The Greatest Tiered Human Organ Cake That You’ll See Today


Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen makes beautiful cakes. Not pretty flower and ribbon-laden cakes — but rather skull, blood, and skin cakes.

One of her latest creations provides perfect insight into her style, with a tiered human organ cake. From one side, the cake appears innocent enough, although already a bit macabre, covered with black fondant and gold lacework.

It’s not until we check out the other side, that we get a glimpse into Conjurer’s Kitchen’s specialty. The yummy layers consist of human innards — including a heart, healthy set of lungs, and top brain tier.




This Zombie-Inspired Beer Has Brains In It


If you’re a fan of zombies and The Walking Dead, or you just like to drink sick sh*t… Then we have a beer just for you.

Dock Street Walker is an upcoming beer by Philadelphia-based, Dock Street Brewery Co., that’ll attempt to pay homage to the reigning king of zombie shows. Dock Street even takes their fandom a bit further — scratch that — a few miles further, by using actual brains in the brewing process.

The Pale American Stout is 7.2% ABV and brewed using organic cranberries and smoked goat brains. So, no worries, there are no human brains involved in the making of this beer. None inside the beer either.

[link, via Gizmodo and FoodBeast]

A Brain Is For Eating, A Children’s Book About Zombies

A Brain Is For Eating

The zombie apocalypse is inevitable. So you might as well teach the kids about it before they learn it on the streets. A Brain Is For Eating is a children’s book and handy guide that will provide the kids a hard lesson as adorably as possible.

Meant to teach “the little walking undead how to find and enjoy their next meal,” the book is brought to us by husband and wife team Dan and Amelia Jacobs and 40 pages of illustrations by artist Scott Brundage. Pre-order one today and avoid “the talk” later.

A Brain Is For Eating-1


[link, via Laughing Squid]

Panna Cotta Brains with Raspberry Blood Sauce

photo provided by 1 Fine Cookie

Halloween approaches, and brains need to be made. Jasmin of 1 Fine Cookie has a creative and more refined version of brain treats, with Panna Cotta Brains. The easy to follow recipe, along with a complementary raspberry blood sauce, can be found at 1 Fine Cookie. And, if you need brain molds, they can be found here.


How To Make Realistic Brains For Halloween or to Fake Out Zombies

Two things that are inevitable… Halloween arriving on October 31, and the zombie apocalypse. Be ready for both with a recipe for fake brains. Brought to us by the makers of Resident Evil: Retribution, the faux brains should help gross out a few friends at your Halloween bash, or could act as an effective decoy for the walking dead.

Although it’s not recommended that you consume an entire fake brain — the main ingredient of sorbitol, although edible, isn’t great for the digestive tract — the texture and appearance is spot-on. So stay safe, survive, and Happy Halloween. Full recipe can be found here.

And, if you’d like some matching ice cubes, or just need a brain mold, there’s Brain Freeze Ice Trays.

[via Wired]