The Cheeseburger Pop-Tart Is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted


Although, most would agree that unfrosted Pop-Tarts are hellspawn, we think we can make an exception for this one. I Can Haz Pop Tart, brought to us by Pornburger, is part burger and part Pop-Tart.

What’s in it you ask? Who cares? It’s a Pop-Tart cheeseburger!! If you must know, I Can Haz Pop Tart consists of a smashed grass-fed beef patty with a bacon onion jam, melty cheddar cheese, in a buttery pop tart pastry.

Take that, Frosted Strawberry.


Burger Bangle For Being The Best Burger Lover You Can Be


We know how you feel… You love cheeseburgers and you wear your heart on your sleeve… The Burger Bangle Set is here to help.

Made to look like each layer of a yummy cheeseburger, the armwear will keep you styling, and your date hungry. Hopefully you’re going out for burgers… Again.

The bangle set is also available in black and white. Although we don’t see the point… It doesn’t get much classier than burger color.




[link, via Incredible Things]

I Can Has Catburger?


The Catburger Bed is an ingenious and adorable way for your cat to stay warm while they nap. It’s also a great way to get the internet to break — with this combination of cats, burgers, and the potential for new cheezburger memes.

And don’t fret, human… There’s one for you too.




[via HuffPo]

The BrewBurger, A Beer-Filled Burger That Requires ID To Order


Enjoy a beer with your burger, do ya? Well, you could now save a lot of time just by ordering the BrewBurger.

Brought to us by Scottish brewers and squirrel enthusiasts, BrewDog, the burger is an aged beef patty topped with Comté cheese. Also included are beer-fried onions using BrewDog’s Punk IPA, a BBQ reduction made from BrewDog’s Paradox Imperial Stout, and bacon glazed with BrewDog’s 5AM Saint.

All that sounds great… But only if you’re of drinking age, as the burger contains enough alcohol that it requires ID. It’s suggested that you pair the BrewBurger with a BrewDog Bourbon Baby, and call a cab while you’re at it.

[The Drinks Business, via Foodbeast]

The Monte Cristo Burger Exists


You know that item on the diner menu that you never order because it’s battered, deep-fried and causes chest pains? Well, someone thought it would be a great idea to turn the Monte Cristo into a burger.

The Monte Cristo Burger, brought to us by Umami Burger and Michael Voltaggio, borrows the concept of the deadly ham and cheese sandwich. It’s a beef patty with Gruyere fondue and prosciutto, sandwiched between two vanilla custard-soaked buns that are deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The burger, that’ll surely kill you, will be available at all Umami Burger locations starting January 28. Enjoy at your own risk.

[link, via HuffPo]