This Animated Iron Man Pancake Will Avenge Breakfast


To help reinforce his status as a master pancake artist, and the coolest dad ever, Nathan of Saipancakes is back with an animated Iron Man Pancake.

Creating what he calls a “panimation,” Nathan and his daughter actually cooked up seven edible Iron Mans — then created a stop-motion animation to help bring the pancakes to life. Stay tuned for Breakfast 2: Age of Bacon.

Please watch this…


A Father And Daughter Created A Cereal-Eating Machine, Sort-of


Mornings are hard. And, we don’t need the added responsibility, or have the time to manually shovel cereal into our face.

Luckily, Ivan Owen and his daughter are here to help save our mornings. The crafty duo invented a Cereal-Eating Machine… and it’s built for speed.

It’s certainly not built for efficiency, as more cereal will probably wind up on the kitchen floor than in your mouth. No mention if the duo has plans to mass produce their morning-enhancing invention. In the meantime, dads will have to come up with another way to piss off mom before work.

Please watch this…

[link, via Mashable]

How To Make Rainbow Waffles Because You Know You Want To


Boring beige waffles had a good run. It’s time to add some much-needed color to the most important meal of the day, and Elise of My Cupcake Addiction is just the person to bring it to us.

Rainbow Waffles are the answer to your drab colorless breakfast, as Elise takes us through the entire process of creating a color spectrum in your waffle iron.

Just be careful of any leprechauns at the end… They’re always after me rainbow waffles. Please watch this.


Mini Pop-Tart Cereal Is The Best Way To Start The Day


Making decisions in the morning is hard. And, there’s no bigger AM struggle, than trying to decide between Pop-Tarts or cereal for breakfast.

Now, thanks to Mini Pop-Tart Cereal by Bustle, we can do both. Although the recipe is a bit labor-intensive, the end result is Pop-Tart cereal. And you get to fill them with whatever you’d like… this is your breakfast.

The recipe can be found here. Bring it on, morning!


[link, via The Kitchn]

The Waffle-Scented Coin Purse Will Make Everyone Want To Eat Your Money


If you always seem to have some spare change, and you enjoy waffles, then said currency should be in a Waffle Scented Coin Purse.

The silicone purse not only keeps loose change and other small items safe, but it looks enough like an actual waffle, that you’ll have to remind friends not to try and eat it.

The best part… The Waffle Coin Purse actually smells just like yummy waffles. Did we mention that the coin purse is scented? Because it is… scented that is. Available for pre-order at The Foodiggity Shop.