Face-Shaped Coffee Lids Aren’t Creepy At All


Take sips of coffee while getting a morning kiss. Korean designer, Jang Woo-Seok, has designed a disposable coffee cup lid with, not only the requisite sip-hole, but a nose and mouth.

No mention if the lids will actually be available for purchase. You can still kiss your coffee though. It’s OK… You’re amongst friends.




[link, via Incredible Things]

Illustrations Reveal The Secret Life of The Starbucks Mermaid


We all know what the Starbucks Mermaid looks like from behind… But what’s going on beyond the green circle?

Artist Abe Green, through some creative illustration on Starbucks cups, reveals the Secret Life of The Starbucks Siren.

Who knew that she actually likes to ride a bicycle, spends time as a LEGO minifigure, or likes to fish… even if she’s kinda one herself? See more below and over at Abe’s site here.







[link, via designtaxi]

Disney Princess Shows Up In An Ice Cube


Deities randomly appearing in our foodstuffs has become commonplace. Now, the Disney gods appear to be at work, creating images of princesses in ice cubes.

Discovered by Japanese Twitter-member, Nyifa, the Disney Princess Ice Cube was discovered in their iced coffee. No mention if this is the work of divine intervention, or Disney actually has ice cube carvers on the payroll.


[link, via Rocket24 News]

Why Coffee and Poop Are BFFs


It’s no secret that coffee has a few effects on our body. Coffee helps wake us up in the morning, makes us less likely to lash out at others for no reason and, for some people, makes them have to poop.

If you assumed that it was merely the caffeine helping to grease the wheels, the video Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? goes into further detail as to why coffee and poop are besties.

[link, via designtaxi]

Extraordinary Coffee Art Uses The Drink, The Beans, and The Brewed Grounds


We’ve certainly seen our share of coffee art lately. However, Indonesian artist Ghidaq al-Nizar is using his morning brew in all of its forms.

Whether it’s in liquid form, or using just-brewed beans, Ghidaq creates beautiful paintings and sculptures, not wasting any part of the brewing process. The project is appropriately tagged #zerowastecoffee, and you can see more of the project at Coffeetopia on Instagram.

coffetopia-2 coffetopia-3




[link, via Mental Floss]