This Wholesome Looking Woman Creates The Most Nightmarish Desserts


Photographer/model/baker Christine McConnell may appear innocent enough, with the whole 50s housewife thing going on. But behind the scenes lurks a baker with a love of the macabre.

From killer waffle cones to a face hugger sugar cookies, McConnell produces desserts that would make any movie monster or serial killer proud. Christine does occasionally break away from the creepy stuff, producing dishes and cakeworks that are downright gorgeous.

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The Greatest Tiered Human Organ Cake That You’ll See Today


Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen makes beautiful cakes. Not pretty flower and ribbon-laden cakes — but rather skull, blood, and skin cakes.

One of her latest creations provides perfect insight into her style, with a tiered human organ cake. From one side, the cake appears innocent enough, although already a bit macabre, covered with black fondant and gold lacework.

It’s not until we check out the other side, that we get a glimpse into Conjurer’s Kitchen’s specialty. The yummy layers consist of human innards — including a heart, healthy set of lungs, and top brain tier.




The Greatest Pegacorn Cake That You’ll See Today


We’ve all seen our share of unicorn-related confectionaries. And, just when you thought cakes and cookies couldn’t get any more majestic, there’s now the Pegacorn Cake, and we’re not worthy.

Brought to us by Tattooed Bakers, the pegacorn is the combination of a unicorn and the winged Pegasus. The result is a rainbow sponge-filled cake with edible wings.




Maleficent Cake Looks Delicious, Evil


With the release of Maleficent — the backstory of the scary lady that puts pretty girls to sleep — Tattooed Bakers created a delicious cake.

The Maleficent Cake is beautifully-crafted to look just like Angelina Jolie as the Mistress of All Evil. It even has realistic red innards. Although, we think Maleficent is probably empty on the inside.


[via Jezebel]

The Greatest Dentist Chair Cake That You’ll See Today


You’re into teeth. So much so, that you’ve chosen to spend more time in school studying them, and will now spend the next few decades reaching into peoples’ mouths with sharp objects.

Congrats, DDS — or whatever kind of tooth doctor you are now — you get an awesome cake. Brought to us by Pink Cake Box, the Dentist Chair Graduation Cake was made for a recent dental school graduate.

It’s complete with edible versions of the dreaded dentist chair, the sharp metal instruments of death, and the glaring overhead lamp. Just don’t forget to rinse.