Creature Eyes Lollipops


People can’t lick their own eyeball — but some animals can, and we want in. Thankfully, Priscilla of Designer Lollipop has brought us Creature Eyes Lollipops. The lollies are available in your choice of six, and are cotton candy-flavored.

creature-lollipops-2[available here, via Laughing Squid]

Kit Kat Ads Painted With Melted Kit Kats


To help celebrate the end of its limited edition white chocolate version, Kit Kat commissioned Australian illustrator Mike Watt to create a few ads. And by “a few” we meant “fifty.” And, they’re not so much “ads” as they are posters that use the last fifty Kit Kat Whites melted down and used as paint.

See more of Kit Kat White’s Final Fifty project over at their Facebook page, and break off a piece of some Kit Kat art.




[via PSFK]

Gummy Humans, 3D-Printed Gummy Versions of Actual People


Why should adorable little bears be the only ones who can have their heads bitten off? FabCafe, in honor of the Asian holiday White Day, has organized an event in which they will create gummy replicas of actual men to give to their significant other.

Officially titled, White Day “Gummy Man” 3D Workshop, the March 14th holiday is a day for men to reciprocate the gifts given to them on Valentine’s Day. But what if she likes Gummy You better?


[via Spoon & Tamago]

Death Star Lollipops


Once upon a time, we brought you Planet Lollipops. Now, comes a line of fully-operational lollies that will destroy those feeble planets. Death Star Lollipops are handcrafted by Designer Lollipop, marshmallow-flavored, and available in a set of six. Lick your way to its vulnerable center and destroy the candy empire.


Pez Dispensers With Actual People Heads


If you’ve ever owned a Pez dispenser, then you’ve probably imagined how cool it would be to get a likeness of your noggin on it. And, even better, to then fill your limbless plastic body with flavorless candy pellets.

Hot Pop Factory, a jewelry company that 3D prints its products, scanned the heads of their client’s employees and immortalized them in Pez dispenser form. And the people didn’t seem to mind that they were now spewing candy from a gaping hole in their neck.



[link, via Gizmodo]