This Chocolate Dress Is Delicious Couture


When asked, “Who are you wearing?”… Wouldn’t it be great to answer, “Wonka, thanks for asking”?

Well, your chocolate couture dreams have come true, with news that a chocolate dress is now possible.

Presented at The Chocolate Show London, the dress was created by Downton Abbey costume designer, Caroline McCall, and required 132 pounds of chocolate to make.



[via BuzzFeed]

Chocolate Instant Ramen Exists


Stop melting chocolate into your instant noodles… Choc Noodle is here to save time, and get you that instant chocolately goodness you crave.

Brought to us by Pot Noodle, just add hot water to this magical cup o’ noodles and, in a mere four minutes, chocolately goodness is ready to get slurped-up into your pie-hole.

Choc Noodle also contains fudge, chocolate chunks, and maple-covered pecans… so have a sturdy set of chopsticks ready.


[link, via designtaxi]

Han Solo In Carbonite Truffles and Other Star Wars Chocolates


Star Wars-themed chocolates and truffles are brought to us by Sweet Belle Cakes. The spaceship that made the kessel run is 12 parsecs is made of chocolate and filled with sweet filling.

Han Solo in Carbonite will also satisfy your sweet tooth, as will a solid chocolate Death Star. Sadly, the Death Star isn’t filled with yummy stormtroopers.




[link, via Boing Boing]

A Chocolate Bathroom Could Be Yours If You Can’t Spell


Why anyone would want a chocolate bathroom suite is beyond us. But, apparently there’s a demand for them… sort of.

Attempting to take advantage of millions of misspelled internet searches for “bathroom sweets” instead of “bathroom suites,” Choccywoccydoodah and have teamed up to bring us a complete chocolate bathroom set.

Each fixture is made from the finest Belgian chocolate, and available individually, or as a set. But, more than anything, it’s merely a clever way of to capitalize on a few million unfortunate spelling mistakes.

Now… Do we even need to get into why a chocolate toilet is wrong?





[link, via Lost At E Minor]

Edible and Functional Chocolate LEGOS


Artist Akihiro Mizuuchi has come up with a way to combine a few of our favorite things… chocolate and LEGOS. And, not only are the candy bricks nice to look at, but they’re completely functional.

Assemble any structure or pop culture character you’d like. Or, keep it simple and construct yourself a chocolate bar. We know, LEGOS are hard.

If you like LEGOS, and are in need of some cool kitchen tools, check out The Cooking Blocks Utensil Set.





[link, via Colossal]