Cake In A Can Is Here To Help


Cake In A Can follows an ongoing and proud tradition of foods in a tin. This time we’re treated to instant dessert.

Especially handy for when you forget someone’s birthday — again — you’re now just a little added water away from a very convenient celebration. Available in Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Coffee Cake and Christmas Cake.

There’s even Wedding Cake In A Can, in case you’re getting married on-the-go, or have an extremely low wedding budget.




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Cutout Ralph Wiggum Cake Does Not Taste Like Burning


If you’re looking for the greatest Simpsons-related cake possible, you should choo-choo-choose the Cutout Ralph Wiggum Cake.

Created by Kylie Mangles of Freshly Squeez’d, the cake was inspired by a Threadless t-shirt illustration by graphic artist Eric Flores.

The Cutout Ralph Wiggum was submitted to Threadcakes, which encourages folks to recreate Threadless art in baked-goods-form. The best part, according to the cake’s maker, is that the cake was delicious, and doesn’t taste like grandma or burning. Vote for it here.








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Bold Bakery Helps Deliver Crude Insults Via Baked Goods


If you need to get your point across, and that point is mean-spirited and could be hurtful to others, there’s no better way to deliver your message than scrawled across a cake or cookie. Brought to us by artist, Sarah Brockett, Bold Bakery is a bakeshop concept that’ll do the talking for you.

Although this might appear to be the ultimate form of passive-aggressiveness, at least they’ll feel a bit better after slicing into their insult cake. Unless you decide to deliver the ‘whore’ surprise pie… that’ll sting for a while.








Six-Layer Cereal Cake Is The Most Important Meal of The Day


If you’re still using a spoon and bowl to eat cereal, you’re doing it wrong. Food humorist Charles Phoenix is here to show you the way with the Six-Layer Milk Soaked Cereal Cake with Frosted Flakes Frosting.

The six layers include… Apple Jacks with Spice Cake, Trix with Blue Velvet Cake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Yellow Cake, Peanut Butter Crunch with Chocolate Cake, Froot Loops with Red Cake, and Cocoa Puffs with White Cake.

Recipe here, in case you’d like your own.



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The D20 Cake Mold Will Deliver a Critical Hit In The Kitchen


If you’re hosting another D&D party in your parents’ basement, then you’ll need some suitable treats. The D20 Mini-Cake Pan is here to help get the party started right.

Simply fill the four spaces with cake batter, bake, and you’ll have 20-sided mini-cakes that all of your guests will enjoy. Decorate them with fondant or icing and really geek out on dessert, player.