There’s A Toothpaste Made From Chocolate That Costs $100


Stop brushing with that fluoride toothpaste that isn’t made from chocolate. Theodent is a toothpaste made with cocoa beans that also contains a substance called Rennou™, an alternative to fluoride.

However, owning a tube of chocolate toothpaste will not come cheap, as the Theodent 300 version will cost about $100 per tube. Sure, they offer less expensive versions, but those don’t contain the ”absolute highest dose of Rennou.” And if you’re not getting your full Rennou… Seriously, what’s the point?



[link, via Incredible Things]

Lionel Richie’s Head From His ‘Hello’ Video Made From Chocolate


You may recognize this version of singer Lionel Richie’s head from his infamous Hello video. Well, it’s finally gotten the reproduction that it’s deserved, ever since that sweet blind lady carved it back in the 80s.

Brought to us by Firebox, the Lionel Richie Chocolate Head is 3D-printed from 9kg of solid Belgian chocolate, and takes about two weeks to complete. That is if today weren’t April 1st, which it is, making Richie’s head the April Fool’s joke that you were looking for.


A Graphic Artist Used A Box Of Chocolates For A Resume


With it becoming increasingly difficult for young talent to stand out in a crowded job market, inedible paper resumes just aren’t going to cut it.

Graphic designer Rob Jervis, becoming frustrated with his job search, created a box of chocolates to represent his curriculum vitae.

No surprise here, but the stunt worked, landing Jervis a paid internship which turned into a full-time gig. That’s the thing about resumes… You never know what you’re gonna get.



[via designtaxi]

A Real Chocolate iPhone Case


Sure, we’ve teased you with an inedible chocolate-scented iPhone case before. But this is the real deal — a genuine Chocolate iPhone Case.

Brought to us by Portland-based Woodblock Chocolate and iPhone accessory maker Grove, the candy bars will hug the corners of and protect your iPhone 5 or 5S.

That is of course if these chocolate cases were for sale, which they’re not. There we go teasing again, sorry.

[link, via technabob]

Chocolate-Covered Bacon Hearts


There’s chocolate, there’s bacon, and they’re heart-shaped. Has there ever been a more surefire way to score points on Valentine’s Day, than with Chocolate-Covered Bacon Hearts?

Brought to us by Nick over at Dude Foods — the way to your lover’s heart only takes a heart-shaped mold, bacon and chocolate.