Panoramic Coffee Cup Art


We’ve certainly seen our share of coffee cup art. The often stark white drinking vessels have become a blank canvas for brilliant typography, comic strips, and have even gone 3-D.

Tokyo-based artist Adrian Hogan is now taking the medium panoramic, with an Instagram video series. Hogan illustrates a scene on a cup, then takes us through his surroundings with a slow twist. Check out more below and over at Instagram.

[link, via Colossal]

Cups For The Empire, Stormtrooper-Inspired Coffee Mugs


Inspired by the elegant minimalism of Imperial Stormtroopers, Swedish artist Eszter Imre created a series of coffee cups.

Cups For The Empire is a set of porcelain coffee mugs and espresso cups with a Stormtrooper’s helmet in mind. The horizontal black stripe and the cups’ curves mimics those found on the trooper’s head.

The best part, is that at the bottom of each piece of drinkware, is an Imperial logo. Imperialism… good to the last drop.





[link, via designtaxi]

The Amp Coffee Mug Goes To 11


Finally, the caffeine-addicted guitar player has a proper morning drinking vessel, with the Amp Coffee Mug.

Designed to look like a vintage amplifier, you can crank up the sugar and cream and get the morning rockin’. The Amp Mug is available at The Foodiggity Shop.



Solo Jazz Paper Cup Fashion


Make a fashion statement and pay homage to garish disposable drinkware, with the Solo Jazz Paper Cup Sweatshirt.

Your new paper cup-inspired fashion, just like the cups themselves, will never go out of style. And, if you’re concerned that warmer weather is coming up… there’s a Solo Jazz Paper Cup Tank Top.

[link, via Pee-Wee]

Artist Creates Beautiful Paintings With Coffee


There is little that coffee cannot do. It makes mornings tolerable, gives people an excuse to pretend to be busy at Starbucks, and it occasionally acts as a perfectly acceptable art medium.

Artist Maria A. Aristidou knows how to use coffee to its full potential, creating beautiful works of art with nothing more than brewed coffee and a brush set.

The result is spot-on pop culture characters, with their shadows and highlights determined by the amount of coffee used. Check out more of Aristidou’s work over at Instagram.





[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]