This Mini-Cheese Camera Will Get You To Smile


Are you still having trouble getting people to smile at your camera or iPhone because it doesn’t look like cheese? The Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Digital Toy Camera is here to get your subjects in the spirit, with a camera that looks like a tiny slab of swiss.

The little cheese camera — besides attracting mice — is capable of capturing still images, full video, and voice recordings.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… If only there was a camera that actually gave you cheese upon request… Oh, wait… Here you go.



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Meat and Cheese Packaging That Tells You The Part of The Animal You’re Getting


When shopping for meat at the supermarket, it’s easy enough to grab whatever the “Manager’s Special” is, and to not pay much attention to exactly what parts you’re buying.

Corella, a small meat and cheese store in Spain, commissioned Fauna to rethink their brand. With fun and education in mind, the minimalist packaging provides a handy diagram of what part of the animal you’ll be buying.

Even the cheeses will make you smarter. Just in case you didn’t know the type of animal it comes from from, and where on its body. Perhaps sometimes it’s best not to know. 

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Gourmet Mouse Traps, A Photo Series For The Finicky Rodent


If Tom and Jerry has taught us anything, it’s that a mouse can be lured from its hiding spot with virtually any small piece of cartoon cheese. That is unless you have a finicky critter taking residence in your walls, who’ll only come out for the good stuff.

Gourmet Mouse Traps, by artists Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca, is a fun photo series that uses some enticing food items as a lure for your most finicky mice.

No rodent will be able to resist these gourmet traps… They should be stopping by shortly for some fine dining, and to have their little foodie neck snapped.







[link, via Lost At E Minor]

Sports Cheeses, A Series Of Sports Brands Reimagined Using Cheese


Artist Chris Write has created an illustration series that takes some well-known sports brands and adds cheese. Brands such as Reebok, Fila, and the easy target of K-Swiss get the cheese-y treatment, as Write has a little fun with them all. I’d wear Briebok.

Check out more from the series here.

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A Business Card That’s A Cheese Grater


Problem… You just came across a hunk of cheese that needs grating immediately, and you forgot to bring your box grater again. Lucky for you, you met a guy last night from the cheese shop, Bon Vivant, who gave you a business card that doubles as a cheese grater. Problem solved.

The idea for the Cheese Grater Business Card came from ad agency JWT. It includes a protective leather sleeve to protect you from when you put in your pocket — which is great for your fingers. Not using it would be grate for your fingers. Homophones!!!

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