Fictional Hipster Restaurant Names, Illustrated


Hawthorne & Cleaver

If you’re unfamiliar with the restaurant-naming convention inspired by hipsters, I’ll break it down for you. It’s pretentious, tired, and there are many vintage tools and ampersands involved.

Brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, Garrett Oliver, having the benefit of experience and geographic location to make such observations, has been having a little fun with the hipster-naming trend. The best part, besides the hipster-bashing, is how easy it is to use this branding-technique with whatever you may have laying around the house.

Try it with a few random items you have around and send a pic and name over. The best one will receive a vintage cleaver and a year’s supply of mustache wax.*

*may or not actually happen.

[via First We Feast]

nICE Mug Kit Creates Usable Drinking Glasses Out Of Ice


Ever want an ice-cold drink, but a glass from the freezer just isn’t gonna to cut it? What if that drinking vessel was more than just hanging out in the fridge with ice, but actually was ice?

nICE Mug is here to make your cold beverage dreams come true. Invented accidentally by company founder Glenn Auerbach, the kit allows the drinker to make a serviceable drinking vessel completely out of ice.

Simply fill the nICE Mug mold with water, freeze, insert it into the holder, and your ice-cold beverage is ready to go. Their site claims that one nICE Mug will last a few drinks before it springs a leak. And, even if it does, it’s a great excuse to drink faster.


[link, via Laughing Squid]

Freaker Bottle Sleeves, Now $9.99, Will Wrap Your Drink In Awesomeness


Do you have a cold beer or hot beverage that you’d like to insulate? Or, perhaps you need to class up a bottle of wine that you’re giving as a gift?

Freaker Bottle Sleeves are here to help. Available in a variety of styles, the one-size-fits-all drink protectors will slip onto any bottle, can, growler, or anything that needs protection from outside elements.

Whether you drink like a pirate, reaallly love beer, or want to show some State or national pride — there’s a Freaker for almost everyone. See them all here.

Freaker Bottle Sleeves are now $9.99 and available at The Foodiggity Shop.

  • One size fits all
  • Stretchy
  • Machine washable
  • Made in U.S.A








The Whisker Dam Will Protect Your Mustache While You Drink Beer


Having a mustache is hard. First and foremost, there’s the constant fighting off of the ladies. Secondly, mustaches make drinking a frothy beer challenging, as they’re a bona fide foam magnet.

The Whisker Dam is here to help. Place one on your beer glass, and there’s now a convenient barrier between your froth-mop and your tasty beverage. The best part, is that the all-copper Whisker Dam is as stylish as you, mustachioed one.



[link, via Hi Consumption]

Brew Candles Will Help The House Smell Like Beer, More So


Fill any room with the pleasant aroma of beer with Brew Candles. The all soy candles are made in the USA by Swag Brewery.

Choose the citrusy goodness of Hoppy IPA, the earthiness of a Vanilla Porter, or the sweetness of Apricot Wheat. Either way, you can have your home smelling of a brewery. But a craft brewery, so you can be classy.



[link, via Cool Material]