Breaking Bad Gingerbread Meth Lab


Brought to us by Sugarplum Cake Shop, the Breaking Bad Gingerbread Meth Lab will help get you into the Christmas and chemistry spirit.

It even comes complete with candy blue meth, and a DEA snowman ready to ruin Walter White’s holiday.

[link, via Miss Cakehead]

Sriracha Candy Canes Exist


Sorry, peppermint… You had a good run. But, Sriracha Candy Canes exist now, and they’re a perfect excuse to get us to start eating candy canes again. Not just using them as an extra ornament, or helping us reach stuff.


Watch These Kids Get Vegetables For Halloween Instead of Candy


It’s Halloween… So, kids want their candy and they want it right damn now! But what if a few precocious costumed kids were given vegetables and vegetable-flavored treats instead?

Crest wanted to find out, and the results are what you might expect, but no less hilarious.


Creepy Candy by Artist Andrew Bell


This is why we don’t take candy from strangers. This creepy Halloween candy is brought to us by artist Andrew Bell. Part of his ongoing series, The Creatures in my Head, the scary candies include Kisses of Death and Kill Kats.

So, remember kids, always check your candy on Halloween before you eat it. You might live in Andrew Bell’s neighborhood.

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[link, via io9]

What Does A Quadrillion Sour Patch Kids Look Like?


What happens when a 31-year-old man sits lonely in an apartment at 2 a.m., and has an insatiable urge to visually depict massive numbers? If you’re Tim Urban from, you choose Sour Patch Kids as your unit of measurement, and don’t stop until there’s a mass of candy larger than Earth.

Tim begins innocently enough with a row of Sour Patch eXtemes… Then a group of 100. From there, the flood gates open, and through some heavy-duty math and the copy-paste function, Urban is then able to visually depict unheard-of numbers of the tooth-decaying treat.







[link, via Gizmodo]