Beerger, A Burger With Deep-Fried Beer On It


You read that headline correctly… A burger topped with deep-fried beer exists. The Beerger was created by Philadelphia restaurant, and noted burger bastardizers, PYT.

The Beerger, which you must be 21 or older to order, contains its requisite slab of meat — but with the added bonus of pretzel-coated and deep-fried PBR. Meanwhile, burger purists can already be heard groaning, while a line of hipsters is probably already forming in front of PYT.


This Is Now The World’s Strongest Beer, Part IV


It started innocently enough with a beer wrapped in a dead squirrel. Then, the pissing contest that is the world’s strongest beer got a little out of hand. The latest ‘beer,’ titled Snake Venom, is brought to us by Scottish brewery Brewmeister.

Clocking in at a hard-liquoresque 67% ABV, Snake Venom is made with smoked peat malt and two types of yeast — Champagne yeast and ale yeast.

The new grand champion of ABV will certainly challenge our perception of what is actually considered a beer. Even more so than anything wrapped in a rodent’s pelt.

[link, via Cool Material]

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog At The Great American Beer Festival


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog recently visited the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado. And, with the event’s mix of questionable fashion and hygiene, a lopsided guy to girl ratio, mixed with unbearable pretentiousness, it was a treasure trove of material for the quick-witted rubber puppet.

Please watch [a little NSFW]…

[link, via The Awesomer]

Fantastical Fictive Beers, A Poster of The Best Beers From TV and Movies


Sure, you know your IPAs and Belgian Lambics backwards and forwards. But do you know your totally fictitious brews, beer snob? Pop Chart Lab does, and has the poster to prove it.

Fantastical Festive Beers is a showcase of all the best and worst beers from TV, movies, books and video games. Some of the most well-known ones are there, such as Duff from The Simpsons and Buzz Beer from The Drew Carey Show. Then there’s some more obscure beers, such as Girlie Girl from Married with Children.

Either way, the poster makes us want to throw back some cold fictitious beers immediately… Preferably with Al Bundy or Bender.


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The Cap Zappa, For All Of Your Bottle Opening and Cap Launching Needs


Never has opening a bottle and launching the cap across the room been easier, than with the Cap Zappa Bottle Opener. Simply pry open your beverage, choose your target, and with the push of a button, the Cap Zappa will send the cap over 5 meters. You should get kicked out of the party in no time.

See it in action in our first Vine commercial. Sorry, the spot is a bit low budget…

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