The Gummy Bear Rainbow Cake Has Some Gummy Bears And Colors Involved


If you just can’t get enough rainbows and gummy bears, the Rainbow Gummy Bear Piñata Cake is here to help.

Created by The Simple Cooking Channel, the cake gets many many gummy bears involved, inside and out. They were even nice enough to provide a tutorial to help make your own… just in case you have any major life events coming up, where such a colorful cake might be appropriate.

[link, via My Cupcake Addiction]

A Red, White, and Blue, Pie-Stuffed Cake Because Murica


In what could be the most American thing to ever America, humorist Charles Phoenix has created the Cherbluble.

The pie-stuffed, three-layer cake arrives just in time to help celebrate America’s birthday. It’s not only red, white, and blue — but it’s also stuffed with a cherry, blueberry and apple pie.

If you’re feeling crafty and incredibly patriotic, Charles was nice enough to provide the recipe and instructions to make your own. U-S-A!! U-S-A!!



The Greatest LEGO Wedding Cake You’ll See Today


If you’ve ever wondered who the coolest bride ever was, it was probably the woman who agreed to have this LEGO Wedding Cake at her big day.

Created by London-based bakery Cupcakes by SJ, it includes a few edible Minifigures, hard at work to complete the cake in time. It’s even topped with a Minifigure bride/groom.

Hopefully, their wedding song was “Everything Is Awesome.” Or, at least the daddy/daughter song.

[link, via Mental Floss]

The Bigfoot Bundt Cake Is Elusive


If you’d like to add a little fun to a boring bundt cake, and have a few conspiracy theorists coming over, you might consider baking The Bigfoot Bundt Cake.

The surprise cake is made possible with a simple recipe and a Bigfoot Cookie Cutter. A cake yeti is then placed within the normal cake batter, awaiting to be discovered. Whoever finds Yeti gets to not have to eat the bundt cake.

Recipe here.

Bigfoot-Bundt-Cake-Recipe[link, via Pee-wee]

The Fried Chicken Cake Is Everything


There are very few ways to make fried chicken any better. That is unless it’s presented in cake form.

Bree Miller of Bree’s Cakes knows this, and has created the Fried Chicken Cake. The savory cake is made from cornbread and includes a mashed potato “frosting” and filling, topped with fried chicken and gravy. Want.


[link, via Distractify]