S’mores Oreos Exist


After months of rumors and propaganda, S’mores Oreos now appear to be an actual product. Made with graham cracker cookies, they’re stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow creme filling.

So, if you’re looking for an indoor version of the campfire treat, or you’re no longer allowed to play with matches, the limited edition cookies will be available beginning May 22nd.

[via Refinery29]

An Anamorphic Sculpture of Big Ben Made From Biscuits and Chocolate


Look, kids… Big Ben, Parliament! However, this Big Ben is not what it seems. Sugar artist Michelle Wibowo, of Michelle Sugar Art, created what’s being called the first anamorphic food art, with Big Ben Made From Biscuits and Chocolate.

Viewed from the side, several British landmarks are represented in confectionaries. However, when looking at the sculpture through the provided frame, they all come together to create the unmistakable clock tower.

The sculpture was created for the ‘Unexpected Cooking’ event at the Aéroville Shopping Centre in Paris. Great, if you can get left.





Choclatomy, Chocolates Paired With Anatomy Illustrations


Hey, you got chocolate in my anatomy! Pakistan-based illustrator Asma Javeri created Choclatomy — a series of human anatomy illustrations paired with delicious chocolates and truffles.

Now, one might ask what a KitKat has to do with a rib cage, or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with a foot. It doesn’t matter… the series is aesthetically pleasing enough, that we’ve decided that chocolate and anatomy now goes together like chocolate and peanut butter. So there.

See more of Javeri’s work below and over at Instragram.







[link, via designtaxi]

These Tools Are Made of Chocolate


If you know a handyman who also enjoys fancy chocolates [and, who doesn’t?] there’s Chocolate Tools.

Made to look just like a pipe wrench, spanner wrench, and club hammer — the Belgian chocolate tool set would make a great gift, or if you’re a handy chocolate-eater yourself.

Check them out here.




Titses, A Line of Chocolates Made To Look Like Boobies


How do you design a line of chocolates that will appeal to the straight male demographic? The simple, and most juvenile answer of course, would be to take chocolate and just put boobs on it. Titses is that answer.

The concept, by designers Constantin Bolimond and Maxim Ali, is a line of fine chocolates that are made to resemble female breasts. The chocolate-eater/boobie-enthusiast can break off a pair of chocolates that vary in size — Small, Medium, and Extra-Large.

No mention if or when Titses might actually go on sale. Until then, there’s always Hershey’s Kisses.






[via Lost At E Minor]