Chocolatexture, Chocolates That Represent Onomatopoeic Japanese Words Used To Describe Texture


When we think of chocolate, the words “yum” and “gimme more” often come to mind. However, when an artist such as Oki Sato designs a set of chocolates, they tend to say a bit more… but still “yum.”

When Sato was asked to design chocolates by Maison et Objet, the pre-eminent design show in France, he came up with Chocolatexture. The series represents Japanese words that are used to describe the way objects look and feel. It’s OK… I had to Google “onomatopoeic” too.

Four-hundred sets of Chocolatexture were created, and will be sold during the event in Paris starting Jan. 23.



ツブツブ (tsubu tsubu): a word for small bits or drops



スベスベ (sube sube): smooth edges and corners



トゲトゲ (toge toge): sharp pointed tips



ザラザラ (zara zara): granular like a file



ゴロゴロ (goro goro): cubic, with many edges



フワフワ (fuwa fuwa): soft and airy with many tiny holes


ポキポキ (poki poki): a delicate frame or structure


ザクザク (zaku zaku): makes a crunching sounds, like when you step on ice

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Pringles Holiday Flavors Are Out Just In Time To Ruin Christmas

pringles-holidayPringles, the potato-like chips that we eat by the cylinder, are being released in a few new holiday flavors to help celebrate or ruin Christmas… depending on how you feel about these.

The chip cans that you’ll be getting your hand stuck in this year… Milk Chocolate Covered Chips, Cinnamon & Sugar, Pecan Pie, Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas, and White Chocolate. Try to have a Merry Christmas.

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Jabba’s Bounty, Pop Culture Characters Frozen In Chocolate Carbonite


Artist Henry Hargreaves, via his latest project Jabba’s Bounty, created two things. One, an alternate universe where Jabba The Hutt puts out a bounty on various pop culture characters. The other one is those same characters turned into edible carbonite chocolate bars.

Using some of his favorite childhood action figures, Hargreaves created molds, poured in some milk chocolate, and applied edible silver paint for the full effect.

Karma tells us that we should be seeing a Boba Fett bar. But, according to the Sarlac, he doesn’t taste so good.

jabbas-bounty-2 jabbas-bounty-3 jabbas-bounty-4 jabbas-bounty-in-process-5

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Models Covered in Sweets Test The Boundaries of What’s Sexy and Hunger-Inducing


Attractive and well-lit models always make for a successful photo shoot. As does some yummy food, styled to perfection. But when combining the two… how far can this be taken before your photos are void of sexuality and no longer make the viewer hungry?

Photographer Keith Allen Phillips recently tested these boundaries, with Messy — a photo series that merges the inherent sexuality of an attractive model with some well-placed junk foods.

By combining the two — in some cases making the models unrecognizable — we’re left to wonder if this series is still sexy, hunger-inducing, or just plain gratuitous. Thoughts?






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This Chocolate Dress Is Delicious Couture


When asked, “Who are you wearing?”… Wouldn’t it be great to answer, “Wonka, thanks for asking”?

Well, your chocolate couture dreams have come true, with news that a chocolate dress is now possible.

Presented at The Chocolate Show London, the dress was created by Downton Abbey costume designer, Caroline McCall, and required 132 pounds of chocolate to make.



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