How To Make An Inside-Out Egg


Scrambled? Sunny-side-up? Poached? Those egg preparations are for suckers. Inside-out eggs are where it’s at, and YouTube member yama chaahan is here to show us how.

Although the process of getting the yolk on the outside is similar to scrambling the egg in its shell — there are a lucky few that’ll wind up with the coveted inside-out egg. Good luck.

[link, via RocketNews 24 and Neatorama]

Watch This Guy Cook A Complete Breakfast Using A Toy Kitchen


Cooking a good breakfast can be challenging. Especially if you’re attempting to do so in a miniature kitchen.

YouTube member AAAjoken is up to the challenge — creating a full egg, sausage, and coffee breakfast using nothing but miniature utensils, cookware, and appliances.

The stove itself is part of the toy line, Konapun, which usually makes fake food from plastic kitchens. However this stove, scaled down to toy-size, is fully-functional. Watch as this guy makes the most important, albeit very small, meal of the day.

[link, via Neatorama and Nag on The Lake]

Krispy Kreme Waffles Are Why Waffle Irons Were Invented


Krispy Kreme donuts already border on perfection. However, there’s no food item that couldn’t be helped along further with a good waffling.

Brought to us by Oh, Bite It!, Krispy Kreme Donuts provide a solid case as to why we should waffle everything. The best part, is that there are no fancy batters to make, or ingredients to buy.

The only thing standing between you and a stack of awesomeness is a box-o-donuts and a waffle iron. If you don’t have a waffle iron, we strongly suggest one, as all foods will eventually be in waffle form.





Grab Your Spoons, An All-Cereal Café Exists


images via Buzzfeed

Do you love cereal, but hate all of the other superfluous food at the supermarket? Twin brothers Gary and Alan Keery feel your pain, and have opened a store in London that serves cereal and nothing but cereal.

Cereal Killer Café is now open for business, serving some well-known cereals, and even some classic hard-to-find elsewhere brands. Milk is served on the side to accommodate those who do not like their cereal-to-milk ratio messed with.

There’s also cereal-related merchandise and baked goods, as well as artwork made with the stuff. Grab your spoons, Londoners.





[via Buzzfeed]

Bacon and Eggs Shoes Are The Most Important Footwear of The Day


Bacon and eggs go together like left and right. So, it only makes sense that they’ve merged into a pair of shoes.

Bacon and Egg Shoes are brought to us by Mozo. The shoes were actually crafted especially for food professionals, with vented sides and slip-resistant soles. Perfect for the short order breakfast cook, or any chef that doesn’t know their bacon from eggs.

[link, via OhGizmo!]