The Undead Hasselhoff, A Burger Tribute to The Hoff


When he’s not being immortalized in popsicle form, David Hasselhoff is actually the inspiration for many other food creations. This time, The Hoff receives a tribute via burger, with the Undead Hasselhoff.

Created by Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa, the burger is loaded with a number of popular food items from Germany — where Hasselhoff is inexplicably a pop-music icon. Pretzel-breaded bratwursts are the buns, with spicy mustard and a soft pretzel on top.

And, because this is The Hoff we’re talking about… there’s loads of extra cheese.

[link, via Eater]

The Batman Burger Is The Meal You Deserve


The Batman Burger is brought to us by McDonald’s Hong Kong. Part of a burger and fries series that will represent all the members of the Justice League, the Batman Burger includes two patties, a McMuffin-style fried egg, onions, and sauce.

Although I’m looking forward to seeing Superman and Wonder Woman, I’m a bit concerned of what a Green Lantern burger might look like.



[via designtaxi]

Burger King Japan Has Created An All-Black Cheeseburger Because Of Course They Have


Burger King Japan, not content with boring beige buns and yellow cheese, brings us the The Kuro Burger. The terrifying-looking sandwich is made so by blacking out almost every component.

Black bun, black sauce, and a somewhat disturbing black cheese. All colored naturally with bamboo charcoal and squid ink. Natural or not… Black cheese!!

Seen above is the Kuro Pearl, followed by the Kuro Diamond below. At least the Diamond adds some splashes of color. Still… Black cheese!! This is too much, Japan… even for you.



[link, via First We Feast]

The Earth Burger Is Out of This World


Nothing good can come from any blue food. That is unless that blue food is a cereal endorsed by a cartoon ghost, or it’s paying homage to our home planet.

At Japanese science museum, Orbi Yokohama, they’re serving up burgers and sandwiches with blue buns made to resemble Earth. Green is added to represent the landmasses… and so nobody thinks that they’re eating Uranus.


[via Neatorama]

The Cheeseburger Mask, for The Meatiest Halloween Ever


Halloween will be here before you know it, and you’re way too lazy to buy an entire costume. Well, if you also enjoy beef, problem solved.

The Cheeseburger Mask will help provide a suitable outfit for any Halloween party you’ll be attending. Unless the party is filled with vegetarians dressed as lettuce.

The best part, the burger headwear is so awesome, you’ll hardly need to wear anything else. Unless you’d like to go full-burger from head to toe, but that might make you look silly.