DC Superhero Cafes Are A Thing


Are you craving a Bat Burger or just want to get together with some super friends? Officially-licensed DC Superhero cafes are here to help.

With the first few locations currently in Malaysia, owners JT Network plan to expand throughout Asia. Food and drink served at the cafes will often come served with a superhero insignia. The Batman burgers even have black buns — which we hear are kryptonite for the colon.





[via Neatorama]

KFC Has A Pink Burger Now


First, there was an all-black burger. Black begat red. Now, KFC China is here to raise the bar on ill-advised burger buns with a pink chicken sandwich.

The Rose Cheese Roasted Chicken Burger was recently introduced, along with another ubiquitous black burger, and is here to seriously mess with your rods and cones. Hopefully the chicken doesn’t turn out pink too.

Instagram: grace_choiiiii
Instagram: grace_choiiiii

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Burger King Now Offers An All-Red Cheeseburger Because Japan


Burger King Japan, already responsible for an all-black cheeseburger, is back with a further assault on our rods and cones.

The Aka Burger is their latest release of a food item that just ain’t right. Available as a burger or chicken sandwich, the Aka sports an all-red bun and red cheese.

The color is made possible by tomato powder and includes ‘Angry Sauce’ — a spicy Sichuan fermented bean paste, also red. The red burgers will be available from July 3rd until mid-August. Anyone who gets their hands on one… please send photos.




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The Human Centipede Burger Is A Chain Reaction of Deliciousness


Do not be concerned by its title… The Human Centipede Burger, by Iowa-based eatery Zombie Burger, doesn’t contain centipedes or humans. No… The inspiration for this burger is far worse.

The concept is actually taken from the horror film, The Human Centipede. And, if you’re not familiar with this movie, we suggest not Googling it before lunch.

The burger, however, may actually induce hunger, with three separate chambers of awesomeness…

  • Steak sandwich w/ cheddar, bacon, raw red onion
  • Slider burger w/ American cheese, pulled BBQ bacon, sautéed red onion
  • Loose meat sandwich w/ house cheese whiz, bacon-red onion jam

Enjoy lunch. Unless you’ve already looked up or have actually seen The Human Centipede. In either case, I am sorry.

[link, via Neatorama]