We Love Ramen, Everything You Need To Know About Instant Noodles

Anyone who was ever a broke college student, should be no stranger to the benefits of instant noodles. Or, perhaps you’re someone who still enjoys that instant gratification, and has dedicated a blog to it. Either way, Hack College recently shared their latest infographic, We Love Ramen, which contains everything you need to know about the coed cuisine.

Get some noodle knowledge, and then check out The Top Ten Instant Noodles of All-Time.

[link, thanks Greg]

There Is A Beer Made Specifically For Beer Pong Now

So it has come to this. No longer do coeds need to suffer with beer not made specifically for their drinking games. Pong Beer is here, and was designed for the most popular game in frat houses and loser’s basement apartments across the country — beer pong.

The limited edition light beer will not only make for easy chugging, but is conveniently packaged in “Rack Packs” of 30 cans, so there is no counting required. And each 30-pack comes with 2 pong-playing balls. Game on.

[link, via Laughing Squid]