Clothes As Food, An Ad Series Encouraging You To Donate Your Wearables


Shopping Itaguaçu is an advertising initiative encouraging people to donate clothes to the needy. Brought to us by Brazil-based BZZ Propaganda, clothes are formed into yummy-looking food, asking that we not let our old wearables turn into moth-feed.

“Don’t let your clothes turn into food for moths. Donate.
Leave your donations at the mall until July 1st and let them warm the most needy.”



[via Ads of The World]

The Bill Murray Burger


Pornburger recently created Bill U Murray Me?, a tribute burger to Bill Murray. So, as a burger dedicated to Bill Murray, it must consist of groundhog, or is topped with Stay-Puft Marshmallows then?

Nope… Pornburger just wanted to make a cheeseburger so mind-bendingly delicious-looking, that the immortal Bill Murray wouldn’t be able to resist the invitation to get together for a burger and beer. Pornburger… Please let us know if he shows up.


Cheeseburger Ice Cream Sandwiches


Brought to us by Hungry Happenings, Chilly Cheeseburgers are ice cream sandwiches made to look like burgers. The simple recipe calls for vanilla cake buns, and a chocolate ice cream patty.




This Burger Contains 17 Kinds of Beef


When only one type of beef on your burger just isn’t gonna cut it… There are now things such as the Holy Cow. Brought to us by Red’s True Barbecue in England, the towering burger and accompanying sides contain 17 types of beef.

For the record, these various forms of cow include; smoked beef rib, beef bacon, pickled tongue, and a patty made from oxtail, ox cheek, ox heart and ox liver.

And, if the 2,500-calorie burger doesn’t fill your meat quota, it also includes fries that are “thrice cooked” in beef drippings, and a beef Ragu dipping sauce. The Holy Cow will be available for one day only on Father’s Day.

[link, via First We Feast]

The Cheeseburger Pop-Tart Is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted


Although, most would agree that unfrosted Pop-Tarts are hellspawn, we think we can make an exception for this one. I Can Haz Pop Tart, brought to us by Pornburger, is part burger and part Pop-Tart.

What’s in it you ask? Who cares? It’s a Pop-Tart cheeseburger!! If you must know, I Can Haz Pop Tart consists of a smashed grass-fed beef patty with a bacon onion jam, melty cheddar cheese, in a buttery pop tart pastry.

Take that, Frosted Strawberry.