There’s a Pop-Tart Beer Now


As beer inches closer to becoming a socially acceptable breakfast, a Pop-Tart-inspired beer makes perfect sense.

Created by 21st Amendment Brewery, Toaster Pastry India Style Red Ale will help get the day started. Although a 7.6% ABV and 74 IBU isn’t terribly morning-friendly — it’s nothing some extra frosting and sprinkles can’t fix.

The Toaster Pastry beer will be released on August 29th, as part of 21st Amendment’s launch of their new brew facility in San Leandro, CA.

[link, via Food and Wine]

Wheaties Cereal Has A Beer Now


There’s a new breakfast of champions. Wheaties recently teamed up with Fulton Brewery to create HefeWheaties — a beer inspired by the breakfast cereal.

The beer is an American-style Hefeweizen (wheat beer), however it doesn’t actually contain any Wheaties. So, pouring this beer into your Wheaties would not be redundant.

Now, the question remains… Will HefeWheaties start displaying above-average drinkers on the can? Perhaps, athletes with drinking problems? Either way, the beer will be available in 16-ounce cans, but will only see limited release in Minnesota.




The Cereal Dress Is The Most Important Couture of The Day


To help promote her new variety of Special K cereal, British TV personality Tess Daly and Kellogg’s created a dress made entirely of the cereal’s ingredients.

The Cereal Dress was created using 4,000 stalks of wheat, 500 whole almonds, 800 cut almonds, 50 vanilla pods, 50 vanilla flowers, 450 whole apples, and 100 curled apple peels, preserved peels, and apple slices.

Pass the milk, and let’s enjoy this breakfast couture.


[via Mental Floss]

Behold The Cereal Box Wall


Wallpaper can be pretty boring, and cereal is awesome. Cereal-enthusiast Gabe Fonseca knows this, and created the Cereal Box Wall.

Using dozens of cereal boxes from his vast collection, Gabe adhered them to a metal-plated wall using magnets. He also had the wherewithal to arrange them by color, creating a mascot-laden spectrum of awesomeness.

And, he included Fruit Brute. Well done, sir.




[link, via Pee-wee]

The Avengers Pancakes Can Beat Up Your Breakfast


The next time that you’re toasting a frozen waffle, keep in mind that the most powerful breakfast in the universe is now possible.

The Avengers Pancakes are the ultimate breakfast. Created by master pancake artist Dr. Dan over on YouTube, the pancakes are made possible with colored batters, squeeze bottles, and sick illustration skills. Take that, puny waffles.

Please watch this…

[link, via People]