Why Coffee and Poop Are BFFs


It’s no secret that coffee has a few effects on our body. Coffee helps wake us up in the morning, makes us less likely to lash out at others for no reason and, for some people, makes them have to poop.

If you assumed that it was merely the caffeine helping to grease the wheels, the video Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? goes into further detail as to why coffee and poop are besties.

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Extraordinary Coffee Art Uses The Drink, The Beans, and The Brewed Grounds


We’ve certainly seen our share of coffee art lately. However, Indonesian artist Ghidaq al-Nizar is using his morning brew in all of its forms.

Whether it’s in liquid form, or using just-brewed beans, Ghidaq creates beautiful paintings and sculptures, not wasting any part of the brewing process. The project is appropriately tagged #zerowastecoffee, and you can see more of the project at Coffeetopia on Instagram.

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Breakfast Mugshots, Dad Turns His Kids Into Superheroes With Well-Placed Coffee Mugs


Kids hate mornings… probably because they can’t drink coffee. Lance Curran, Comic Book Czar of Threadless, has found a creative way to give his kids a much-needed boost, while dad teases them with caffeine.

Breakfast Mugshots sees Curran turning his kids into morning superheroes, by holding a well-placed coffee mug over their faces.

The project is a win-win… Dad gets his coffee, and the kids are granted enough superpowers to help brush their teeth and get dressed. Check out more below and over at Curran’s Instagram.






Naked Baristas Are Here To Help Get The Morning Started


To help promote their new Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, Nestlé outfitted a NYC coffee shop with their product and a bunch of naked people.

With baristas and patrons wearing little more than smiles and body paint — Nestlé was promoting the ‘naked’ ingredient list of their creamer, while endorsing full-frontal first thing in the morning.

The Natural Bliss Café was a one-day pop-up back in April, and you can see some results of the experiment here…

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Minion Latte Art Is Here To Serve Caffeine and Adorbz


Sure, they make perfect Tic-Tacs and Twinkies, but Minions could also be immortalized in milk foam.

Barista and coffee artist, Melannie Aquino, is in on the Minions craze. She creates these adorable little guys, and a lot of other coffee cartoon characters, at Elite Audio Coffee Bar in San Francisco.

Drawing minions. #latteart #lattesketch #SF #dreamworks #minion

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