Harissa Tomei Burger, A Delicious Tribute to Marisa Tomei and Meat


As a fitting tribute to My Cousin Vinny’s girlfriend, Pornburger assembled the Harissa Tomei.

The Marisa Tomei burger includes a grass-fed beef patty topped with a slice of lamb belly, strawberry harissa, heirloom tomato, goat cheese, pickled red onion, mesclun greens, “tarragon green goddess” dressing on a brioche bun. Yeah… you blend.


Behold, The Rice Krispies Treat Burger


As we continue to explore new ways of sandwiching a burger, while encouraging adult onset diabetes, stuff like the Rice Krispies Treat Burger will keep happening.

Brought to us by The Vulgar Chef — one of these culinary monstrosities could be yours with little more than a burger patty, bacon, peanut butter, and a cereal box recipe. Somewhere, Snap, Crackle and Pop weep.

[link, via Thrillist]

This Burger Contains 17 Kinds of Beef


When only one type of beef on your burger just isn’t gonna cut it… There are now things such as the Holy Cow. Brought to us by Red’s True Barbecue in England, the towering burger and accompanying sides contain 17 types of beef.

For the record, these various forms of cow include; smoked beef rib, beef bacon, pickled tongue, and a patty made from oxtail, ox cheek, ox heart and ox liver.

And, if the 2,500-calorie burger doesn’t fill your meat quota, it also includes fries that are “thrice cooked” in beef drippings, and a beef Ragu dipping sauce. The Holy Cow will be available for one day only on Father’s Day.

[link, via First We Feast]

Burger Bangle For Being The Best Burger Lover You Can Be


We know how you feel… You love cheeseburgers and you wear your heart on your sleeve… The Burger Bangle Set is here to help.

Made to look like each layer of a yummy cheeseburger, the armwear will keep you styling, and your date hungry. Hopefully you’re going out for burgers… Again.

The bangle set is also available in black and white. Although we don’t see the point… It doesn’t get much classier than burger color.




[link, via Incredible Things]

The Game of Thrones Kaleesi Burger


Mother of dragons, that’s a nice burger!! The Kaleesi Burger is inspired by Game of Thrones and Daenerys Targaryen – the kaleesi (wife) of Khal Drogo and the “Mother of Dragons.”

Brought to us by PornBurger, the stack consists of a 12-grain bun, shiitake mushroom ‘bacon’, beet gratin, and Red Dragon cheese. Fit for any wedding – red or purple.