Hamburger Bedding Is The Answer To Your Meat Dreams


Just in case you were already getting bored with dreaming of pepperoni with Pizza Bedding, you can now have a new dream menu.

Get ready to start your night with nothing but cheeseburgers with Hamburger Bedding. Brought to us by Emotional Rainbow, the bedding comes complete with one burger quilt cover and two burger pillow cases to rest your weary burger-loving head on. Meat dreams.

[link… thanks @hemisuppressed]

Behold, The Beef Stroganoff Burger


With all the recent burgers that’ve said ‘no’ to the traditional bread bun, none have kicked it old school quite like the Beef Stroganoff Burger.

Brought to us by The Food In My Beard, the alternative bun is made possible with molded egg noodles. It’s finished off by topping the burger with the traditional Stroganoff onion/mushroom mixture. The ‘how to’ can be found here, so you can be stroganoffing in no time.






Protect Your Drink and Tables With The Burger Coaster and Bottle Sleeve Bundle


If you have a cold drink that needs insulation, despise drink rings on your table, and reeeaaally like cheeseburgers, The Burger Coaster and Bottle Sleeve Bundle is here to help.

Firstly… A Vegan Freaker Bottle Sleeve to help keep any bottle, can, or mason jar protected from the elements and bottle sweat. Then, you can protect your tables with a set of realistic-looking Burger Coasters.

The Burger Bottle Sleeve and Coaster Bundle contains one (1) Vegan Freaker Bottle Sleeve and one (1) set of six Burger Coasters.




How To Create Professional-Looking Fast Food Photos With an iPhone


It sure takes a lot to make fast food look edible. Luckily, Apple gadgets can do almost anything, and were used to create a professional-looking fast food photoshoot.

Created by DigitalRev TV, a few iPads were used as lightboxes and an iPhone as the camera, making a McDonald’s burger look semi-palatable.






[link, via designtaxi]

The Parmesan Cronut Burger Is Your Burgerporn of The Day


Brought to us by Pornburger, The Willem Dafoenut is here to make all other burgers feel silly.

Inspired by the actor, Willem Dafoe, for his “French roots and intensely layered performances,” the burger begins with a “smoosh fried beef patty,” covered with pepper bacon, bone marrow french onion dip, and cornichon relish.

But what’ll create some buzz is the bun, which consists of two parmesan cronuts. Bravo, Willem… This is your best work since Barnes shot you in Platoon.