Latte Volkswagen Beetle on a coffee. Now, that’s Fahrvergnügen!



The Baking Pot Is A Coffee Pot and A Toaster


Mornings can be hectic. And, we don’t have time for the coffee machine and the toaster being in two different places.

The Baking Pot is here to solve your morning dilemma, by getting you fed and caffeinated with one machine. Up top, a coffee pot. Underneath, a handy toaster.

This marvel of engineering is a concept brought to us by South Korean designers, Won Kang and Hyo Kang & Min Kyu. Not for sale as of yet… you’ll just have to wake up a few minutes earlier to make up for that two separate appliance issue we spoke about earlier. Damn you, mornings!!



[via Yanko Design]

Espresso Served In A Mini-Waffle Cone Makes For Some Sweet Shots


If you’re still sipping espresso and macchiato from fancy glass cups, you’re doing it wrong. LA-based Alfred Coffee & Kitchen recently introduced what is now the only way to take your espresso… by serving them in chocolate-dipped mini waffle cones.

So, New York… You can keep your little cookie milk shots and franken-donuts… Caffeine cones are where it’s at. Having said that… Does Alfred Coffee & Kitchen deliver to New Jersey? Asking for a friend.


[link, via TAXI]