It’s A Frap!! The Admiral Ackbar Crocheted Drink Sleeve



If you’re storming the Death Star — again — you’ll probably want to keep your drink warm in the process. The Admiral Ackbar Drink Sleeve is here to help, with a beautifully-crocheted accessory, fit for any beverage.

The cozie was created by Flickr member Overweight Glob of Grease. It includes the face of our fearless rebellion leader, googly eyes and all.

[link, via That's Nerdalicious]

Social Cappuccino Stencil Set


Do you like cappuccino? Or, do you hit the ‘like’ button when you see pictures of coffee?

Either way, you can give any beverage a thumbs up with the Social Cappuccino Stencil Set. If you’d rather tweet your coffee, you can do that with the included Twitter stencil. Set of 3 social stencils are available here.





Coffee Shop Designed As A Giant Rolleiflex Camera


For the coffee and old-school photography enthusiast, there’s The Dreamy Camera. Designed to look like a giant Rolleiflex Camera, the two-story building is part coffee shop and part miniature camera museum.

It was created by a former South Korean helicopter pilot, and is located in YangPyung, South Korea, about an hour east of Seoul.

Head over there to appreciate the art form of photography. Just make sure to use the correct Instagram filter.



[link, via Colossal]

Dunkin’ Donuts Will Unleash Peeps Donuts for Easter


Peeps season is upon us. And, if you happen to run on Dunkin’, a cute little Peep could be staring back at you while you ingest your morning coffee and donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts will release two varieties of Peeps Donuts, just in time for Easter. One with a standard-issue yellow Peep, pink frosting, and green stripes — the other with a pink peep, green icing, and pink stripes.

Even though they were given an official release date of March 31st, the Peep-laden donuts have already been spotted on DD shelves. And, it looks as much like a psychedelic chicken coop as you’d expect.

[via Buzzfeed and Gleen]

Ground Coffee Illustrations


Ground coffee… It’s not just for filtering hot water through to help keep you awake. Instagram member livscreams has created a wonderful series of illustrations using coarsely-ground coffee beans.

Most of the minimalist illustrations use nothing more than the high contrast of dark coffee against a white background — with an occasional accessory for a splash of color. Now let’s run some water through this art and get the morning started.

See more of Liv’s work here.

livscreams-2 livscreams-5 livscreams-6 livscreams-4

[link, via Laughing Squid]