Somebody Made A Life-Size Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch For Some Reason


Benedict Cumberbatch succeeded Ricardo Montalban as Star Trek’s Khan, and was recently nominated for an Academy Award. But his greatest career achievement is probably being voted Britain’s Yummiest Actor by UKTV.

This distinction gets you a Life-Size Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch. The choco-statue is made from 100% Belgian chocolate, and is complete with bow tie, and Cumberbatch’s flawless hairdo. It also has a yummy center of British charm.*




*we assume

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Chocolate Easter Bunny Jello Shots Will Help Make Easter Tolerable


If you’ve ever wondered why they make chocolate Easter bunnies hollow — besides to provide crushing disappointment after a successful egg hunt — Oh, Bite It! has the answer.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Jello Shots are here to help make Easter a success… for the adults. While the kids are off looking for brightly-colored eggs, parents can relax and throw back a few boozy bunnies.

The best part, is that you won’t have to raid the kids’ Easter basket later — as you’ll already have your sugar fix, and will probably be passed out by then. Recipe here.



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Valentine’s Candy Hearts Made With Real Heart


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you’ll soon need to present heart-shaped items to your significant-other. To help make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, stop messing around, and take the concept of heart-shaped items literally.

This year, Candy Hearts Made With Real Heart will help express your love… and possible mental issues. The cardiac confections are candy and chocolate-covered jerky made from actual cow heart.

And, before you say “ewww” and “gross,” take a moment to think about the $22 box of chocolates you gave your sweetheart last year. Chocolates that were filled with a mystery goo, one that was obviously toothpaste, and a coconut spackle. DIY some real hearts with help here… and good luck, lover.



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S’mores Oreos Exist


There was a time when Nabisco would tease us with an Oreo variety that was almost too good for us unworthy plebes — only to have that mystical sandwich cookie become a reality.

Lucky for us, S’mores Oreos is skipping the rumors and hearsay, and will get right down to filling our cookie aisles with awesomeness.

No mention of an actual drop date, but the news comes via a leaked photo from an employee of Mondelez International Inc., the company that produces Oreos. So, now we wait.

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6 Reasons Why World Nutella Day Exists



Good morning and Happy World Nutella Day… the day that we get to celebrate what could be the greatest food item in recorded history.

Here at Foodiggity, we present a few examples of why people lose their minds over the chocolate and hazelnut foodstuff, and how Nutella inspires us to do great things.

So, enjoy your Nutella Day. We hope it is spent with good people and large brown jars.




Late last year, the world was made just a little bit better with the introduction of Nutellasagna. Brought to us by Robicelli’s in Bay Ridge, NYC — Nutellasagna is a dessert lasagna containing Nutella and other ingredients we don’t care about right now… this is Nutella’s Day.




Brownie Waffles Topped With Nutella and Bacon

The only thing that can upstage bacon and brownies, is oozing Nutella. Exhibit A… Brownie Waffles Topped With Nutella and Bacon. Make some of your own, and create the most important meal of any day ever.



Weed-Infused Nutella

Not since Goober Grape, has two things coexisted in one jar so miraculously. Nugtella, a weed-infused Nutella, was created by Organicares, a medical marijuana dispensary in San Jose, CA — i.e., the most considerate place that ever existed.



Personalized Nutella

Nutella theft is real, people. So how do you stake claim to a jar that you’d like all to yourself, without a passive aggressive note stapled to it? Personalize your Nutella jar with your name, that’s how.





Cosmic Nutella

We’re not sure why this animated GIF exists… but it does beg a few important questions. Are we alone in the universe? If there is life out there, do you think they’d like Nutella? Can I have some Cosmic Nutella? We need answers.



A Guy Eats An Entire Jar of Nutella

As mentioned, Nutella does inspire mere mortals to do great things. This, however, is probably not one of those things. Watch as competitive eater and Nutella-enthusiast, Furious Pete, consumes an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting.

Happy Nutella Day, everyone!!