An Optimus Prime Birthday Cake That Actually Transforms


It’s our right as kids to have our favorite cartoon or movie character-themed birthday cake. However, very few kids get a cake that does as advertised. For example, a transformer cake that actually transforms.

The son of YouTube member Russell Munro not only got to have a Transformer-themed birthday party, but when it was time to have the requisite cake, the Optimus Prime Birthday Cake actually came to life.

See the celebration in the video below. And, for the record, the one-minute video is more exciting than Transformers: Dark of The Moon. Enjoy.

[link, via Toyland]

This Rorschach Test Wedding Cake Will Help Analyze The Groom


Would you like to really know what the groom is thinking? Although, you should probably have him analyzed before you accept the ring, there’s still a good opportunity at the reception, with the Rorschach Test Wedding Cake.

Designed by Virginia-based Rebekah Naomi Cake Design, the three-tiered wedding cake is not only aesthetically-pleasing, but will help give some insight into how this marriage might go. No mention if this particular groom passed the test.


[link, via When Geeks Wed]

Watermelon Pink Velvet Cake


Here’s your perfect slice of summer. Baker and cake artist, Yolanda Gampp of ‘How to Cake It,’ created this Watermelon Pink Velvet Cake.

Using layers of pink velvet cake for the innards, Yolanda then paints the outside to look just like the real thing. The best part is, the usually inedible rind is made of buttercream, and the pits are chocolate chips. So, no part will go uneaten.

See the story behind it in the video below.



[link, via designtaxi]

The Gummy Bear Rainbow Cake Has Some Gummy Bears And Colors Involved


If you just can’t get enough rainbows and gummy bears, the Rainbow Gummy Bear Piñata Cake is here to help.

Created by The Simple Cooking Channel, the cake gets many many gummy bears involved, inside and out. They were even nice enough to provide a tutorial to help make your own… just in case you have any major life events coming up, where such a colorful cake might be appropriate.

[link, via My Cupcake Addiction]

A Red, White, and Blue, Pie-Stuffed Cake Because Murica


In what could be the most American thing to ever America, humorist Charles Phoenix has created the Cherbluble.

The pie-stuffed, three-layer cake arrives just in time to help celebrate America’s birthday. It’s not only red, white, and blue — but it’s also stuffed with a cherry, blueberry and apple pie.

If you’re feeling crafty and incredibly patriotic, Charles was nice enough to provide the recipe and instructions to make your own. U-S-A!! U-S-A!!