KFC Bucket of Chicken and Sides Recreated With Candy


A KFC meal that isn’t as it seems… Jill of Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons created a bucket of chicken and sides entirely out of candy. Complete with fried chicken that’s actually Rice Krispie treats coated with Raisin Bran, corn on the cob created from a Twinkie covered in yellow jelly beans, and frighteningly-realistic baked beans made from pudding and Sugar Babies. Recipe and technique here.

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[thanks, Brittany… You so cray, cray]

The Greatest Cotton Candy That You Will See Today

Remember when cotton candy was nothing but a big ol’ mess of sugary pink fluff? Now, in the hands of a street vendor in Ciqikou, Chongqing, China — cotton candy becomes art.

[via Buzzfeed]

Lollyphile Lollipops For Adults

When cherry, sour apple, and whatever the mystery Dum-Dum is, becomes a bit too childish for you — Lollyphile Lollipops are here to help. The booze-inspired lollis come in four flavors – Absinthe, Habanero Tequila, Whisky, and White Russian.

Add some maturity to your candy fix with a pack or four, and unleash your inner drunk child.



Cinnabon Candy Canes Exist

Cinnabons are perhaps one of the greatest foods ever. And, most peppermint candy canes taste like used toothpaste. So, this holiday season, replace those ridiculously antiquated red and white canes with Cinnabon Candy Canes.

Not only will your holiday candy get a much needed upgrade — but the Cinnabon Candy Canes could make a strong argument to have Christmas colors officially changed to ‘cinnamon brown’ and ‘sugar-goo yellow.’

[link, via GeekAlerts]

The Skittles Sorting Machine

When you only care about tasting part of the rainbow, The Skittles Sorting Machine is here to help. Created by candy enthusiast/mad genius Brian Egenriether, the machine will sort your bag of yummy Skittles by color. It then leaves you an entire bowl of your favorite flavor, making it easier to dispose of the yucky purples. Either way, please watch this video.

[link, via Incredible Things]