Kamasugar, Erotic Lollipops For Sweet Love-Makin’


Artist Massimo Gammacurta works brilliantly with many different mediums. But his most interesting and enticing work appears to be in candy.

Enter, Kamasugar — a series of sugar sculptures formed into a number of sex positions. A stick is inserted [hee-hee] into the vibrantly-colored sculptures, making them the most erotic lollipops possible. NSFW lollies below.

kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-06 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-02 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-01 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-03 kamasugar-lollypops-by-massimo-gammacurta-stimulate-the-palate-designboom-05

[link, via designboom]

Candy Cuisine, Deceptive Meals Made Out of Candy


If you’re having candy for dinner — again — then you should at least try to make it look like a sensible meal. Artist Jessica Gaber does just that with Candy Cuisine — creating what appears to be savory meals that are made mostly out of candy.

If you’re craving some Rice Krispies Treats, Airheads, and fruit jellies — then Sugarshimi should be on your menu. Want to make tacos even sweeter? Gaber pulls it off with Mexicandy.

See more sugary meals below and at Gaber’s website and Instagram.





[link, via Buzzfeed]

This Video Explains How Your Halloween Candy May Slowly Be Killing You


Halloween and the raiding of your kids’ candy bags is upon us. And, lest we think that our only concern should be the high sugar intake, this video may truly scare you this Halloween.

Brought to us by animator Daniella Urdinlaiz – the cartoon goes on to explain, rather apologetically, that some of the most popular Halloween candies contain ingredients far worse than a little tooth-decaying sugar.

From trans-fat to the same stuff that you’d wax your car with — perhaps we should think twice before we’re elbow deep in our child’s candy stash. You’re welcome, and we’re sorry too.

[link, via designtaxi]

Deep-Fried Candy Corn Exists


What to do with all of that unwanted candy corn? Well, when in doubt, the answer is always “deep-fry.”

Amy of Oh, Bite It! knows this, and has created Deep-Fried Candy Corn. The process is simple, needing only Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough and all of that candy corn, of which you should have plenty. Wrap those sugar nuggets in dough, fry, and your upcycling is complete.

[link, via Neatorama]

How To Pair Wine With Halloween Candy


It’s late Halloween night, and the kids are done tricking and/or treating. But they’re asleep now, and it’s time to do what any good parent would do…. Start drinking and raid their candy stash.

Be prepared this Halloween with this handy chart, that’ll help pair a wine with all that candy. Did your kids get an abundance of Skittles? Then you’ll want a dry white wine at the ready. Kit Kats are versatile, in that they pair well with a sparkling wine or medium red.

Did the kids get a lot of candy corns? Then there’s no hope for you this evening, and you should get better neighbors.