The McWhopper, A Proposed Merger of The Whopper and Big Mac To Encourage Fast Food Peace


Burger King and McDonald’s have been at it for decades, battling for fast food supremacy. Now, with Peace One Day approaching, Burger King wants to call a truce, by merging each franchise’s signature burger.

The McWhopper would not only combine a Big Mac and Whopper into one sandwich, but would create a hybrid pop-up restaurant and branded employee uniforms.

Burger King is putting on a full-court press to get McDonald’s on board — launching a website, full page ads, and YouTube videos to promote the peace offering.

Please make the right move, McDonald’s. The fate of worldwide fast food peace hangs in the balance.

Update: McDonald’s has already decided not to give peace a chance, recently squelching the idea. You can read their PR-friendly response on Facebook.




Burger King Now Offers An All-Red Cheeseburger Because Japan


Burger King Japan, already responsible for an all-black cheeseburger, is back with a further assault on our rods and cones.

The Aka Burger is their latest release of a food item that just ain’t right. Available as a burger or chicken sandwich, the Aka sports an all-red bun and red cheese.

The color is made possible by tomato powder and includes ‘Angry Sauce’ — a spicy Sichuan fermented bean paste, also red. The red burgers will be available from July 3rd until mid-August. Anyone who gets their hands on one… please send photos.




[link, via First We Feast]

Burger King Has a Whopper-Scented Perfume Now Because Japan


You know that smell of stale smoke, that sears your nostrils as you pass a Burger King? Well, now there’s an opportunity for you, and anyone within your smell radius, to enjoy that scent all of the time.

Burger King Perfume is a thing over in Japan. At least, we’re led to believe that this scent will actually exist, as it’s scheduled to be released on April 1st.

We were under the assumption that every day is April Fool’s Day in Japan. So, whether or not this perfume will actually be available for purchase with your Whopper, remains to be seen. Now we wait.



[link, via Kotaku]

Burger King Japan Makes A Fondue Burger Now


When one slice of cheese on your burger just won’t do, Burger King Japan has a solution. Fondue Burgers borrow the concept of dipping food into a pool of hot cheese, by smothering a few sandwiches in velvety goo.

Whether the diner decides to go with a beef or chicken patty, the next big decision will be if you’re going to dip your burger in the included cheese sauce, or pour it over. Decide fast while the cheese goo is still hot.


The Batman Burger Is The Meal You Deserve


The Batman Burger is brought to us by McDonald’s Hong Kong. Part of a burger and fries series that will represent all the members of the Justice League, the Batman Burger includes two patties, a McMuffin-style fried egg, onions, and sauce.

Although I’m looking forward to seeing Superman and Wonder Woman, I’m a bit concerned of what a Green Lantern burger might look like.



[via designtaxi]