Beer Can Shows a Pin-Up Girl Stripping As It Chills


It was the best of times… One could simply place their finger on a beer to see if their beverage was properly chilled. Then came blue mountain technology, and the days of having to gauge temperature independently were over.

Strip Tease Beer takes this concept a bit further, and is infinitely more entertaining than watching the Rockies change color.

The Conti Bier can starts with an image of a clothed pin-up girl. As the can chills to optimum temperature, her tube dress fades until only undergarments remain. Take that, Coors Light.



[link, via TAXI]

Red Velvet Cake Beer Exists


You drink pumpkin ales, Christmas beers, summer and spring brews… You’re seasonal, we get it. So, why no love for Valentine’s Day?

Bleeding Heart, by Georgia-based Second Self Beer Company, is here to change all of that with a red velvet cake beer, just in time for Valentine’s. The amber ale is brewed with cocoa to act as the cake part, and vanilla to step in as the icing. It’s the first in a planned series of Valentine’s beers.

Bleeding Heart is currently only available at Second Self Beer Company… so you’ll probably just have to grab some Red Velvet Oreos and your favorite sixer this year. So romantic.

[link, via Food and Wine]

Bud Light’s Super Bowl Commercial Featuring a Real-Life Game of Pac-Man


Bud Light, in their endless quest to get you to drink their diet beer-like beverage, has gone old-school with their #UpForWhatever campaign, creating a real-life game of Pac-Man.

The new commercial, that will run sometime during Super Bowl XLIX, features a bar patron just looking to score a beer. What the unsuspecting drinker doesn’t realize, is that he’ll have to earn his Bud Light by collecting power pellets and dodging giant ghosts.

His reward… minor internet fame, a shiny new Bud Light, and possibly a giant piece of fruit to take home for a snack. Please watch this…

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Guinness Potato Chips Are A Thing

photo via Food Beast

photo via Food Beast

There are few things more synonymous with Ireland than Guinness and potatoes. British chip-maker Burt’s knows this, and has created the ultimate Irish bar snack with Guinness Potato Chips.

The chips contain the bittersweet flavor of Guinness Stout, as well as the salty starchy goodness of thick-cut and hand-cooked chips. The chips are available in Original Guinness Flavor and Rich Beef Chilli. Chilli’s very Irish too.


[link, via designtaxi and Foodbeast]

Fictional Hipster Restaurant Names, Illustrated


Hawthorne & Cleaver

If you’re unfamiliar with the restaurant-naming convention inspired by hipsters, I’ll break it down for you. It’s pretentious, tired, and there are many vintage tools and ampersands involved.

Brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, Garrett Oliver, having the benefit of experience and geographic location to make such observations, has been having a little fun with the hipster-naming trend. The best part, besides the hipster-bashing, is how easy it is to use this branding-technique with whatever you may have laying around the house.

Try it with a few random items you have around and send a pic and name over. The best one will receive a vintage cleaver and a year’s supply of mustache wax.*

*may or not actually happen.

[via First We Feast]