A Frog Burger Because Japan


We know what you’re thinking… There’s no way those are actual frog legs sticking out of that black-bunned burger. Well then, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to our extensive coverage of Japan, where anything is possible, and its usually bat-shit cray-cray.

The Frog Burger is oh so very real, and is indeed an actual frog, with its deep-fried legs sticking out from the bun. If nothing else, the protruding legs are a very good and disturbing reminder of what you’re eating.

The Frog Burger is part of museum Orbi Yokohama‘s promotion for their Deadly Poison Exhibition. Hopefully, the non-toxic variety were used for the burgers.

[link, via Rocket 24 News]

This Seemingly Brand New McDonald’s Cheeseburger Is Actually Twenty Years Old


Whether or not you like to eat McDonald’s food items, you cannot deny their resiliency and seemingly infinite shelf-life. Evidenced in the recent photo seen above, this Quarter Pounder with cheese was actually purchased in 1995.

The story goes that two friends from Adelaide, Australia purchased the burger in ’95 for a friend. After the friend did not claim the burger, the two decided to keep it indefinitely. Fast forward to 2015, and the cheeseburger not only still exists, but it appears as though it was just bought.

We assume that these two friends are just experienced embalmers or sorcerers of some kind. Or, perhaps McDonald’s resiliency to outside elements is just that terrifying.


[link, via BuzzFeed Food]

Parks And Recreation’s Fake Paunch Burger Commercial Was Mean and Awesome


If you haven’t been keeping up with the final season of Parks and Recreation… firstly, what’s wrong with you? But if you are in the know, then you witnessed an epic episode last night of a TV show within a TV show, complete with fake commercials.

Although all of the ads were thoroughly awesome — the one bogus commercial that stood out, and is more pertinent to this website, was the spot for Paunch Burger.

The ad quickly launches into why healthy eating is for chumps, and then tries to strong-arm us into eating their artery-clogging fare. Well, let us tell you, Paunch Burger… Your bullying tactics aren’t needed to get us to eat horribly. Nice try though.


The $400 White Castle Burger Is Small But Classy


White Castle hamburgers are classy… we know this to be true. But if you’d like to make them off-the-charts sophisticated, you might try something like the $400 White Castle Slider.

Created by Nick over at Dude Foods — the very expensive slider is made possible by adding 15 Year Cheddar, white truffles, duck foie gras and port pâté, prosciutto, Russian caviar, and a quail egg to the already awesome slider.

The taste-test result, as Nick describes it… terrible. But he seems to be more than pleased with the aesthetic of the slider, describing it as his “Mona Lisa.” Sadly, this means that there will be no Crave Cases of these. Just in case you had $12,000 to spare.




A Five-Patty Cheeseburger Computer Mouse Because Japan


Because Japan insists on outdoing everyone else, when it comes to fast food-related technology and crazy — fast food chain, Lotteria, has created a giant cheeseburger computer mouse.

The impressive, yet somewhat impractical, mouse stands five patties high. It was designed to celebrate the seventh anniversary of Lotteria’s line of “zeppin” (superior) line of burgers.

Although the cheeseburger mouse is one of a kind… one lucky winner on Twitter will receive the mouse and one wicked case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

[link, via Neatorama]