Artist Creates Beautiful Paintings With Coffee


There is little that coffee cannot do. It makes mornings tolerable, gives people an excuse to pretend to be busy at Starbucks, and it occasionally acts as a perfectly acceptable art medium.

Artist Maria A. Aristidou knows how to use coffee to its full potential, creating beautiful works of art with nothing more than brewed coffee and a brush set.

The result is spot-on pop culture characters, with their shadows and highlights determined by the amount of coffee used. Check out more of Aristidou’s work over at Instagram.





[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

Finally, A Coffee Mug That Will Protect Your Mustache When You Drink


If you’re a dapper mustachioed gentleman, who often partakes in mugged beverages, the Bucardo Moustache Mug is here to help.

The 13-oz. mug features original artwork by Southern California artist Jeff McMillan. The included guard spans the rim of the mug, and will help protect a gentlemen’s stache whilst he drinks his organic fair trade coffee or Yerba mate tea.



Coffee Stain Motorcycle Illustrations


Coffee stains have been known to ruin perfectly good tables, and some of the doodles we worked on so hard at that staff meeting. However, sometimes the ring stains are purposely placed on paper, and used for actual works of art.

Coffee Stain Motorcycles is a series by illustrator Carter Asmann. Coffee stain rings act as wheels, while the motorcycle is then carefully illustrated around them. Try a few of your own at that next boring meeting… or you can just check out more works by Asmann here.





[link, via Colossal]

A Detailed Map of Middle Earth Drawn on A Starbucks Coffee Cup


Besides providing a place for their ubiquitous mermaid logo, an ingredient checklist, and your name spelled wrong, Starbuck’s coffee cups are a great blank canvas to create art.

However, we’ve never seen cartography involved in Starbucks cup art — which makes this detailed map of Middle Earth from The Lord of The Rings that much more impressive. Even better, it was left behind by the unknown artist for a Starbucks barista to find.

As far as we know, all the map points are spelled correctly. Can any Hobbits out there confirm this?



[link, via Laughing Squid]

Kill The K-Cup, A Short Horror Film About Coffee Pods Destroying The Planet


Keurig single-serve coffee pods were created in the interest of convenience… not necessarily for their taste. We know this because coffee produced from a K-Cup, although quite convenient, tastes like an instant coffee-flavored puddle that’s been repeatedly stepped in.

To add insult to injury, K-Cups are far from eco-friendly, and millions of them are disposed of every year.

Kill The K-Cup is a short film that exposes the coffee pods as the Earth-hating and toxic vessels they are. Although K-Cups’ destruction of the environment is a bit more subtle than the film portrays, the message is clear. And that message is to start brewing your own coffee, or you’ll eventually be crushed by a giant coffee pod-monster. Follow the movement at #killthekcup.

[link, via GOOD]