The Monte Cristo Burger Exists


You know that item on the diner menu that you never order because it’s battered, deep-fried and causes chest pains? Well, someone thought it would be a great idea to turn the Monte Cristo into a burger.

The Monte Cristo Burger, brought to us by Umami Burger and Michael Voltaggio, borrows the concept of the deadly ham and cheese sandwich. It’s a beef patty with Gruyere fondue and prosciutto, sandwiched between two vanilla custard-soaked buns that are deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The burger, that’ll surely kill you, will be available at all Umami Burger locations starting January 28. Enjoy at your own risk.

[link, via HuffPo]

The Communion Burger Is Sacrilicious


We once featured a burger with a pentagram on it that cost $666. Now, that may only be the second most sacrilegious cheeseburger ever. The Ghost Burger, by Chicago restaurant Kuma’s Corner, is a communion-themed cheeseburger topped with a red wine reduction (the blood of christ) and a communion wafer (the body).

And, because burgers are now capable of offending people, there are a few that are not too pleased.

The burger was originally created in honor of the Swedish band Ghost, as Kuma’s Corner is a heavy metal-inspired restaurant. Fans can receive the Ghost Burger at Kuma’s Belmont location until the end of October.

[via HuffPo Food]

Mac Attack Burger, A Burger With Mac and Cheese For A Bun


Buns made from bread is so last year. And, since hipsters have their Ramen Bun Burger, the rest of us get the Mac Attack.

Brought to us by Rockit Burger Bar in Chicago, the concept is simple… Replace old boring bread with two fried lumps of mac and cheese. In between is an 8oz Angus patty topped with scallions, lettuce, tomato and Sriracha ketchup. The Mac Attack is offered for a limited time until Oct. 6th.


[via Buzzfeed]

Burger King Now Makes A Burger With French Fries Already On It Because Of Course They Do


If you’re a gourmand who likes to put fries on your burger, then the culinary/laziness gods have answered your prayers. Starting Sept. 1, Burger King will gladly place french fries on your burger for you, with their new French Fry Burger.

Sure, you could have a much better burger and fries somewhere/anywhere else. But then you’ll have to lift the bun and strategically place the fries on yourself. That just sounds like a lot of work. Thanks for the help, BK.

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The ‘Merica Burger Has Some Bacon In It


In case you haven’t heard… Regular cheeseburgers just aren’t American enough anymore. In fact, if you don’t place at least one slice of bacon on your burger, you could be labeled a communist. True story.

The ‘Merica Burger, by Slater’s 50/50 in San Diego, is here to help make you feel like a patriot, with bacon involved in every component. It includes an all-bacon patty, bacon cheese, and a bun soaked in bacon grease. U-S-A!!


[via Thrillist]