Burger King Japan Has Created An All-Black Cheeseburger Because Of Course They Have


Burger King Japan, not content with boring beige buns and yellow cheese, brings us the The Kuro Burger. The terrifying-looking sandwich is made so by blacking out almost every component.

Black bun, black sauce, and a somewhat disturbing black cheese. All colored naturally with bamboo charcoal and squid ink. Natural or not… Black cheese!!

Seen above is the Kuro Pearl, followed by the Kuro Diamond below. At least the Diamond adds some splashes of color. Still… Black cheese!! This is too much, Japan… even for you.



[link, via First We Feast]

Watch This Guy Eat Every Burger Available At Burger King


A few weeks ago on Instagram, Burger King posted a photo containing every one of their burger offerings, with the caption “One of each?” Competitive eater, L.A. Beast, saw this as a challenge to eat all ten burgers at once, because of course he did.

Watch as the paper crown-wearing lunatic ingests over 6,000 calories, while getting electroshocked every time he complains. Hey, when did BK get those cool blue crowns?

[link, via Buzzfeed and thanks to Glenn The Animal]

The Black Ninja Burger by Burger King Japan


The black burger bun makes its [triumphant?] return, with Burger King Japan’s Black Ninja Burger. Only this time, accompanying the aforementioned buns, is an enormous slab of bacon to mimic its ninja mascot, ‘Kuro Ninja.’



[link, via TAXI]

Burger King Now Makes A Burger With French Fries Already On It Because Of Course They Do


If you’re a gourmand who likes to put fries on your burger, then the culinary/laziness gods have answered your prayers. Starting Sept. 1, Burger King will gladly place french fries on your burger for you, with their new French Fry Burger.

Sure, you could have a much better burger and fries somewhere/anywhere else. But then you’ll have to lift the bun and strategically place the fries on yourself. That just sounds like a lot of work. Thanks for the help, BK.

[via AdFreak]

Hands-Free Whopper Holder


For the fast food eater who’s using their hands for more important things, there’s the Hands-Free Whopper Holder. Supposedly, a few of these were presented to fifty lucky fans in Puerto Rico, where they’re celebrating the chain’s fiftieth anniversary in the country. Simply strap it on as if it’s a human feedbag, and you can stay productive as you chow.

So, is this contraption real? We’re still not sure. But if this is some sort of slick marketing campaign to improve Puerto Rico’s chances of becoming a U.S. State, they’re certainly heading in the right direction. Please watch this…

[link, via Gizmodo]