Kids’ Cereals In Museum-Quality Displays


If you take your sugar-coated kiddie crack seriously, you might consider putting it on display. CerealBoxes is a neat project that takes a few popular kids’ cereals and displays them meticulously in museum-quality specimen boxes.

Available in three different displays, the series includes Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and the dates in which each was founded. Available for sale here.




[link, via Laughing Squid]

If Rappers Had Their Own Cereal Brand


Holla! Rappers & Cereal is a Tumblr blog that rethinks a few of our favorite cereals as if they were endorsed by rappers. Grab some gin and juice and pour it over a heaping bowl of Snoop Loops, or make sure cereal isn’t one of your 99 problems with Jigga Jacks.

Check out more here. And, if you’re feeling the beat, get out of your seat, and suggest a few rap cereals that are neat… Word! Can I have my own cereal now?





[link, via HiConsumption]

Gummi Bear Cereal, Sort of


When you’d like to start the day off as gummy as possible, Gummi Bears Cereal is here to help. Actually, it’s nothing more than an enormous box of real gummi bears made to look like cereal packaging. But we won’t tell… Breakfast is served!

Sure, you’ll crash hard around 10:30, but that breakfast buzz was pretty awesome. Plus, you’ll get your recommended daily value of gummi. Available here.



Cap’n Crunch Is Getting His Own Late Night Talk Show


Move over, Letterman, Leno, and whoever else no one stays up late enough to watch — because Cap’n Crunch is getting his own late night talk show… Seriously. The Cap’n Crunch Show is the next step in the Cap’n’s comeback, after a recent revival of the brand, thanks in large part to some successful social media marketing. The decision to launch a Cap’n Crunch cereal that’s all Crunch Berries probably didn’t hurt either.

The Cap’n Crunch Show will run on its very own YouTube channel every other Tuesday at 11:35pm, beginning May 7th. Guests are expected to be some heavy hitters from the breakfast and kiddie cereal industry. Hopefully, we get a rare appearance from Fruit Brute, or some of the other cereal monsters. We hear they’re a tough interview.