Cereal Monsters Get Real In This Creepy Art Series


Cereal Monsters can be adorable, and all they want to do is endorse their delicious breakfast cereals. However, at the end of the day, Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry are still monsters.

Artist Mike Burns got serious with these cereal peddlers, depicting them as actual creepy monsters. Prints of Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry can be found here. Sadly, we don’t get to see Fruit Brute howling at the moon. Now, we wait.




[link, via GeekAlerts]

The Cereal Dress Is The Most Important Couture of The Day


To help promote her new variety of Special K cereal, British TV personality Tess Daly and Kellogg’s created a dress made entirely of the cereal’s ingredients.

The Cereal Dress was created using 4,000 stalks of wheat, 500 whole almonds, 800 cut almonds, 50 vanilla pods, 50 vanilla flowers, 450 whole apples, and 100 curled apple peels, preserved peels, and apple slices.

Pass the milk, and let’s enjoy this breakfast couture.


[via Mental Floss]

Behold The Cereal Box Wall


Wallpaper can be pretty boring, and cereal is awesome. Cereal-enthusiast Gabe Fonseca knows this, and created the Cereal Box Wall.

Using dozens of cereal boxes from his vast collection, Gabe adhered them to a metal-plated wall using magnets. He also had the wherewithal to arrange them by color, creating a mascot-laden spectrum of awesomeness.

And, he included Fruit Brute. Well done, sir.




[link, via Pee-wee]

A Father And Daughter Created A Cereal-Eating Machine, Sort-of


Mornings are hard. And, we don’t need the added responsibility, or have the time to manually shovel cereal into our face.

Luckily, Ivan Owen and his daughter are here to help save our mornings. The crafty duo invented a Cereal-Eating Machine… and it’s built for speed.

It’s certainly not built for efficiency, as more cereal will probably wind up on the kitchen floor than in your mouth. No mention if the duo has plans to mass produce their morning-enhancing invention. In the meantime, dads will have to come up with another way to piss off mom before work.

Please watch this…

[link, via Mashable]

The Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream Cone


Fruity Pebbles is a nostalgic cereal that adds some color to breakfast. But, let’s be honest, it too easily becomes a soggy mess and, at the end of the day, is nothing but shameless promotion for The Flintstones.

Nick from Dude Foods wants to bring the multi-colored cereal to its former glory, with the Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream Cone. The rainbow carrying vessel is very festive. Just don’t let the ice cream melt too much, or you’ll have a soggy rainbow in your hand.