How To Make The Great Cornholio Burrito


Over the past few decades, there are few pop culture characters more significant than Beavis and Butt-head. And, within this groundbreaking TV series, there wasn’t a more life-changing event for us, than when Beavis transformed into The Great Cornholio.

As a quick refresher… Beavis, after being disappointed by a breakfast burrito, overloads on junk food, subsequently loses his mind, and transforms into his alter-ego.

To help celebrate the episode’s 20th Anniversary, Thrillist has constructed The Great Cornholio Burrito. Thrillist was even nice enough to share the recipe, so that all of us can go on our own sugar-fueled rampage through town. Are you threatening me?




Tic Tacs As Vintage Video Games


Tic Tacs have been around so long, that people were enjoying them when Pac-Man was still fun. To help pay homage to the antiquated technology and breath mint, the Miami Ad School created a series of ads of vintage video games made from Tic Tacs.

From candy Pac-Man and Snake to an Arkanoid board, the ads were probably fun to assemble. Not more fun than actually playing Arkanoid though… those bricks were crazy.



[via designtaxi]

Ghost Pepper Candy Balls Are Hot


You’ve tried Red Hots and other forms of “hot” candy. Now it’s time to step it up, nancy.

Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls are here to help upgrade your hot candy game. The balls are infused with the Bhut Jolokia — which is one of hottest peppers in the world.

So, whether you’d like to play a prank on some candy-grubbers at work, or you’re just into abusing yourself, grab a bag or two and have some milk and bread nearby.





Breakfast Lollipops, For A Perfectly Lickable Breakfast


Admit it… You lick your bacon. It’s OK, you’re amongst friends. Now the act of licking breakfast is a bit more appropriate with the Breakfast Lollipop Set.

Included in your new most important meal of the day… 1 Donut Lollipop, 1 Waffle Lollipop, and 2 Strips of Bacon Lollipops. Your coffee? You’ll just have to ingest as normal. But don’t be silly… Dip your lollies in it.



Candy Crush Nails


Candy Crush — the game that you probably just looked away from to read this article — is getting creative with advertising.

Apparently, extreme nails are a popular form of advertising in Japan — so Candy Crush recruited a known human billboard named Harutamu, and gave her a candy-laden set of nails.

Although, it doesn’t appear that Candy Crush needs any more advertising than what shows up unwarranted in your Facebook feed. Either way, you can go back to playing now, and thanks for listening.


[via Rocket News 24]