Burger Porn Of The Day Has Creamed Corn and Pork Belly


Pornburger’s latest entry into the enticing world of burger porn is very high and full of belly.

Creamed Porn starts with a sesame seed bun — followed by cheddar cheese, creamed corn, cold smoked tomato, pickled okra, crispy watercress, pea sprout, and mustard green aioli. This is all atop a grass fed beef and pork belly patty.


The Undead Hasselhoff, A Burger Tribute to The Hoff


When he’s not being immortalized in popsicle form, David Hasselhoff is actually the inspiration for many other food creations. This time, The Hoff receives a tribute via burger, with the Undead Hasselhoff.

Created by Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa, the burger is loaded with a number of popular food items from Germany — where Hasselhoff is inexplicably a pop-music icon. Pretzel-breaded bratwursts are the buns, with spicy mustard and a soft pretzel on top.

And, because this is The Hoff we’re talking about… there’s loads of extra cheese.

[link, via Eater]

Clothes As Food, An Ad Series Encouraging You To Donate Your Wearables


Shopping Itaguaçu is an advertising initiative encouraging people to donate clothes to the needy. Brought to us by Brazil-based BZZ Propaganda, clothes are formed into yummy-looking food, asking that we not let our old wearables turn into moth-feed.

“Don’t let your clothes turn into food for moths. Donate.
Leave your donations at the mall until July 1st and let them warm the most needy.”



[via Ads of The World]

The Bill Murray Burger


Pornburger recently created Bill U Murray Me?, a tribute burger to Bill Murray. So, as a burger dedicated to Bill Murray, it must consist of groundhog, or is topped with Stay-Puft Marshmallows then?

Nope… Pornburger just wanted to make a cheeseburger so mind-bendingly delicious-looking, that the immortal Bill Murray wouldn’t be able to resist the invitation to get together for a burger and beer. Pornburger… Please let us know if he shows up.