This Beer Fridge Will Only Open For Canadians


Canada… You’re allowed into the country to avoid the draft, but don’t even think about drinking their beer. Molson Canadian has recently come up with a beer fridge that’s for Canucks only.

Installed in parts of Europe, the fridge will only open for tourists that can prove their Canadianness. By scanning their passport, the enormous red fridge will then open up to a plethora of Molson Canadian beer.

So far, the fridge has been responsible for at least a few street parties. Sadly, no spontaneous hockey has occurred.


Maple Bacon Coffee Beer Exists


Can’t decide whether to have a nice well-rounded breakfast, or to get drunk early? Can’t we do both?

Funky Buddha Brewery thinks so, and has created Maple Bacon Coffee Beer. It’s breakfast… It’s a way to get your drunk on… It’s everything that we’ve ever wanted in a beverage. Thank you, Funky Buddha, thank you.

[link, via technabob]

The Shakoolie, A Beer Koozie For The Shower


Real world problem… You need to drink beer in the shower again, and it’s getting harder to keep your drink cold in a hot shower. The Shakoolie is here to help.

Just stick your Shakoolie to the wall with its included suction cup, and let it hold your beer, while you finish washing the important parts. Shakoolies are also available in array of colors, which is good, because people who drink in the shower can be picky.



[link, via Hi Consumption]

Sex Panther Beer Exists


While food and drink companies continue to suckle from the Anchorman teat — it’s good to finally see a little love for everyone’s favorite nostril-stinging cologne.

Brought to us by Arizona’s SanTan Brewing Company, Sex Panter Double Chocolate Porter is the latest in product spin-offs from the Anchorman series. The porter is made with chocolate malt, cocoa, truffles, and molasses… So you know it’s good.

It’s also 6.9%-ABV. Which by our calculations, 60% of the time, will get you drunk every time.

[link, via Thrillist]

Hipsters Love Beer, A Video That Throws Shade At The Craft Beer Movement


Craft beer is slowly becoming the new wine… In terms of douchebaggery. And, unsurprisingly, hipsters appear to be leading the charge.

Hipsters Love Beer is brought to us by Nacho Punch. The comedy group’s main target is the unfortunate hipster and their unbearable pretentiousness. However, craft beer itself is also thrown little shade — with its abundance of flavor profiles that give hipsters ample opportunity to use adverbs. Please watch…

[via Eater]