Food As Typography

Food Type is a project brought to us by Barcelona-based artist Nuria Bringué Bergua. The study of food as font is part of a collection of books on healthy eating. Nuria cut each letter out of their respective food group, and typeset the words without the help of Photoshop, to create the cover of each book.


Gold-Infused Cheese Exists

Brought to us by Britain’s Long Clawson Dairy, Gold-Infused Cheese is here to make your holidays extra blingy. The serving of Stilton is infused with real edible gold leaf and cinnamon Schnapps, and will set you back £60 per 100-gram slice — about $100 per 2 oz. So while you enjoy a sliver with the other 1%, you can laugh maniacally knowing that 99% of the country is sitting home eating Velveeta.


Babybel Cheese Art

Babybel Cheese, probably known less for their actual edibility, or lack thereof, and more for the nearly impenetrable red cocoon from which they’re packaged. Luckily, Tiffany of Cute Food For Kids, has found a creative way around the Babybel forcefield, and turns the mini cheese wheels into cute works of art.

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Foodiggity’s Best of The Week, 7/18-7/22

Jell-O Pianos, Mascots Gone Wild, and Dancing Squids… It’s Foodiggity’s Best of The Week.

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When lunch attacksThe Dancing Squid Dish
Make anything a juiceboxThe Titanium Straw
Sharpen up some cheeseThe Parmesan Pencils

Pencil Parmigiana

The Parmesan Pencils, created by German ad agency Kolle Rebbe for The Deli Garage, are packaged together in their own little pencil case — sharpener included.

Simply grate/sharpen the desired amount of truffles, pesto, or chili parmesan onto your dish of choice. That is, if you happen to live in Germany where these are available. They get all the cool stuff.

[via The Kitchn, and @H18]